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  1. xX_Lol6_Xx

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Early PS1 3D character, idk.
  2. Scythe Map 26 NM-Speed in 0:55.06 sec, had a few 1:00 runs but I lowered it 5 seconds more or less. Not doing it again :-) Zip: sc26nm055.zip
  3. xX_Lol6_Xx

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    She(?)'s someone you definitively shouldn't mess with.
  4. xX_Lol6_Xx


    Really good hub, the atmosphere and level architecture is some of the best of the best and the epic music selection certainly helps, the Aeon mana is an interesting concept, albeit I didn't use it that much outside of my passive ability (which I couldn't figure out for the cleric). The clock puzzle was a pain without the new weapon, even with the boots of speed you have aprox. 4 seconds to make both bells ring at nearly the same time, so there's that. And as another reviewer pointed out, some puzzles are broken in the latest GZDoom, so better use ZDoom to ensure they work as intended. While I did enjoy encountering new monsters, their sprites are quite rough looking and almost out of place with the base HeXen monsters, and the final boss sucks, but hey, so did Korax in vanilla! Overall, it's a great hub, but some aspects could've been better. Still, if you like HeXen and other HeXen mapsets, this is a must-play . 5/5 stars -xX_Lol6_Xx
  5. xX_Lol6_Xx

    What is your favorite sandbox/city map?

    Auger;Zenith's Map 06, I absolutely love it's atmosphere and vibe, shoudout to it's mall and beach map, they're also really good. As for Vanilla Doom, I don't really like the city levels but maybe the one I enjoy the most (it's still not that much) is Industrial Zone. There's also this 1996 HeXen map I came across while exploring the downloads tab, really cool and creative for it's time and plays well with all classes.
  6. xX_Lol6_Xx

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    The furry bois are evolving.
  7. xX_Lol6_Xx

    Most recent movie you saw

    Watched Flash yesterday, it's decent.
  8. xX_Lol6_Xx

    There was a guy in our house

    Man that really sucks, thankfully that individual was caught and I truly hope he didn't cause any serious damage to either your wife or your property. This actually reminds me of a similar episode I lived back when I was like 12. Me and my family decided to go out for something I can't recall (Maybe dinner or to the movies), but either way, when my mom parked the car outside the house after coming back, we caught two men in flagrante delicto trying to enter the house both from the front door and the air conditioner in my room. We have a little metal door which leads to the backyard that we forgot to lock, and in between the backyard and said door, there are the exterior proportions (IDK what to call 'em) of my room's AC. Obviously, mom got incredibly angry, and so did my dad, especially after listening to their excuse, which was around the lines of "We're just looking for this person, no need to get mad chief" (IDK if they genuinely thought that would work). So my dad got out of the car, but he didn't see their faces at all as he had taken off his contact glasses and he has difficulty in distinguishing stuff in dark places, even more than a normal person, but anyways, they thought he was about to beat them up, given that my dad is really tall and does look physically strong, so they both decided to run away and so far, they hadn't shown up again. We called police but I don't think they ever got caught and charged for this failed attempt of theft, but either way, the cops patrolled the neighborhood for the rest of the night, and we installed bars on my AC. Again, I hadn't seen nor heard about them again, but it's still a scary situation if you think about it, and now that I spend most of my time alone at home (no school for the moment) I can't help but think about what to do in case someone successfully broke into my house. At least now I have a dog, and she's very finicky with strangers, so I'm sure she'd go nuts if she heard something from the front or backyards, in a similar manner to your cat. A couple months ago my parents also spotted a failed attempt of robbery, this time in my front neighbor's house, they noticed something was odd after seeing a red car pass in front of the house like eight consecutive times and because their dog (a bulldog but still a puppy) was roaming around on the street alone, when he is most of the time guarding their entrance inside their garage. Thankfully nothing happened, they notified our neighbor and basically guarded their house for around one and a half hours until he arrived. Again, I'm glad to read everything went well. Always stay safe :-)
  9. xX_Lol6_Xx

    Is Doomworld good at Hexen? [Poll]

    Man my first playthrough was a nightmare, I remember getting lost in the first map, and ended up using Dwars' walkthrough to orient myself, before I knew I was already finishing off Korax. I did finish the expansion blindly, but it did get more tedious and ridiculous as it went on. If I remember correctly I first played Mage, and then started doing Cleric and finally Fighter. As for the difficulty, it's obvious that the hardest mode will be the most challenging, but man, playing Fighter on Titan may be the biggest challenge of the game, because with Daedolon (the Mage) you can cheese it with his 1st and 3rd weapons, Parias (the Cleric) has three ranged weapons, one of which you get really early in the game and once you have Wraithverge the game essentially becomes a joke (unless you run out of mana), but Baratus (the Fighter), nah, you have to actually be a Titan in real life, he may be the fastest, but his speed doesn't help that much against those fast projectiles, and even worse, trying to get close those serpents in The Seven Portals and taking out the Death Wyvern in The Shadow Woods is harder than it should be, the first because of the fast fireballs and the second because the hammers are way too slow. Quietus helps out a lot, but it's arguably the worst weapon of the three ultimate weapons and you can't use it without mana (but that's a given with the most powerful weapon in your arsenal). The expansion is even more ridiculous and it feels like it goes on and on and on forever, *miraculously* I was able to beat it, again, Fighter on Titan. But despite this, I absolutely loved HeXen, heck I just beat it again with the mage (skill 5) before writing this, I do think it plays the best on skill 3 (neither too hard nor too easy), but that's my opinion. It's gimmicks, architecture detail and ambience make up for it's, let's say questionable puzzles, until Hub 4 and 5, which are more straightforward IMO.
  10. Been a while since I participated, and since I have free time, I might as well drop an entry ;-) Category 1 on Hurt Me Plenty (Skill3) survived (no secret maps) in 1:44:06 hrs or 104:06 minutes (Accidentally entered Map23, so IDK if it counts in my in-game time, I'm assuming it doesn't) . More details in the text file and please notify me if something's wrong :D Zip: 1IEabysslol6.zip Breaks:
  11. xX_Lol6_Xx

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Geezer? Is that a new car manufacturer?
  12. xX_Lol6_Xx

    TNT or Plutonia?

    Kinda heavy take, but using Chaingunners, Revenats and Archviles endlessly to create artificial difficulty and forcing me to play in almost always brown and gray, tiny ass maps with unfair traps and inconsistent damaging floors is BS. Heck, even The Master Levels made a better attempt at constructing decent maps with more variety, both fail spectacularly but TEETH and Black Tower are at least consistent with their theme. I'm not saying that TNT is perfect, it does have it's stinkers and they are the absolute worst maps ever, but I'll never say it's unfairly difficult, quite the opposite actually, health is nearly always abundant or sometimes slightly hidden yet always accessible. It's level design is also more varied, and while it mostly consist of techbases, they don't look or play the same as the one that came before, and for some reason people love to complain about Mount Pain being "uNfAIr" while ignoring that Plutonia (And a lot of modern megawads that people praise with a passion) has maps harder than it, which follow the classic map cliché of "I grab key or flip a switch, Chaingunners, Revenats and Archviles spawn in a wide open room with no cover, they block my ONLY exit and while I attempt to kill them, more demons spawn in while I run out of ammo, I get hit by 80 damage fireball and gang-banged by the chaingunners, my health drops in two seconds, I *somehow* manage to kill them, only to die to water that for some reason damages me". Heck, on one map a Chaingunner starts right behind you and immediately gets alerted to your presence , having the potential of killing you before you even have a chance to properly begin, why people like that and at the same time complain about difficult maps in TNT (Map 09 and 27 again as an example) is beyond me, because it's, again, bullshit, and out of the 32 maps of this cheap attempt of a difficult game, I only like 4 maps. TNT is more creative, it's best levels are hands down the best out of ANY of the classic commercial games, has better set pieces, it's well balanced with difficulty that naturally progresses as you'd expect from any game really (It has it's spikes on some maps like Map 09, 20, 26 and 27, but again, they're usually a fair challenge and manageable as long as you play properly), again, it's levels are more varied and reward exploration with power ups and ammunition, has new banging music and overall it's a better product. So to answer OP: I prefer TNT, I always enjoy revisiting it because of all reasons listed above, and I absolutely despise Plutonia, which I only have because of PL2, which is actually good and really fun.
  13. Software rendering, even with OpenGLES my laptop struggles to give me stable 60fps (granted, it's nearly as old as me), but either software mode (TrueColor or Doom's) gives me better performance, and I play HeXen a lot, and on foggy maps I want that vanilla fog effect that IMO looks awful with Hardware Acceleration.
  14. Been a while since I've posted demos so please tell me if something's wrong :-) The Ultimate Doom E3 (E3M1-E3M7) Nomo in 4:01 min Zip: e3o401.zip
  15. xX_Lol6_Xx

    What is the best way to play Duke Nukem?

    Chocolate-Duke3D if you want the Vanilla ExperienceTM without DOSBox, issue is, you have to compile it yourself. Still it's pretty good, I've been using it for a while now and I can definitively recommend it.