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  1. Gl_portals is set to 1. Turning it off and on makes floor and ceiling portals stop and then work again, but doesn't change the real issue of the line portals. Models are fine and sector portals are fine, but line portals appear to just be broken for me.
  2. All the portals are broken. they read as "PORTAL" textures. I am playing on the corrrect GZdoom version.
  3. Fraston

    Share Your Sprites!

    That Baron of Hell could be called a "Snow Miser".
  4. Fraston

    i want a game engine to make a game.

    If he’s using “want” on an online forum, he probably is very frightened of complex, high-end stuff.
  5. Fraston

    WAD Request

    Mr. Gaunt knows best, after all.
  6. hi


    1. Fraston
    2. TheMagicMushroomMan


      Haha yeah, what's up! It's like a party in here or something!

  7. Fraston

    Post your Doom textures!

    The sign-up requirements for ZDoom Forums are absolutely draconian. No shame in sticking to this forum.
  8. Fraston

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    …as opposed to a Ford Marine Model. (of course when I post, the thread immediately dies)
  9. Fraston

    Post your Doom textures!

    average them all together and outline the most common position from there
  10. I mean, yeah. ”This can’t be good for me, but I feel great. “ -Postal Dude, Postal 2
  11. Not that I know of. However, the voodoo doll solution isn’t difficult, per se, it’s just very rigorous. I haven’t done anything too intensive with them, but I do know how I would go about doing something like this: Put every letter in their own sector, tagged from n01 or whatever to n26 (is a set of a hundred tags separate from the one’s you’ve used already), 1 as A, 26 as Z. For each word you want to spell, have a conveyer belt corridor with a repeatable player cross linedef that either raises to highest floor or lowers to lowest floor (one for each letter), a repeatable player cross teleport line that closes a door at the beginning of the closet, and a teleport linedef that leads to the beginning of the closet. with this method, there would have to be a small raised border around each letter (as high as you want the tile to be when it’s up), and a tiny sector touching the letter flat (as low as you want the tile to be when it’s down)
  12. Fraston

    i made a guide of how to get brutal doom in hdoom

    Hate? Oh gee, I wonder… You’re doing something that makes no sense and is explicitly frowned upon by at least one of the mod’s authors? I really hope that your grammar is the result of English not being your first language, rather than you being some child who is obviously too young to be playing either of the mods mentioned. (why was there a need to revive this useless topic anyway)
  13. Fraston

    Zscript or Decorate?

    So, all the stuff I’ve made in the past 10 months is now subject to “Everything you’re doing is bad, I want you to know this”? What are the disadvantages to DECORATE, anyway, because anything that I’ve wanted to make with it, I’ve accomplished most of the time (barring the stuff that blatantly requires ACS, but that’s more global level stuff rather than monsters or levels) I want to know if I need to relearn 90% of my GZDoom coding knowledge over things that matter to me.
  14. Fraston

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    It isn’t as well-calibrated compared to your (IMO) best works like “The Greater Good” “Birdsong”, “Imaginarium”, “Polar Expedition”, “Restless Restless” , “Para Bellum” and “Symphony of the Soul”, but it still holds its own.
  15. Fraston

    Share Your Sprites!

    Yes, yes, replacing the sound is sacrilege, but I figured since this SSG received some sizable buffs, it fits.