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  1. Blast98

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    This work will need to be done eventually.
  2. So, I need to figure out to make map transitions that are like that of what the levels in Hexen because I'm trying to work on a Hexen wad (even though I'm also working on Doom wads) and I want to know how to make the level transitions so that you aren't starting over if you teleport to the same map in a hub and instead, the level looks the same as before you exited it (the monsters you killed are killed, the items you picked up are picked up, and so on). If anyone knows how this method of level transition works, I would appreciate it.
  3. How come Korax's HP still remains the same at 5000 even as the notes said his HP was increased?
  4. Ok. I won't be mapping for this project after all.
  5. I might do a map for this project but I'm not sure if I will because I'm trying to figure out if I have to put DSDA Doom into the PrBoom file.
  6. Blast98

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    Anyways, there's now a custom title pic made for Delta Domain and you can find it on the first page. You may also wish to view it here:
  7. Blast98

    Unforgivable (Horror Wad Demo)

    Hi there DukeOfDoom. I know this is off-topic, but can you please check your messages?
  8. This project is looking good so far.
  9. Blast98

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    I'll get back to work on this mod eventually.
  10. Blast98

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    The awesome stuff
  11. Blast98

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    The awesome stuff
  12. I love this useful resource pack that fixes sprites. I'm going to use them in my projects.
  13. Blast98

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Here's some more screenshots of my project I'm currently working on because there's more to the project than the previews I posted so far on my thread about this project:
  14. Blast98

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    This is being made using BOOM because of useful effects that are available.
  15. Blast98

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    Yes you can participate. You are welcomed to do so.