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  1. tonytheparrot

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2024

    Author : tonytheparrot Map Title : Shoebox Mayhem Build Time : around 2-3 hours? Midi : Slipper by Mark Klem Complevel : 9 Notes : This map is completely out of my comfort zone but I think it turned out ok. Lower difficulties exist, use them if needed tony DMAXP2024.zip
  2. I will give up my slot as well, GL for the rest and to the person who will take mine!
  3. tonytheparrot

    Junkfood 3 [MBF21, Slaughter] (idgames)

    Mapping for this turned me into a discord mod 0/10 needs more junk
  4. tonytheparrot

    Most interesting enemy encounters in Doom 1 WADs?

    Even if it's not a Doom2 wad, you can make dimensions map03's finale in Doom 1 if you enjoy that sort of thing ;)
  5. tonytheparrot

    ***Wad Reviews***

    I just found this review months after and honestly, you are right, this map is TRASH, my worst release by more than a mile.
  6. I would like to take map 27 please
  7. I am so honored to be the 5th person to comment on this legendary thread
  8. It's on idgames! Thanks to everyone who showed interest in this wad and happy slaughtering! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/tsmt
  9. RC3 is live! unless I get some more feedback, it should be the last version before I send the wad to idgames. Changelog:
  10. I am sorry, but I will drop out. Apologies for doing it so late (and after changing slots many times) but I completely lost the inspiration and motivation to work on this project. Good luck to everyone involved!
  11. Not sure if it's exactly what you mean, but I guess if someone records a playthrough of the map or a demo and uploads it to youtube, you will be able to see it.
  12. I am sorry, but I don't understand what you are trying to say here.
  13. here is the result of this month of mapping! It was great fun. If I participate again tho, it will probably be on a lesser scale.