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I'm a game fan who found this website when looking for Doom levels on google. I don't know much about them really, I first found out about them in general on Archive.org when looking for Doom stuff so I'm a complete novice in the field. I always loved the old PC / PSX Doom games but I had no idea about the Modding side of Doom until I found it out through Google. I'm a fan though and I've found a lot of great material on this site and some great information on everything. GZDoom is a graceful way of playing all of this and very user friendly. I cant believe how skilled the content is on this site, very professional and total greatness.


About me, there's not much to tell. I'm of Irish descent and live in London and yeah just a general game fan. I also play & collect a lot of other games and consoles RPG's, adventures etc. Not much more to it than that.