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  1. Clippy

    Pagodia | Final Version Released

    May be my last vid for a bit. I'm actually on vacation but my face pain is too distracting I want to play but I don't feel good eh Cool maps tho I'll be back some day
  2. I had to show this to @sandwedge cause it's so awesome - really fun conclusion to the episode - I think some things went off script lol - I have to watch Decino play it now - but here is my blind run The train map looked cool but I had to go - my wife started talking to me about food
  3. Clippy

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    Now I can't play doom anymore
  4. Clippy

    blindwound map03

    Oh crap I thought this said bloodwound - thats why I made all the letters bloody also I was confused ands thought this was one map but bio joined and I play the rest middle map felt very out of place and the other two were better and felt like they shared a theme etc good time
  5. I tried to cut it down as much as possible lol
  6. I had nothing better to do since I can't talk - post dental surgery boredom
  7. Clippy

    I have surprise dental surgery Monday

    No it wasn't even presented as an option but hell no lol R u friends with @Snaxalotl?
  8. Clippy

    I have surprise dental surgery Monday

    But what do I look up hehe
  9. Clippy

    I have surprise dental surgery Monday

    Where do I get these sprites
  10. Clippy

    I have surprise dental surgery Monday

    Thx guys Ya following instructions don't want dry socket 600 ml ibprohininfs
  11. Clippy

    I have surprise dental surgery Monday

    Surprisingly well Dr gave me iv sleepy stuff and it knocked me out so fast Then I woke up near end of surgery and dr yell at me for trying to talk while he drill and see my face but I felt nothing No pain for s while but now front hurts worst. Awkward middle tooth. Right fine left slightly Gunna laybout in the sun today
  12. This happened plus @Dub Bag links in video Teetb
  13. Episode 21 This is my last episode before I get teeth ripped out of my fave @sandwedge & @Pistoolkip joined me today and we drew https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/ks3 KS4.zip by Cory Banket (not blanket) - this guy is pretty metal and made a really cool jail map. Jail maps are so fucking cool to me - and this one despite being longer than I wanted, was pretty fun - despite convoluted progression - which I both liked and disliked but I appreciated the theme: breaking out of jail Progression was intentionally secretive and involved shooting random walls or subtle places to find hidden switches, secret lowering walls to progress etc - I wish this map had a proper name and cool music then it would be the complete package. Anyway super interesting and memorable jail map - that well executed it's premise and kept me curious although somethings frustratingly lost and wanting to move on - but overall good times - also fun triple commentary made for a fun experience, I may still be in jail without em I never watched prison break