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  1. Ohhhh THAT switch Oh yeah I cheated myself a key didn't I Man I am scatterbrained tonight Sorry about that! The important thing is I did kill everyone haha, I get it now, get yellow key to get blue key to exit. I kept being afraid to press switches thinking I was going to ed the level before it was done cause a few had unmarked exits - That was a good challenging map tho I think I was at 2% health at one point
  2. Wow I thought for sure I did ... I think I avoided it cause i though it was an unmarked exit based on some other maps Playing 33 maps at once really mixed me up haha So I guess there is two ways to exit? I never made it in that yellow door
  3. Lots of fun - I played them all on pistol starts ...some levels I had to save ... some levels I had to REALLY save haha - good amazing project I love that these maps are so short and sweet - I ripped right through them PS the mic was weird at the first few seconds @E.M. @Wavy @Nimiauredhel @MFG38 @elio.exe @A.H. Sankhatayan @yakfak @VisionThing @thelazyqdude @MAN_WITH_GUN @MidnightMage @Crock Wilson @IggySqiggles @General Rainbow Bacon @noisebloom @Repugnus @Fiendish @Obsidian @Clippy @waciej @Worriedidiot @tuturbo1991 @Captain Toenail @muumi @El Inferno @Dunn & Dunn @Egg Boy @Dubbag
  4. Fun stuff I recorded myself making and playing the map Making a map in ten minutes is awful and the results show lol - way too hard no time to test or balance Get the map here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19GckJJgqNr6i4LhZBx0p4Id4dyiMQGjR/view?usp=sharing Video: EDIT: I see it has to be prboom compatible so I had to do one post production thing and properly tag a sector
  5. Congrats buddy. I feel bad for getting frustrated with your maps earlier, boy did they kick my ass. You came a Loooong way from First Blood in a short amount of time. Impressive unique creative maps man sorry I bitched about them haha - keep up the good work
  6. I'm always astounded at your speed of map making, these were totally functional maps that looked great and professional - I had a great time trying to beat them with pistol starts. This was great fun! I kept playing that last map cause I liked the challenge - good stuff!
  7. haha no worries buddy I think the custom text got cut off or something\\ No idea why romero head didn't work either anyway I typically don't like custom monsters but loved tghis experience Those explosing shirtless dudes had me laughing so hard man oh my goodness good times
  8. Clippy

    "The Little Death" My New Short Doom 2 Map

    Nice map I had limited time so tore through it kind of in a rush but fun - nice traps nice short fun time - a few potential glitches for review - hope vid helps keep up good work
  9. Clippy

    Have you read all of Doomworld threads?

    who the hell has time for that !?!?!?
  10. Clippy

    New map - Relay Station

    I love short maps! This was fun just run through and get er done good times - constant monsters to shoot in the FACE PS I forgot I had a rocket launcher as I always do - I just have too much fun with the SSG
  11. Clippy

    Spacebenders - Another newbie WAD [WIP]

    Timezones amirite
  12. Hey buddy it's very nice that you do this stuff but never apologize for not making videos haha I'm probably going to appear very absent for the next few weeks myself