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  1. Teo Slayer

    Blood Flash 2 - Short vanilla megawad (15 maps)

    Good looking maps and faster pistol and chaingun. I'll play it
  2. Teo Slayer

    BFG vs Archvile: One has to go.

    I may like the BFG and hate the Archviles, but I'll choose the BFG to go. With the Archviles you can make great combat scenarios and nasty tricks like those from Plutonia for example. About the BFG, eh I don't like using it that much. I prefer using the Rocket Launcher, the SSG and the Plasma Rifle more than the BFG.
  3. This is a screenshot from Doom 2 Rebuild-T on your cover photo, right?)

  4. Teo Slayer

    I use gzdoom, will I need any other source port?

    GZDoom is an awesome source port, it can run most WADs and there are many cool+fun mods made for it. But it has problems with perfomance in slaughtermaps (Nuts.wad for instance), so I recommend you to use PrBoom+ for those type of WADs
  5. Oh wow, I just missed this

    If you hate a WAD, just don't play it and play an other WAD or a different game. Making a thread like this is kinda unnecessary

    1. Lol 6
    2. Naarok0fkor


      no shitposting...

  6. Teo Slayer

    Know any fun megawads to play?

    I have played many good MegaWADs. I would recommend you to try Alien Vendetta, Scythe, Hellbound, Eviternity, Going Down and Japanese Community Project. They contain challenging, fantastic and fun maps to play :)
  7. Teo Slayer

    The most annoying doom enemy

    Here are my top 5 most hated Doom enemies: 1. Archvile 2. Lost Soul 3. Chaingunner 4. Revenant 5. Spectres Have a good day now
  8. Teo Slayer

    My Youtube Account Just Got Terminated.

    For what reason? YouTube doesn't terminate accounts without any reason. Also, this fits more as a Status Update rather a thread.
  9. Teo Slayer

    QuakeZen: Quake but in the Style of Doom

    Awesome weapon mod
  10. Teo Slayer

    The Ultimate Doom II : Doom II levels reimagined

    Epic update. I'll play Map22 anytime soon and good luck on Map21's release
  11. Teo Slayer

    Doom Smash or Pass: All 21 Monsters

    I see you decided to take the Smash or Pass challenge with Doom monsters Nice
  12. Looks fantastic
  13. Teo Slayer

    looking for gzdoom console command

    Check this page, son https://zdoom.org/wiki/CCMDs:Debug
  14. I've read that article too. Damn, Putin has turned into Hitler
  15. Teo Slayer

    Why is it called Alien Vendetta anyway?

    It just sounds cool. It doesn't need to have aliens to be called "Alien Vendetta"