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  1. Dron

    doom reborn

    HUGE bump! i thought it was better to bump this thread rather than start a whole new one. anyway top post edited and updated
  2. Dron

    Doom Voxel Project

    ...and if someone could shut you up you might actually be of some use! ;)
  3. Dron

    Project: Malice

    the texturing needs alot of work
  4. Dron

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    ... you people fall for sarcasm too easily
  5. jesus christ just quit mapping, your work is wow.wad done 500 times worse. nobody wants to play your dumb maps so stop fucking telling us about them.
  6. Dron

    Simple Life Ain't so Simple

    rise of the triad
  7. Dron

    1024 Maps

    on skill 1 you get double the ammo/health from pickups
  8. Dron

    "LOL" Doom Moments

    i was playing map21 of doom2, and i shot a rocket at an imp on a ledge. the rocket caused it to fly up real high. (i think i was using some rocket launcher from some weapons mod)
  9. Dron

    texture error?!

    it does that to me like everytime i do shit in doombuilder
  10. Dron

    Why do you map?

    because its fun