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  1. Ngl your rules of UV-maxing everything, alongside pistol starting and single segmenting everything, sounds like absolute hell, especially for a newcomer! While it’s worked for you so far, and I massively recommend you play through doom 1 (second best iwad after Plutonia imo), when you move on to some of the harder wads out there, or even just the wads with really long levels, just remember that it’s perfectly ok to not pistol start and single segment everything!
  2. Jaccident

    Small thing that annoys me -- am I the only one?

    I think they can be used well, but are easy to use in an annoying way
  3. Jaccident

    Im New

    We pretty much had this exact same thread less than a day ago: The main thing is just be respectful of others and have a good time, really.
  4. Jaccident

    What are some WADs that deserve a new MIDI Pack?

    If Scythe gets a midi pack the Symphony X tracks have to stay, they’re how I found Symphony X and were my entry into more metal stuff in general.
  5. Jaccident

    Help a noob!

    - Be nice to people - If you need help or are generally asking a question/ asking for recommendations be specific as you can - If you ask for feedback for a map you've made, take the criticism well, people just want to help you improve however possible - If you're thinking about starting a thread, google to see if it's been done before - Don't mention brutal doom Don't hassle mappers if certain mods don't work with a map - Enjoy doom and the wonderful community it has, and be sure to check out the Cacowards (and Roots if you enjoy reading things)
  6. That was a wonderful read, and perfectly encapsulates why I’ve never tried to make anything out of the various ideas I’ve had. Hopefully someday I’ll actually have the time to get better at mapping. If I had a decent mic I would be on this, it’s a brilliant idea
  7. Jaccident

    Other classic Doom or retro-fps communities?

    ttlg.com is the main place for Thief FMs, as far as I'm aware. Other than that, there's a massive community on Twitter of retro FPS devs, I would especially recommend following Dave Oshry and the rest of the New Blood team, they're great. There are quite a few doom modders on twitter too, especially people making their own standalone games in GZDoom. Can confirm, sorting by classic doom flair in that subreddit is depressing as hell, usually just people talking about beating the Icon of Sin, reading way too far into some random manual from 1994, or complaining about how something isn't working with Project Brutality. I still try to help explain things where I can though, and occasionally point people here.
  8. Jaccident

    [Poll] How do YOU refer to the game?

    or Doom || ;) I usually just type Doom or doom as I think DooM looks a bit ugly.
  9. Super excited to play this!
  10. Jaccident

    Can't boot up Ashes Afterglow.

    Ngl I’m not sure why that’s happening, if you’re using doom.wad and a recent version of GZDoom it should work. However, on moddb there’s a standalone version that comes packaged so you can just download that and play instead of setting up your own version of GZDoom: https://www.moddb.com/mods/ashes-2063/downloads/ashes-stand-alone-version If that doesn’t work then I have no clue what’s going on.
  11. Jaccident

    Infinite Ammo Starting Weapon: Good or Bad?

    An implementation of an infinite ammo pistol I quite enjoyed was the BTSX class in Final Doomer, where the pistol shot normally is fairly useless, but if you charge it up it can 1 shot a sergeant. This made it useful, but also stopped it from being incredibly broken. I'd also like to point out that Chasm: The Rift has an infinite ammo shotgun and it's great.
  12. Jaccident

    Should I get Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal?

    Yeah, it’s in a codex entry later in the game. The codex entries are fun if you actually want to learn about the lore, but it’s not intrusive, which I very much like.
  13. Are you looking for a shareware exe or the shareware wad? Because you can run the shareware wad in some sourceports
  14. Jaccident

    Enemies and Objects are flat (!)

    I have to say, these look absolutely hilarious, good luck fixing them though
  15. Jaccident

    Mapping Cliches

    I just like the funky green colour, sorry, I guess?