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  1. "and hasn't for 3 months..."

    Thanks guys for pointing that out


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    2. Kyka


      Just for the record, Super Jamie was not an a-hole. Though I freely admit, his exit was not the most gracious I have seen.

      And perhaps I should give you the benefit of the doubt, as possibly your understanding of the term 'a-hole' is radically different from my own much more negative interpretation. Possibly you intended the 'a' to mean 'awesomesauce', or something.

      Though upon reflection, being called an 'awesomesaucehole' is not much of an improvement.

      And on topic, you would most likely pronounce cyc as in cycle or 'psych'.

      Also, there was something about a website.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      I didn't mean it in a hateful way, just annoyed. He really didn't have to delete that picture to help make his point. It was funny. And I'm too lazy to make my own.

    4. Kyka


      DuckReconMajor said:

      I didn't mean it in a hateful way, just annoyed.

      I know. I was just messing around.