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  1. I just use brutal doom, but I understand where you are coming from. I tend to play Laz's Wolfendoom projects with no mouselook,and no Capslock run.
  2. Haloless0320

    ScoreDoom v1.99r3B

    Awesome,dling now.
  3. Haloless0320

    What FPS do you own?

    Doom Collection(Including Doom 3) Hexen and Hexen Deathknights Hexen 2 Heretic FEAR Condemned Stalker:Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky Call of Duty 3 Battlefield 1942 and 2042 Witchaven Wolfenstein 3d Blakestone Penumbra Overture Hellgate(Kinda FPS)
  4. Haloless0320

    DarkXL - GPU Accelerated DarkForces Extended

    Same here.I tried to play it and I got past the training just to have it crash on me.
  5. Haloless0320

    Election '08

    Obama's a fool,he thinks he can sit down and have a nice heart to heart talk with a leader of a Jihad.Now every religion has it's fanatics that are willing to kill for their "god" and one thing the radical islamic terrorists have demonstrated is the willingness to kill anyone that doesn't fit into that group.If you had been paying attention you would have seen this when they decapitated that reporter with a fucking scimitar.They've already told us their demands,convert to Islam.And I'm sure the American public is totally against this. Afterwards,how long do you think it would take for another attack?Answer me this. After Israel pulled out of Gaza, how long did it take before Hamas proclaimed victory, and then began lobbing rockets over the border at Israel? So far he wants to become friends with the terrorists,pull out of Iraq and leave it wide open for the Jihads and let me see what else?Oh he wants to cut the funding on the missle defense system,that's like bending over and asking to be raped with a nuke. Unilateral disarmament does not work either. If we disarm, the enemy must do the same as well. If they don’t, and we do, they will perceive themselves as stronger, and attack. That is how tyrants in the real world play the game. Don't get me wrong,I would like to see the US pull out of Iraq because of the casualties of war.And I think it sucks that bush dragged us into this,It should have been dealt with covertly and not dragged on until it's an all out war.And I would like to have the same health system that Canada has...but I'm looking at Obama's plans as a whole.A few good ideas but the bad ones ruin the whole thing. But just because I don't want some idiot running the country doesn't mean that I want a Warmongering cowboy as a president either.But right now it's either picking the guy that wants to befriend the guy who wants to paint the wall with my brains and a guy thats all gung-ho for defending the country and pissing off everyone in the process.I want to vote cause not voting isn't gonna help. Personally I'm Marxist,so don't expect me to like our capitalist government at all.
  6. Haloless0320

    Election '08

    How about this...either way we're fucked.
  7. Haloless0320

    Election '08

    @JohnnyRancid:I agree with you,majority of americans are stupid.But the only reason they're stupid is because they like to turn a blind eye to the current events and act like "They know what theyre doing up on capital hill!"Of course they know what theyre doing,making deals with crooked lobbyists and lining their pockets tax payers money. @MYK:Just so you know,you know what AIG did with the money that was given to them($85 billion + another $37 mil I believe)The CEO's went to a big luxury resort in Florida to recieve spa treatmentsand manicures.If you still feel that I'm inhumane or "Stupid" maybe you should research just how deep we are in the shit. Danarchy:I don't belive all taxes are evil.I know that's how we can fund schools,Health Care,etc.But taxes that are ridiculously high aren't for the good of the people. So all in all I place my vote for the lesser of two evils,Cthulhu...wait I mean McCain.(Originally I was going for Ron Paul)
  8. Haloless0320

    Election '08

    This is the way I see it... Obama wants to raise taxes...speaks for itself McCain is a Warmonger...also speaks for itself If Obama wins we have to pay out more taxes so the dregs of society can recieve help for their "Inability" to work. If McCain wins we get a Milf as a vice president but we'll probably be pulled into more conflicts in the middle east and probably more than that.Pretty much a repeat of the crap we went through with Bush. But from what I hear Ron Paul and various other grassroots rep's have formed their own party...maybe we'll see another civil war here soon so we can re-establish a more stable government.
  9. Haloless0320

    Atherius Project (Restarted)

    New screenshots
  10. Haloless0320

    Atherius Project (Restarted)

    Ok I finished up the first level the other night and I checked for errors and good lord of the abyss...there was a list of errors that just made me vomit. Needless to say I deleted the map and I restarted.I decided to divide the map into sections instead of one insanely huge map.I know it took at least a minute to load up...and even longer to save. But on the up side the new level looks a hell of alot better than the old. Changes -You no longer start out at the spaceport...your ship crashed and you have to make your way to the Atherius base.The first level is set inside an abandonded forward base. -Playable with GZDoom,It aggravated me that I could never get Skyboxes and Mirror linedefs to work right on skulltag -No more Errors...no unclosed sectors...nothing!I ran an error check after I created each sector. -I'm getting the hang of ACS...deepwater...yaddah yaddah yaddah I'll throw some screenies up tomorrow.
  11. Haloless0320

    Is there a connection between Quake and Doom?

    The the Sacastic ones:May your heads be struck from your shoulders. To the helpful ones:I dunno,I figured that since Quake has some tie in's with the whole Lovecraftian mythos I thought that maybe ID need's it's own Mythos.It might give people more to build their wads off of.I don't see any harm in it...I mean hell,Battletech,Mechwarrior,Warcraft...they all have their own Mythos so why can't doom,quake,etc?
  12. Haloless0320

    Is there a connection between Quake and Doom?

    Truthfully this is how I always saw it... Demons invaded Mars and earth(plus various other instances like TNT and Plutonia) After the last of the demons were wiped out humanity hit a dark age of technology. UAC was no more(Either because majority of the staff were killed off or maybe the government finally disbanded the Company) This gave rise to the research into slipgates which in turn resulted in the invasion of earth again by some dimensional creatures.After this earth seemed to get back on it's feet it was invaded by the strogg. This is just a theory though.
  13. I've always wondered ever since quake 1 and 2 came out...are they in the doom universe?I always figured that the events of quake 1 and 2 took place many years after final doom. Anyone have any theories?
  14. Haloless0320

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Thanks,I tried locating the sprite used my Thanatos on AEOD (The Quake Zombie) but I couldn't locate it with slumped. So I decided to stick with the blood zombie.
  15. Haloless0320

    AEoD Error

    If it's AEODCrawl I have to go to the startup menu and start the Run application.