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    -F. L. A. C. I'm also known as Gnomo.

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  1. OceanMadman

    Medieval monsters sprites?

    From my pfp ;))
  2. Very nice! Glad to see it released ;)
  3. OceanMadman

    Do you guys read the text messages in Doom wads?

    Yes. If someone puts effort in their wad's storytelling, which is not that common, I'll have it in mind.
  4. OceanMadman

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Wow, people still use tux paint. I remember myself messing around with that years ago. It looks nice.
  5. This looks like a thread from 20 years ago. I feel doomworld was like this more or less... or maybe less chaotic. Yes, probably less chaotic.
  6. I can't blame you. Հայերեն does seem like a pretty cool language to speak.
  7. I thought you were from South America, not from Հայաստան.
  8. No realmente, pero es que Rin Tezuka está a otro nivel, viste.
  9. It's good we have more coquito in here. Now this thread is quite a bit better. But it's still not perfect. You should keep working on that. Perfection is hard to achieve, you see.
  10. You see, I think the biggest issue with this thread is that we need more coquito. Honestly, why isn't there more coquito here? Quite disgusting.
  11. A lot of prasinophobia around the world, it seems. I like green.
  12. Je leur ai menti, je suis français, pas latin, pas espagnol. apprendre de la vie.