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  1. What I mean is original weapons for the player. Maybe you should adapt this WAD to Hexen or Heretic. The most wonderful thing to do would be a second WAD with player & monster mods to go with the main WAD...
  2. Naarok0fkor

    Custom stuff shows up in-game but not in the editor

    I have the same problem. I think it comes from the fact that UDB doesn't load the dehacked file present within the WAD when I edit maps. It forces us to keep testing maps to see if everything works. It gets really annoying with scaled things...
  3. Naarok0fkor

    (Solved) Help, items are invisible!

    I always use GZDoom...
  4. Naarok0fkor

    Therapy wads?

  5. Naarok0fkor

    Switchable Stairs

    Outstanding!!! Love the lights too...
  6. Naarok0fkor

    What are you listening to?

  7. You shouldn't modify WADs in any fashion when making videos. Carefully read the .txt files coming with the WADs and respect the author's instructions. You're going to enjoy yourself much more and have a good reputation on Doomworld and youtube...It actually borders violations of Author's rights!!!