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  1. Test-0

    Duke Nukem Forever may be out this year.

    Man, this thread is comedy gold. All it needs is some Daikatana to be complete. :)
  2. Test-0

    More New Doom III Shots

    I can't see how anyone here can say that anything they make is 'wrong', as it's their game in the first place. They might have meant the imp to look like this in the first game, but didn't have the ability. Saying it doesn't look like an imp is like saying 'that dragon doesn't look like a dragon'. Just because somethings name is the same as another thing, doesn't make them the same. Orange the color and orange the food are two... diffrent... mmmm.... fooodddd.... *munching sounds* Ahem, ahhh, where was I? ^_^; Oh yeah, the name game. :D I kinda find it interesting and funny, telling the people who made the game in the first place that they made their own monster look 'wrong'. :)
  3. Test-0

    The Cacoland

    Tragedy is when you pour coffee on your lap checking your wrist watch. Comedy is when someone sees it. :D In other words, you can't make funny unless someone is there to laugh at it... or something. I have a non doom related comic at http://testzero.keenspace.com/ , and I try to put funny in it, but it's not as easy as everyone thinks it is. I chuckled at some stuff written in this comic series, so I'll have to say I liked it. At least some one is trying. :) Anywho, that was my yearly post, back under my rock again. :D
  4. Test-0

    editing monsters using a doom port

    Actually, I had a deh that somehow made beserker barons that would attack me an anything around it. It was freaky to see it give me a smack to the head, and then run off and slaughter everything else. :D I have no idea if this behavior is because of the deh, or the version of zdoom I was using, or both. It might still work, but I don't really know if I can find it again in my doom dir. ^^;
  5. Test-0

    What do your parents think of Doomworld?

    My parents LOVE doom. :D It's so cool, caus I could be talking about a doom level, and my mother would go 'thats the one with that thing in the center, with the wires and stuff' and I'll be like, 'Cool'. :D Whenever I find another doom wad for them to play, they jump right on it. They played EVERY wad on my 2500 doom wad cd, and they want more. :D They also started to play other games like half-life and some quake, but they keep going back to doom when their done. :D And I have my own personal computer seprate from theirs, so I don't even have to worry about the computer being used up. :D I love my life. :D [edit]And yes, they like doomworld too. Where else are they gonna get their next doom fix. ;)[/edit]
  6. Test-0

    Another WAD making thingy

    I had one idea for this, but it was dumb and I didn't post it. Now I'm bored, and I have no reason not to post it. ^^; How about a level where all wall textures are the same (or a limited number), but you can use as many floor/celing textures as you want? :) I thought this up when I was playing around with wadauthor, and didn't bother with wall textures. I made a nice looking level with floor textures (note nice looking, the level it's self was horrible ;). This might be good if done right, and can be horribly done if wrong. ^^;
  7. Test-0

    Doom III feature on MSNBC

    If they plan to dumb down the puzzles, they should make it so you can select the level of puzzles in the game, so if you wanted to, you could play the game on super easy (thats the level of difficulty where you hold out a stick and monsters keep walking into it and dying. ;), with the puzzles being near impossible, where not even Steaven Hawkings(sp?) could do without a calculator, and abacus, and three nonsleep days. :D ...what was I saying again? :) Ah yes, pie. :D *go eats pie*
  8. Test-0

    yet again, i've been banned.

    Heh, I've never gotten banned from the computer. My brother, on the other hand, is banned every time he gets unbanned, and every time it's because he was doing stupid things like going to porn sites, and using messengers (my dad and I both agree never to touch them, too bug/virus ridden. :), and now that I have my own personal computer (networked to my fathers computer), I never have to worry about computer time! ^_^ Of course, now I have to patch up my own comp when it goes explody, which is about every second week. ^_^; Ah well, personal computer, personal Favorites list, no waiting, and I can look at whatever I want. :) Doesn't mean I'll go looking for bad viri infested sites like my brother... ;)
  9. Test-0

    Super Cool Weapon Mods

    Heh, I've made a bunch of weapon mods. I made one that was nothing but weird, creepy weapons, like the rocket launcher was replaced with a skull on a stick, and shot a slow moving rocket that changed into a fireball that would constantly do an explosion. ^_^ Wiped out an army with that weapon. :D (just don't get close to it or it was gib time! :D) I also made a realism mod that made everything more real. It also made most weapons stronger/weaker to certain monsters, but that was because I tweeked the stats. :) One unforseen consiquence(sp?) was that lost souls were sped up to hyper speed, attacked a lot more, did more damage, and died by almost anything. Just one could eat half your life if you didn't have the right weapon. >_<; :D Quite fun. I even made a sound wad to go with it that had new sounds for most monsters and speed changed sounds to make em diffrent. :) I still have it too. :) Another weapons mod I have replaces ALL weapons with close range weapons. I also made some weapons able to destroy projectiles, and others reflect attack back (didn't do damage, but it looked cool. :) Quite fun. :) Also made new monsters, and so on. I have every mod I have ever made somewhere in my doom dirs. Unfortnetly, it's all in the SAME directory, so finding ones that I don't know the name of would be quite impossible now. :D
  10. Test-0

    Where is this pic from?

    I have all four books, and I have read them all, and I liked the first two, the third was bearable, but the last one was just plain stupid. It's like they gave up writing the book they started with. Sure, it's a good enough if I were reading something other then a doom book. >_<; I have read the first two books about 3 times each, and the begining of the third as well (I liked the part before the 'story'), but, even though I have two part 4 books (my dad bought a new one to replace the old that fell apart halfway through reading (kinda says something about that specificc book... ;)), I have only read it once. In the first book, everything was really good, and fit in the story (yes, them thinking that the demons were aliens fit, as they would have gone quite insane if they thought of the hellspawn as, well, hellspawn. :), the second didn't follow the story, but it was a good enough line of story. The third and fourth... ... ... I think you get the idea. :) And also, I have no problem with Flynn as a hero name. I like it better then some macho moron name, considering that the doom guy is not just some stupid guy with a gun (Duke Nukem anyone? ;). Besides, it could have been worse, he could have named the doom guy Maryann Pinesten instead. =D
  11. Test-0

    You people write at a fifth grade level

    I have no idea. :) I always use them, even when there's no reason what so ever for them. :D Sometimes I just use smilies for punctuation instead. ;) =D ^_^; I have yet to remember a post I have made that didn't have one of them floating around. :) I'm just a happy person. =) Although chances are if I smile like this too much, it'll get stuck this way. :D I can see it now... in the future my posts will be nothing more then 'Kill me' followed by ':)'. :D ^_^ Ahem... In actualality, I learned how to use smilies a long time ago, and now use them whenever I can. It's a way of showing emotion without writing a book on how to describe it. It's also a way for people to see the seriousness of the post, as well as any other inflictions that can't be picked up because of the internets lack of emotional medium. That, and I like them. ^_^
  12. Test-0

    You people write at a fifth grade level

    Woo! I got a 2! ^_^ Considering that I only post about once a month (more or less :^), I'm happy to be listed at all. ^_^ :) Now, back to hiding under a rock. :)
  13. I'd play this with Zdoom (considering that if my computer even side glances at the port made for it, my computer resets ;_; ), but thats like playing the origional doom levels with Quake 2. Sure, you can do it, but whats the point if you haven't played the real thing. I'll wait till I can play it properly before I play it any other way. :) Although I might play it without monsters in Zdoom to look at the pritty levels. ^_^ I'd like to say, though, that it's good to see a release of anything, as current projects are 'RL in way', 'I can't be bothered', or even 'I've worked on this for ever, but I decided to leave like an ass and waste my time on some newer, less perfected game. Oh, and I'm gonna keep what I made too :P', and the ever popular '...' right after removing their entire website and posting a pic of 'soon'. :) I forgot what I was gonna say, or I said it and don't remember, so I'll go look at the levels, but I'll wait till I can play it fully. :) Pat your selves on the back, you've already done something that others couldn't do, release the project you were working at! :) Good job.
  14. Test-0

    Paul Jaquays Leaves id

    *points to planetquake and an interview with him* Blah. :|
  15. Test-0

    A Warm Center

    I killed him by standing in front of his podium&lt;sp?&gt; and turned on autoaim. He didn't hit me once, and I hit him every time. :) Had to skurry to the ammo once, though. :D Then I turned autoaim off and went on my merry way... with his stuff. ;)