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  1. Teo Slayer

    Favourite TF2 class

    I really like Pyro, burning up everyone and being the only thing they fear is just so awesome
  2. So guys, what's your favourite track from the Plutonia Midi Pack? Mine is Death Mask It gives a great atmosphere in the map and I like it plus it has a rocking little tune
  3. Remember how annoying the Lost Souls were in Doom 1. Well Id decided to make the Pain Elemental who generates Lost Souls constantly
  4. Rate the 4 original episodes of Ultimate Doom here, uncluding Sigil from Romero. My ratings are: Episode 1 - 9/10 = It's a great starting episode and also good to revisit it Episode 2 - 10/10 = The coolest episode in my opinion. There's a map which allows you to punch every demon, how cool is that? And the boss fight just awesome at the first time Episode 3 - 6/10 = It's ok I guess. The first two maps where BS and the boss fight was easier than the previous one. But I just really hated the first two maps. Limbo was pain, but the rest seemed fine to me Episode 4 - 1/10 = Biggest BS ever. The first two maps are so hard and they're starting maps, map 2 uses too many Barons, too many, E4M6 is so evil, truly evil, instead of creating new songs they just threw up tracks from previous eps and instead of creating a brand new boss fight, yet an another Spooder. I really hate that episode
  5. When I feel like Doom is getting repetitive, I change to an another WAD or I just play a mod or a TC. There are also times when I switch to a completely different game like Super Mario Bros. or Pokemon for example
  6. Teo Slayer

    How often do you play the original IWADs?

    I play through the official IWADs very often, especially Doom 1 and Doom 2. Sometimes I want to play mods I recently downloaded, I don't bother looking for a custom mapset and some others just to have fun for some minutes or one hour
  7. Great thing that you're still working on this. It looks fantastic
  8. Teo Slayer

    What's Unholy Massacre in LZDoom?

    So, I replaced GZDoom with LZ weeks ago because GZ is too laggy in my Laptop and to make my WADs run smoother, I downloaded LZ. After downloading LZ, I noticed that there's this new difficulty where the skull is pointing I'm really curious about this difficulty
  9. Good looking maps and faster pistol and chaingun. I'll play it
  10. Teo Slayer

    BFG vs Archvile: One has to go.

    I may like the BFG and hate the Archviles, but I'll choose the BFG to go. With the Archviles you can make great combat scenarios and nasty tricks like those from Plutonia for example. About the BFG, eh I don't like using it that much. I prefer using the Rocket Launcher, the SSG and the Plasma Rifle more than the BFG.
  11. Teo Slayer

    I use gzdoom, will I need any other source port?

    GZDoom is an awesome source port, it can run most WADs and there are many cool+fun mods made for it. But it has problems with perfomance in slaughtermaps (Nuts.wad for instance), so I recommend you to use PrBoom+ for those type of WADs
  12. Oh wow, I just missed this

    If you hate a WAD, just don't play it and play an other WAD or a different game. Making a thread like this is kinda unnecessary

  13. Teo Slayer

    Know any fun megawads to play?

    I have played many good MegaWADs. I would recommend you to try Alien Vendetta, Scythe, Hellbound, Eviternity, Going Down and Japanese Community Project. They contain challenging, fantastic and fun maps to play :)
  14. Teo Slayer

    The most annoying doom enemy

    Here are my top 5 most hated Doom enemies: 1. Archvile 2. Lost Soul 3. Chaingunner 4. Revenant 5. Spectres Have a good day now
  15. Teo Slayer

    QuakeZen: Quake but in the Style of Doom

    Awesome weapon mod
  16. Epic update. I'll play Map22 anytime soon and good luck on Map21's release
  17. Teo Slayer

    Doom Smash or Pass: All 21 Monsters

    I see you decided to take the Smash or Pass challenge with Doom monsters Nice
  18. Teo Slayer

    looking for gzdoom console command

    Check this page, son https://zdoom.org/wiki/CCMDs:Debug
  19. I've read that article too. Damn, Putin has turned into Hitler
  20. Teo Slayer

    Why is it called Alien Vendetta anyway?

    It just sounds cool. It doesn't need to have aliens to be called "Alien Vendetta"
  21. Teo Slayer

    I've Never Beaten Wolfenstein 3D.

    I have beaten Wolfenstein 3D and SoD a couple of times. I really enjoy that game, even if it looks flat and boring, but I prefer playing Doom more because it has more complexive maps, a larger variety of enemies (thank god they aren't all hitscans), has better weaponary and it is more fast-paced.
  22. It may be unofficial, but damn I love it. Good job, friend
  23. Teo Slayer

    The cyberdemon's death animation

    The Cyberdemon's death animation is my favourite death animation in the entire game. I love seeing it going ka-boom with its leg remaining only
  24. In slaughter maps, I can go through out of it easily if I know what am I doing In Kaizo Mario I can't live for 1 second lol