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  1. digithead100

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Come one, come all!

    hello again is it cool if i update my submission? https://www.mediafire.com/file/380760hi1b4x33c/omt-updated.zip/file EDIT-this map was tested with prboom+
  2. digithead100

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Come one, come all!

    hi there i'd like to submit this map its limit removing and uses cc4-tex.wad its called One Man's Trash and its honestly pretty ugly which is why i'm not including any screenshots this is my first time submitting a map so my apologies if there are any mistakes oh and thanks for the opportunity, i had fun making this https://www.mediafire.com/file/msgojapmj1pcq53/omt.zip/file EDIT- This map was only tested with prboom+. I don't think it works in ZDoom. My apologies, I should've specified earlier.
  3. Okay so I get that this list is just someone's opinion. I understand and respect that and I do think its a pretty good list. But, I'm surprised not one map from HR2 made it onto this list. Map 15,27,29 and 32 would've all been great picks, not just because they're good but also cause they're memorable. Did the community not like this WAD as much as I did?
  4. digithead100

    DOOM Poetry Contest

    THIS ISN'T VERY GOOD BUT WHATEVER Adrian’s asleep on the angry chair Oh look, there’s a cyberdemon over there Sniping at me with his pierced rockets Oh how I wish I had an invulnerability sphere in my pocket Those imps are waiting for Romero to play Little do they know he left id day before yesterday Doomguy’s got a message for the archvile I hope you like shotgun shells you creature so repulsive and vile
  5. digithead100

    Doom 2 In Name Only

    Pretty long maps and there are some real stinkers in there like map 19. But overall, its fun even though it can get frustrating at times.
  6. I've heard some differing opinions on this. The mapmakers claim that map 24(Postmortem) and map 32(Mostly Harmful) are the toughest levels. Map 26(Afterlife) is also considered very difficult because of the limited arsenal. Then there's map 30 which is incredibly luck based(and annoying). If we're talking strictly from pistol start, I think map 14(City in the Clouds) is the toughest because all the weapons are so well guarded(and there's no SSG). Any thoughts?
  7. digithead100

    Thoughts on puzzle maps

    Ah yes, puzzle maps. The bane of my playthroughs. What usually happens is I run around the map for half an hour before giving up and looking at a walkthrough or doom wiki or something. While I have nothing but respect for the mappers who put hours of hard work into crafting these, I can't say I enjoy playing them. What do you think constitutes a good puzzle map and do you have any tips for an impatient scrub such as myself?
  8. digithead100

    REKKR - V1.16

    Just played through this and had a blast. Great job.
  9. So, I gather that you're a total scrub. How nice

  10. digithead100

    Do you like Doom platforming?

    So a while back I played Back to Saturn x Episode 1(great WAD) and I got pretty annoyed at map 31(Optical Hopscotch) because of this platforming section. Obviously Doom needs to have some platforming but having to perform really precise jumps and repeat entire sections because of one mistake can be kind of annoying. Maybe its just because I suck at it but does anyone legitimately look forward to platforming sections in classic Doom?
  11. digithead100

    What are some odd mapping quirks you love to see?

    deliberate usage of ghost monsters they're annoying to deal with but it forces you to think outside of the box since you can't just shoot them
  12. digithead100

    Going Down

    my personal favorite WAD just make sure you're prepared for some intense fights on UV