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  1. BunnyWithBeans

    Ask random questions, and they will be answered.

    Doom is, at its core, a relatively simple game. You point your .png at the other .png and then click mouse1 until the other .png switches to its death frame. It is possible to get really tired of the same gameplay loop no matter how tightly designed it is.
  2. BunnyWithBeans

    Ask random questions, and they will be answered.

    Your body would not have enough time to digest your organs and limbs. You would die of blood loss before you finished.
  3. BunnyWithBeans

    Random Image Thread

    I have an entire folder full of this type of garbage.
  4. BunnyWithBeans

    Ask random questions, and they will be answered.

    You can't play with emotions, you can only harness them. How do I get out of this awful slog where I start on a Doom map, work on it excitedly, and then see another level somewhere else and realize my architecture/design is so primitive in comparison, and then abandon the map in frustration out of fear nobody will like it as a result?
  5. BunnyWithBeans

    What other forums do you frequent?

    This forum and ZDoom Forums only, really. I used to browse the Blockland Forums but the playercount of Blockland has fallen to around 50~ at peak hours and the forums reflect that. Any other forum site I stumble across nowadays seems to be a virtual graveyard; the entire site is either completely dead, or only the off-topic section is semi-active while the last post to any other subforum was in 2015.
  6. BunnyWithBeans

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    It's way better optimized than GZDOOM and is more vanilla accurate while still allowing you to use good QoL features like minimal HUD, turning off infinite height, etc. it's a nice middle ground.
  7. BunnyWithBeans

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I have no problem with playing on HNTR if I have trouble with your revenant spam megawad. You aren't clever for trapping me in a small room and then teleporting in four Hell Knights. Learn how to make fun combat encounters. Mapping for UDMF/GZDOOM is easier than mapping in Boom/Doom format. GZDOOM isn't the devil because the physics are different from normal Doom and I'm tired of purists pretending it is. (To clarify, I prefer PrBoom+ for most megawads.)
  8. Didn't he get nerfed into a short-range flamethrower enemy in 2016?
  9. BunnyWithBeans

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    I'm with a lot of other people here on the opinions for Opposing Force. By far one of the best expansions to any game. But I have to say I enjoy HL2 a lot more than HL1. Does HL1 have more weapon and enemy variety? Yes, but it's much less consistent in its quality and it suffers the boomer shooter "there are no real characters except for the player character" syndrome, even though it has more story than something like Quake or classic Doom. The gunplay has also aged pretty terribly, and there's also the obvious thorn in the game's side that is Xen. I respect it for what it did for the FPS genre and it's still a fine game, but I'll stick with Black Mesa whenever I want to relive it. HL2, by comparison, has a world I enjoy a lot more. Even from the first chapter you can see how dire the situation has gotten since HL1 and what you're up against. The gunplay is more satisfying, I actually do like the vehicle segments, and I find the cast of characters incredibly enjoyable. It's more memorable for me than HL1 and I've put a lot more hours into it as a result. There is one thing HL1 does better, though; you're forced to get more creative with your arsenal because Gordon isn't a roided up space marine. He's a 30 year old theoretical physicist and he can't tank bullets like Ranger or the Doom Marine can. HL2 also does this but a lot of combat encounters are more direct and Gordon can take a bit more punishment, so it's more downplayed for a lot of the game.
  10. BunnyWithBeans

    What are you playing now?

    To each their own. I just hate slaughtermaps a lot.
  11. BunnyWithBeans

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Demonic nightmare clown thing.
  12. BunnyWithBeans

    What are you playing now?

    Was playing through Scythe 2 today and having a blast. Besides a few exceptions it's some of the most fun I've had in a doom megawad. Then I got to the garden levels and was once again reminded of why Go 2 It is the worst thing to happen to Doom. It feels like the wad just gives up; revenant spam, the same two textures everywhere, extremely linear design, etc. I switched to a playthrough of Going Down I still have to finish and I'm having a much better time.
  13. BunnyWithBeans

    What If Doom Was Real?

    Dodging Imp fireballs would be theoretically possible depending on the amount and actual speed. Baron/Knight projectiles are another story. Eternal established already that the demons are relentless, quick, agile, and deadly. I doubt most would survive.