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  1. Moustachio

    Coop by yourself mod - layering demo playthroughs

    Check out AutoDoom! It’s the closest thing to a good co-op bot that I’ve played with so far.
  2. A small update to MAP07: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11u5x0OE92UWA4l2nVlp-feLaRwVnNy4D/view?usp=drive_link Some of the secrets are less annoying to traverse. Added a box of shells behind the red key door. Tiny bits of visual cleanup.
  3. Moustachio

    dsda-doom v0.27.5 [2023-12-03]

    I had been thinking lately about how nice it would be to have that colormap feature in mapinfo. Very nice!
  4. Moustachio

    International Doom 7.3 (December 31, 2023)

    There aren't any executables in either zip.
  5. Moustachio


    @DreadWanderer Current idgames version is 1.666.0.
  6. It would work, but unless you would like to write & bug-test those cases yourself, I don't think there's any interest in the community right now to add more compatibility settings to GZDoom. I certainly would love for GZDoom to have 1:1 vanilla compatibility for the sake of playtesting, but I think that falls way out of the scope of GZDoom's development focus. Since the base code is already very different from vanilla Doom's, it would be more work to add compatibility back in than to add new features to GZDoom.
  7. Moustachio


    @Xymph v1.666.0
  8. Moustachio


    New version fixed the missing/stuck enemies from MAP17 and fixed a soft-lock in MAP03. I removed the changelogs because I thought they were clutter, but I didn’t realize that it was useful for the wiki.
  9. This level is now up on the /idgames Archive. There’s sure to be more MBF21 content to come, so keep an eye out. Thanks to everyone who playtested.
  10. Alright, I think the majority of mappers are cool with February. I’m setting a hard deadline on February 1st, 2024. I’ll cut it off at midnight -12:00 UTC. As long as it’s Feb. 1 anywhere on Earth feel free to hand it in.
  11. Now that we have 11/30 main maps, and things are slowing down a bit, we can start talking about a potential deadline. I'm thinking that a few more months for mapping might be doable, but I want to make sure this will accommodate maps on the larger end as well. I know holidays are coming up for many of us as well, so I would like to accommodate for those. How would you all feel about sometime in February? I suppose since this wad is vaguely gestation-themed, we could shoot for a Valentine's Day release. Seems appropriate enough right? Jokes aside, I'm looking for opinions on this, so feel free to speak up. @TJG1289 @IvanDobsky @Arno @yourlocalchef @solidago @Philnemba @Makedounia @PRO-RC @spineapple tea @signaturereverie @russin @whybmonotacrab @macro @SharkyChip @Jakub Majewski @Alaxzandarz @ViolentBeetle @taufan99 @Large Cat @LoatharMDPhD How are the maps coming? If you'd like to weigh in on a potential deadline, please feel free. There is currently no deadline set.
  12. @DynamiteKaitorn Just two demos for MAP08. I was able to find only 1 secret and kill all enemies. Funnily enough, the difficulty and overall pace feels really in line with MAP09. I wonder if the whole first episode will be fairly easy. I thought the encounters were engaging while still being an appropriate level of difficulty. Some of them caught me off guard, but I never felt like I was in any real danger. The aesthetics and midi are good, and a good use of the wide space was made here to create a claustrophobic environment. I think if I were to improve anything about the map as a whole, it would be that the traps can be easy to cheese sometimes. I often found myself running and hiding behind a door or corner and just doing cleanup. The fights I did enjoy were the ones with ample opportunity for infighting. The baron and mancubus fight was a great one too, since I couldn't just run away. There are a few things I'd change for quality of life: While this switch is indicated by the green wire on the ceiling, I don't really see a reason why the player should rely on a small detail like that just to open the exit. Personally, I like the use of computers as switches, but I can see a lot of people getting a little confused by this part. Maybe other playtesters will feel differently. These support textures seem a bit off.
  13. @Windy Demo for MAP13. After finally completing this level, I can safely say that it was very satisfying to beat. I was able to complete it without finding any of the secrets. I think that all things considered, no one fight is particularly the hardest -- aside from those four AVs on the way to the yellow key. Really, what I struggled with the most was the endurance required to beat this map, about 10 minutes of white-knuckle action all single segment. With saves and secrets, I can see other players having a much easier time. Like I said before, I like the map quite a bit. I think I can't really complain about anything in particular. Every fight had some strategy that I could reliably use. The aesthetics are really gorgeous and have a classic megawad kind of feel. I like the midi as well. Pacing-wise, the map is solid, alternating between tough action and some room to breathe. Great stuff.
  14. @macro People are not dumb. They will know to set complevel 9 because it will be in the text file. Don't worry about any problems that may arise with Boom compatibility, I've seen them all. Please, keep the thread focused on the map development and not on the details of the wad implementation. That is my job, not yours. And if you do have more questions/concerns about implementation, message me privately please.
  15. @Windy Outstanding combat. I think I will leave it at about 40 attempts for the night though. I'll call it a DNF after 100 attempts. This level is no joke. A real endurance test. I think that everything about the level is outstanding. The aesthetics, music, and flow are all on point. It is just really, really hard. So far this has beaten me harder than MAP21 has, taking me around the same amount of attempts to only get to the last fight. I'll save a full write up for when I either win or get to 100 attempts. As a bonus, I did manage to snap a few action shots by fat-fingering my screenshot button: