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  1. Clippy

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Super old nostalgic early classic @Doomkid maps:
  2. More maps fun times keeping crosshairs I played a little better this is fun traveling back thru time with mapper More to come
  3. Fortunate enough to get both @Large Cat & @A Handsome Fridge in on this video as both worked on this really cool map. Doomcute is off the charts in this fully realized town map! Great stuff https://youtu.be/oySQDUol5jo
  4. Clippy

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Really fun time hanging with @Dubbag playing an old map that inspired him. Good times always a blast
  5. I played another map. This was fun but I can't see who built it or where the credits are for this one, kind of sloppy but that's ok. This is a quick one and a nice break from all the harder maps. Looking forward to seeing what map 12 is like
  6. @Bobby "J I finally made it to your map crazy stuff lol you guys are nuts
  7. Clippy

    TrenchWorkz Facility

    excellent map thanks for superb recommendation @Biodegradable]
  8. Hey there, I gave it a try - I even had a buddy with me and between the two of us, we got lost in what seemed like a switch hunt of some kind. I got a little mixed up in your previous maps but this was a new level of lost lol. Your eye for detail is amazing but you are just too smart for me. Chasing switches, some repeatable, guessing what they do and all that kind of became a chore and a break in the action, slow moving lifts and having to repeat functions over and over didn't help either. Sorry buddy I guess these aren't for me but good luck with your mapping
  9. Here begins a fun trip down memory lane - I would like to continue the rest some time! Good times