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  1. aGuyNamedKeith

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A man who might need help.
  2. aGuyNamedKeith

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Buff white guy in trench coat with yellow gloves that has skin the color of flour. Me like.
  3. aGuyNamedKeith

    What would you get Doomguy for Christmas?

    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he just feeds off the corpses of the demons he kills. I know that sounds supremely fucked up, but I imagine he wouldn't have any other choice when he runs out of rations.
  4. aGuyNamedKeith

    Bryce Wallpapers

    I agree. HEAVY 90s vibes going here. Almost looks like something that's be included in a wallpaper collection on CD back then.
  5. Since it is the Christmas season (and thus the time of year when every single human being on the planet gets their ears assaulted with Mariah Carey's song we shall not name), I was wondering... what would you get Doomguy for Christmas? (Assumning he even celebrates it.) Honestly, I'd get him a new pet rabbit if he doesn't already have one... oh, and some super shotgun and BFG ammo.
  6. I'm somewhat new to the Doom community. I joined 2 years ago, but didn't start interacting with the community more until recently. I know about a bunch of well-known and famous mods, but I was wondering, what are some mods/wads for Doom and Doom II that you think are underrated and would personally recommend? For example, I'm not sure if it's as underrated as I think it is, but I think that Doom Delta should be more well-known, it's really fun imo (where's that Mod Madness episode, IcarusLIVES? I'm waiting.)
  7. Oh. Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep that in mind. I was never expecting the one and only Kinsie to reply on this. Though, the fact that the comp flag is a recent addition... feels like it should have been added to (G)ZDoom long ago. Weird it took that long.
  8. Thanks, both of you. I shall reward your gratitude with a gift: my favorite meme I could find from glancing at the image results for "cursed memes" on google.
  9. I know the difference between limit removing and Boom compatible maps and port, but because the GZDoom source port contains many of the features that those kinds of maps and ports could utilize, would that mean that GZDoom is able to play almost all maps that are made for limit-removing and Boom-compatible ports? Just asking.
  10. aGuyNamedKeith

    Here's an idea: Doom Builder Online

    Nice idea, but I actually checked my computer, and apparently, it does indeed have DirectX. When I opened the app, it said that "DirectX wasn't installed or up to date." Later, I checked the specs, and DirectX was in fact installed. I did some research, and while I can't pinpoint the problem, I did find a solution: use the installer. I decided to use the Ultimate Doom Builder, and it works perfectly. Thanks.
  11. aGuyNamedKeith

    Here's an idea: Doom Builder Online

    Okay, honestly, that idea you had is better then what I had in mind.
  12. aGuyNamedKeith

    Here's an idea: Doom Builder Online

    Yeah, you're right. I thought on the idea of a USB Drive, but here's the thing... I don't have one. I used to, but I'm pretty sure it broke. I'd ask my mom for one, but I'm pretty sure she would say know because I've been bothering her on Christmas gifts (And you heard it here first, I'm kind of an a-hole), and because she told me she spent over $2,000 on X-mas gifts for my whole family, I feel like I shouldn't bother her with that. Actually, this morning I went on my home PC and uploaded a folder of the Doom Builder 2 files to drive, and successfully managed to download them onto my school one. The thing is, that my school computer doesn't have DirectX, so there's a problem right there. Still, I appreciate and thank you for your recommendations.
  13. aGuyNamedKeith

    Here's an idea: Doom Builder Online

    Welp, I'm dumb.
  14. aGuyNamedKeith

    Here's an idea: Doom Builder Online

    Simple as that, a version of Doom Builder 2 implemented for use in the web browser. I wanted this because I use a school computer sometimes, and I try to install Doom Builder 2. but obviously, you need admin rights. I tried every method of bypassing admin rights I could, and let me just say, I have to give credit where credit is due, they do a really good job making sure you can't bypass admin rights. Not only would it be convenient for me, but several other people who are limited in computer modification, so please, make this happen. I would do this myself, but I have almost NO experience with source code. (Okay, I just thought of an idea where I could send a zip of the Doom Builder and GZDoom files to my computer via email from my personal PC, but still, someone, make this happen, please.)