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  1. I kept hoping I would find the free time to finish my work on MAP23, but I can see now that it just isn't going to happen. I never came up with a wittier name than STONE2. I'll have to give up the slot, I've attached what I finished thus far if whoever takes over wants to pick up where I left off instead of starting from scratch. STONE2.zip
  2. I've renamed the project to Bachelor Party to reflect its true roots, and was lucky enough to get picked as one of decino's viewer submissions: Many of the levels also got a makeover as part of this update, MAP03's is probably the most significant. MAP17 remains a WIP and is not yet included, I've added a preview screenshot to the OP.
  3. SuperPecanMan

    2 Enemy Community Project RC1 Thread

    Now I really want to take a stab at it, just to see what the fuss is about. My design philosophy was that it would be rather tough (and likely grindy) without the secrets, and much easier/smoother with them. Infighting is certainly intended, as I wanted to take advantage of the fact that spider demons could kill each other, although I can understand why that might not be for everyone. The map was specifically meant to sample from Barrels o' Fun, hence why I claimed the MAP23 slot originally, and that's why I went with the Alice in Chains MIDI. Not sure if the issues could be alleviated by moving it to a later slot.
  4. I treat blind playthroughs as though the map designer has provided the bare minimum of ammo and every piece of ammo must be used at 100% efficiency. To give an example, every time I run into a cyberdemon and have a BFG, I assume that I MUST two-shot it or I'll end up soft-locked later. This usually results in my death as quite often there just isn't enough room to two-shot a cyberdemon consistently(or I'm just not good enough at dodging, that's possible too).
  5. Consider me interested. In honor of my home state of New Jersey, I think I'll make a highway-themed map (Not to scale of course, or maybe it will be?).
  6. I’d like to take tombstone map 23, it is quite intricate so my rendition will probably be cursed
  7. SuperPecanMan

    what’s everybody’s opinions on olive garden?

    Do I think Olive Garden is good? No, there are plenty of better, cheaper, and more authentic Italian restaurants closer to my house. Do I enjoy going there, trying four different soups, using breadstick to soak up the excess liquid from each, and taking my mediocre entree home to eat later? Yes, once a year I do get a craving for that experience. In fact, I even made a map celebrating this, and if you're interested, search doomworld for "bachelor party" and check out MAP10. I'm not shameless enough to link to it here.
  8. @RastaManGames I know I'm a little late to the party here, but if you're looking for some maps to fill in specific gaps (I recall you mentioning a desire for an airport map, which I'm really curious to try), let me know and I'll give it a shot.
  9. Having finished the mapset, I'd like to emphasize that the maps are really pretty. I think you did a great job of combining the doom style and OTEX textures, and the level of detail is super impressive. I'm not sure what you can or would want to change (without desyncing demos), but these two moments really out stuck like a sore thumb for me: MAP17, my clumsiness got me soft locked multiple times: MAP27 actually made me rage-quit and take a day off before coming back to finish it. Trying to platform while dodging revenant missiles is not something I'm capable of, although I'm willing to bet I'm missing a strategy that makes it more reasonable. I also noticed that if you fall off the stairs in MAP27's exit room, the floor isn't damaging, and there's no way to get back up.
  10. I remember liking this show as a child, but I couldn't catch it regularly enough to understand the plot. It seems like the characters would randomly die in unexplainable ways and the whole universe would constantly be destroyed, so I'm glad this video confirms that these things did in fact happen. It also explains my constant feeling of existential dread. I'm just happy to have an in-order plot summary to finally understand what was going on, great job.
  11. SuperPecanMan

    SSG Addicts Anonymous.

    I've made so many maps with the SSG either hidden in a secret or given to the player late in the progression, and every time somebody plays them, the feedback is always "give me an SSG sooner please, this is too tedious." It's so frustrating because if you do give people an SSG sooner then they'll complain that the map is "mono-SSG combat" and therefore boring. And god forbid you ever make an encounter where the SSG won't carry you; suddenly it's "too hard" and therefore also bad. I know doom players aren't a monolith and you can't please everybody; I'm just ranting here. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, that's just the way of the world once you start dabbling in subjective art.
  12. Well we can't have that, here's an updated version (hopefully) removing the cheese and with the UMAPINFO included. hotdogcombo3.zip
  13. I realize that I hadn't included a UMAPINFO entry for my MAP23 submission, although the only thing missing is the map name, which should be "Hot Dog Combo". Can you add this in?
  14. I love seeing other people's first maps, however I couldn't post mine until now because they were on an old hard drive that I couldn't get into until last week. I'm providing them to the community because I imagine some people are into this kind of stuff. In honor of this being an older discovery, I went ahead and uploaded it straight to idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/j-l/lilpecan There are 7.5 maps which were designed for single player. Most of them also include co-op and deathmatch starts. These maps are 20+ years old and I made them using WinDEU. They are vanilla compatible (doom2 IWAD) and can run in -complevel 2. I didn't check for overflows but I would be shocked if anything is so detailed that they get triggered. I was able to run through them in chocolate doom, prboom+, and dsda-doom. Feel free to utilize whatever zdoom features (jumping, crouching, freelook) you'd like, just be warned that the maps were not designed with them in mind. The texturing is awful. I did not consider fixing them because that would be inauthentic. I was clearly less concerned with making everything line up back then and had relatively low standards as far as what I considered to look good. Also, I had no idea how the sky textures were supposed to work, that key doors needed to be marked, or how to use lower unpegged, among many other faux pas. I can't describe the gameplay style: there are a lot of door and teleporter puzzles that I probably added to pad the length, and the enemy density is pretty high overall. The difficulty is rather swingy. From pistol start, some maps would feel at home in TNT and others might seem like they came from Hell Revealed. They're all relatively easy if you're doing continuous play, which they were definitely designed for. I welcome you to challenge yourself by pistol starting them, just be warned: the placement of monsters, weapons, and ammo is extremely unfriendly starting as early as MAP02. I've included multiple files in the pack so you can tailor your experience as desired: The original maps, the first of which can't be completed without cheats (or jumping), are in lilpecanorig.wad. The fixed maps, all of which can be completed, plus names I added after the fact, can be found in lilpecanfixed.wad The maps did not originally have music, but I found several midis on the same hard drive as the map. I imagine some of them were intended for the levels, so I've done the best I can to match them up where I think they belong. These might not be the best music choices (the volume is highly variant) so I've kept them separate. They are included in lilpecanmus.wad. MAP08 was never completed, as it does not have enemies or an exit. I wanted to preserve all of the maps I found, so I've included it as a separate file, MAP08.wad. Screenshots:
  15. I ran into a bit of an issue on MAP31, I'm using DSDA-Doom 0.24.3 in case that matters: