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  1. Darkman 4

    ROTT Classic Difficulty skills question

    Enemies also have more health the higher the difficulty level. In the highest difficulty level everything but the Low Guards are bullet sponges.
  2. Darkman 4

    Innocence of Muslims

    The problem is that all of these images are meant to piss off Muslims be degrading Muhammad. Freedom of Speech isn't a pass for you to be a dick. Telling them to suck it up doesn't work when it's perceived as a deliberate attack by another religious group, in this case Christians. The rally for the movie was just an excuse for the religious organizations (mostly Salafi types) to make a scene. Random people are being killed because Salafi-types have a very narrow definition of "Muslim" (it's usually "they follow my religious beliefs"), so your average joe can be targeted under the assumption that they're heretics because they don't follow Salafi beliefs.
  3. Darkman 4

    DOOM 3 BFG Edition - Debut Trailer

    That's a quote taken out of context. The original is:
  4. Darkman 4

    DOOM 3 BFG Edition - Debut Trailer

    They're never said that they're removing monsters. They're trying to remove shitty sections or make them better. I don't think a lot of people would be upset if parts like the spider and ladder room, the train section before you enter the sewers, and the barrel moving part in Alpha Labs were either removed or made much better.
  5. Darkman 4

    Innocence of Muslims

    HINT: these protests aren't because of the goddamn movie. It's part of a much larger "secular vs religious" debate that's been a part of the Muslim world for at least a century. It has little to do with the West, outside of maybe the West souring a country's views on secularism. Things like the initial surge in fighters in Afghanistan during the 70s were a direct result of secular authorities attempting to take power from smaller leaders that took their authority from religion. Trying to paint a large conflict as "dumb and so goddamn crazy savages" is not a good idea, and usually inflames anti-Western views.
  6. Darkman 4

    A People's History of the FPS (part 1: the wad)

    I agree that gamers are too focused on being innovation. RAGE is a perfect example of this; the gunplay is fantastic, enemy reactions are some of the best I've seen in a game, and there's a lot of ways to play, but it was shrugged off because there wasn't anything "innovative" at first glance. It's easily one of my favorite games of 2011, but you wouldn't see that being said on most gaming sites.
  7. Darkman 4

    TNT or Plutonia: What was better?

    Plutonia had much more solid level design, even though it's harder. I'm not a big fan of Team TNT's love of backtracking to find small things, and some of the levels in TNT are just too simple for my tastes.
  8. Darkman 4

    Do you modify/edit games other than DOOM?

    Your Serious Sam level is still around. http://files.seriouszone.com/download.php?fileid=312
  9. Darkman 4

    Do you modify/edit games other than DOOM?

    I dabbled in some Serious Sam 3 and HD modding at one point, but never made anything really complex. I also tried some Rise of the Triad level making a few weeks ago, but I burned myself out and have never tried to get back into it since. I actually tried to give Source map making a shot a few years ago. I got to the point where I could make a complete building, but gave up soon afterwards.
  10. Darkman 4

    Where are the Planetdoom forums?

    Planet Quake is absolutely pathetic in it's current state. It needs to be given the proper death it deserved a few years ago.
  11. Darkman 4

    Vanilla Or No?

    Make it for whatever you want. If your project requires some stuff ZDoom has, do it. At best, making a project use ZDoom means that only a handful of purist types won't play it, and that's not a lot of people. Hell, you may get more from the ZDoom features than you would from trying to make the map vanilla-compatible.
  12. God DAMN the Republican party has become so crazy that extreme positions in their party, like "no abortions no matter the circumstances", are now becoming mainstream for them. I'm not sure whether to laugh or be scared.
  13. Darkman 4

    Things you wish you could kill in Doom

    Man I don't care; blue and green flames ain't natural. They need a good SSG or RL shot to teach them how to look right.
  14. Darkman 4

    Things you wish you could kill in Doom

    Fuck torches. They all need a rocket to a face because I'm sick of them and their unrealistic fire colors.
  15. Darkman 4

    Modern games - dissapointing! Me??

    Well you see a shitty interface and controls weeds out the noob contards and the jocks that tormented me back in high school. They aren't pro enough to understand how to use an interface designed by a man that thinks "user friendly" is the punchline to a joke and unintuitive controls made by people who think that every key and key combo on a keyboard or console must be used. Otherwise, why would they put them on a keyboard/console? You're just a dumbass that doesn't understand true gaming. Go back to your babby Call of Duty while I whoop ass at Quake 3.