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  1. By the way your speed runs are absolutely phenomenal feel free to share them here anytime the people need to see this
  2. That was a concussion bringing out your worst nightmare so it doesn't count
  3. Thanks so much I'm glad you're having fun and I downloaded these demos just waiting for a nice rainy day with some free time to actually watch them In the meantime here's a video I recorded last week that should finally resolve the Coke versus Pepsi debate
  4. Clippy

    grungo Q&A - ask grungo anything

    I got a new lawn mower and I'm trying to come up with some good name for it First name candidates : Stuart, Marcus, Thaddeus, Johnny, Timbo, Rupert, Gilbert, Murphy Last name choices: Steel, Maxwell, Crusher, Cruelty, Cronenberg, Chaos, Smith, Murphy Which combination do you think works best?
  5. Oh man, on vacation and what a surprise to see this - thank you SO much! Sometimes I dont know what to do with myself or what to watch but this is gunna be great! Glad I didn't go too Clippy, seems like so many ppl want the same ole, same ole just shoot things and thats it - serious stuff only haha, I try to add a lil comedy and levity and intrigue to it. Glad I kept everything balanced enough that hopefully no gimmick overstayed it's welcome. I had a lot of fun making these eh - tried to come up with a fresh new idea each time so nothing felt repetitive, I hope I'm not sure if I really had mappers block,just got a little weary and running out of steam in the end, glad I could get it done again thanks so much will gladly watch these! I can fast forward thru the lulls you mentioned but no worries haha
  6. Happy Fried Chicken Friday all Here is a video reveal for space gymnasium a map I'm very happy with The world's first gym for doomguy and high jumping
  7. Clippy

    I started a new Doom Commentary Channel!

    Don't drown the bunny guys
  8. Clippy

    I started a new Doom Commentary Channel!

    Congrats you have a fun presence here good luck on the yt thingy
  9. Clippy

    1 Sector Community Project

    You're like addicted to map 30s
  10. Clippy

    1 SECTOR - Community Project idea

    This is wacky Yes stupid bunny I did make a map called one way ticket but I think got the most mileage out of the one sector thing but under the situations that the monsters don't attack you It seems like the project Runner wants this to be one sector maps that are actually playable with regular functioning monsters and no weirdness If that's the case and just for functionability purposes why not just have everybody do the one sector map but draw a second sector triangle off the play area to make it work properly
  11. OMG you finally did it!! Kudos Lots of wacky out of the box unique random ideas here worth checking out if you're sick of the old samey same Well done man had a pleasure playing most of these
  12. hey guys hey I was able to muster some time to check maps by @CBM , unfortunately I wont have more time to dabble further, but I like what i've seen these maps are awesome. I struggled with the playability with computer map, but maybe I screwed something up. Still a delight to play, kind of nostalgic for me, I always been fascinated with mechanical internals, my gramps used to take things apart in his garage and as a kid I was fascinated seeing inside of stuff. took me back And the DIY city was AMAZING, it was the complete package of eye candy, fun gameplay and intrigue, even still I feel like I need to go back and really look at all the cool doom cute - one of my fave maps I've played in recent memory kudos