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  1. ArpeggioPegasus

    Icecrown Citadel [WoW x DooM crossover]

    Looks pretty sick, I'll be sure to give that a try.
  2. ArpeggioPegasus

    What are the reasons to play other ports except GZDOOM?

    Every port looks and feels different, so it usually boils down to preference. Some also have specific features that are useful for different purposes. Some source ports are true to vanilla gameplay and can be used for speedrunning and recording demo files (which is a vital part of verifying the truthfulness of a run), some like PRBOOM+ are both very lightweight and limit-removing which is great if you're going to play WADs like Nuts that contain excessive amounts of enemies. Some, like DOOM Retro or Crispy DOOM, offer a retro-looking experience with some enhancements regarding framerate, aspect ratio, visual effects, etc. GZDOOM also doesn't support online multiplayer ; while Zandronum, ZDaemon and Odamex all do. Besides a good chunk of GZDOOM mods also works on Zandronum so it definitely has that going for it.
  3. ArpeggioPegasus

    What are you listening to?

    Chemlab is so absurdly underrated. Great industrial project.
  4. ArpeggioPegasus

    90's Doom wads

    There's a pretty cool DOOM TC called "Zombies" from around 96 or 97... it didn't age well but it's definitely a product of its time and a cool piece of modding to look at considering the time of its release.
  5. ArpeggioPegasus

    Is DOOM 64 on Switch worth buying?

    > regretting having bought the game on Switch
  6. ArpeggioPegasus

    Is DOOM 64 on Switch worth buying?

    It's better than the DOOM / DOOM II ports for sure. Widescreen, key rebinding, nicer graphics. I just hate having to sit through all the FMVs everytime I launch the game. Other than this, then yeah it's a very solid port and an overall improvement over the original N64 version.
  7. ArpeggioPegasus

    Crispy Doom and timidity?

    Thank you @plums , your explanation was great ! You're doing god's work there.