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  1. Moustachio

    (TMM returns) Interception II Community Project

    It's okay guys, I accept what happened. What I did.
  2. Moustachio

    (TMM returns) Interception II Community Project

    Guys, I'm still not sure what's going on with this project. I never gave DFF control of the project, he assumed control himself when I cancelled it. It's fine, and I'm glad people care about it, but why remove all of my maps? If they were bad, why didn't anyone tell me before? We could be much farther along in playtesting if we just improve the maps we have.
  3. @Doomkid @RonnieJamesDiner I've got a new version of Mutagen Plant ready for playtesting: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8uefhvdnflh241/mutagenplant-r2.zip?dl=1 I made sure to take care of the aesthetic problems with the jungle/valley area. The darkness should seem more believable now. I also played around with the sky height in the opening area, and I ended up on a really tall base that I actually enjoy the feel of a little more. It makes more sense with the geometry of the computer base and jungle, and gives the map a more unique feel IMO. With the raised sky came more room for detail, so I went ahead and added some more detail. The area around the blue key door now operates differently as well, and the map has been beefed up on HMP and UV (especially UV). EDIT: The nukage on the floor of the base near the start can be removed too, that area is a bit rough to move around in.
  4. @RonnieJamesDiner I'll give that a shot! That may also help reduce visplanes, so that's a great idea! @Marcaek I agree. I wish there was a version of doom builder that would parse the dehacked file. I'm not sure how complicated it would be to do though.
  5. @RonnieJamesDiner Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I made that outdoor area real dark because I enjoyed the Predator vibes I was getting from penetrating a deep jungle. Lighting up the environment with the chaingun is especially fun in this wad thanks to the dehacked work. I hesitated on adding details because I was afraid of breaking the vanilla limits, but now I think I'll revise the look of that area a little bit so that the theme is more apparent and the darkness is more appropriate. I'll also raise the brightness by 8 or 16 just to improve visibility, so everything doesn't become a jumbled mess of vine midtextures and enemies.
  6. Moustachio

    Crispy Doom 5.6.3 (Update: Oct 04, 2019)

    Any chance of adding an option to only show the ENDOOM screen when it's been modified? It's a little annoying having to close it every time I quit, but I enjoy seeing it when wads modify the ENDOOM screen.
  7. Alright, here's my submission for the wad: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lwodp8m827l17qg/mutagenplant-r1.zip?dl=1 The tentative name for this map is Mutagen Plant. I did my best to follow a techbase theme that opens up into a jungle theme. It's been tested on Chocolate Doom, Chocorenderlimits, and Crispy Doom. The max visplane number I got was 112. All skill levels are implemented and tested although most of the testing happened on UV (or Expert, as it's known here). The main gist is that Rudy has to break on through to the other side of this facility where the soldier enhancement formula is being manufactured. With all the frenzy going on at the lab, some of the machinery has been damaged and is leaking mutagen into the lakes and rivers of the mountainside. I'll let you guys decide what it needs (extra detail, gameplay adjustments, etc.). The exit can also change if the allotted space isn't big enough. Screenshots I'll make another post with feedback on the project as a whole, but, for now, I'll just say that I'm really enjoying the project so far, and I think it's shaping up to be a great successor to Rowdy Rudy's Revenge with some notable improvements. EDIT: Thought I should mention that I just realized there are no DM starts! Whoops! Also, I'm feeling an itch to hide some more secrets in the map.
  8. Moustachio

    (TMM returns) Interception II Community Project

    @CBM Yeah, just tag the linedef you want to be transparent.
  9. Moustachio

    (TMM returns) Interception II Community Project

    Check out Dragonfly's Doom Tutorials for a good introduction to modern editing.
  10. Moustachio

    (TMM returns) Interception II Community Project

    Got a new Alpha version. This version merges some changes I made while I was away, including some new dehacked work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c2nbqjqvqrxt8m0/Int2 12-1-19.zip?dl=1
  11. Moustachio

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That's such a beautiful Heretic map
  12. Moustachio

    (TMM returns) Interception II Community Project

    You'll have to merge your textures into the Int2-10-5-19.wad TEXTURE1 lump. It's an outdated version either way so, by all means, go ahead and edit it.
  13. I'm thinking of switching my name to just Moustachio. As long as there's no other Moustachio's on DW of course.

  14. I love what I'm seeing here. I'd really like to submit a map for this.
  15. Moustachio

    (TMM returns) Interception II Community Project

    @CBM I would have to see how you have your wads set up. You may want to revise how your new patches are set up in PNAMES and TEXTURE1. PrBoom+ can only load from one TEXTURE1 lump per game, so it may just be that you have two separate TEXTURE1 lumps overriding if you're loading the textures from two separate wads. Also, you'll have to convert the PNGs to Doom Format. To do this, right click your PNG graphics and go to: "Graphic > Convert to...". Once you're in the menu, convert the textures to Doom Gfx (Paletted) and hit "Convert All".