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  1. CapersOnSalad

    Any tips for creating a slow/horror map?

    I'm using Doom 2 format, raised limits. So no UDMF.
  2. CapersOnSalad

    Doom - How big is Mars Base

    I wish we got to see more areas like that. I think Barracks in particular or really any housing or staging area could've had large enemy counts that would've brought some needed variety to the game's encounters.
  3. Currently in the early stages of a map where running is not encouraged, ammo is scarce, and tight corridors are aplenty. I want the player to generally feel helpless at all times. I know this kinda goes against the grain of DOOM level design, so I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to make this as fun or scary as possible without making the player miserable. Doesn't matter whether you're speaking as a player or a mapper. Thanks! (BTW, I'm only using stock DOOM II assets)
  4. CapersOnSalad

    Doom - How big is Mars Base

    Always seemed rather small to me. Like, yeah it's huge. But when you compare it to somewhere like Black Mesa, it becomes small. I think that's a strength with DOOM 3, because it never felt like this arbitrarily designed place that could go on forever. It felt more real than other FPS settings. I think that helped make the merging of Mars and Hell more effective.
  5. CapersOnSalad

    A Response To Arturo's Statements

    Most of us will be forgotten after death. Most of us will remain insignificant to the rest of the world for the rest of our lives. Why bother trying to impress anyone? You should do the things you do because YOU enjoy doing them. You should share the things you make because you're PROUD of it. The fact that you're letting one guy, who reeks of social Darwinism, influence your worldview and self-worth like this tells me you're not ready to engage with this kind of material. I can't talk you out of your feelings, but as someone whose toed the line with suicidal ideation before, I can tell you that you need to get more comfortable within your own skin. Peg yourself down to the simple things in life. Do the things you love, even if you think you're garbage at them, embrace the suckage, and eventually you'll come to appreciate the unique touch you bring to things. You'll find that your uniqueness impacts others as well. Everyone is insignificant, but everyone is unique. You don't need to be an academic, a "rationalist", or good at this or that to be anything worth living, you just need to be you. No one can play guitar like you can. No one can map DOOM like you can. No one can think like you can. Take those things further, and you'll see that it's okay to just be happy with yourself. Also, consider psychological help. If you're gonna vent, you might as well do it to someone who can help you. This whole place is about shooting demons with shotguns.
  6. CapersOnSalad

    Bloodbath v 1.2 by StanleyParadox

    Hey, I hope you got to the end because I thought this WAD was fantastic! It absolutely floored me. Great job!!!
  7. CapersOnSalad

    [UPDATED] The Temple of Solitude 1.5

    I see a lot of potential here. Don't give up or be discouraged. There's a very, very solid foundation for a great level.
  8. CapersOnSalad

    [UPDATED] The Temple of Solitude 1.5

    I think it's beautifully put together. It has possibly the best visuals I've ever seen in a DOOM map in terms of scale. The gameplay suffers though. Once things start opening up, there's no real direction on where to go and what to do. Almost everything I found was by chance or because I had no other options. The blue key was especially grating because I had to kill a cyberdemon with a plasma rifle as the strongest given weapon (which btw, was a secret) in order for the room containing the key to open. I get it's supposed to be hard, but ducking in and out of cover and taking potshots is not fun. By the time I got into the fortress, I was 21 minutes in and then the title screen popped up. Strangely, what I assumed was supposed to motivate me to go further just demoralized me. After all that effort and hordes of enemies I went through, I'm only JUST starting? The visuals of the fortress were breathtaking, but like the previous area, so much was open to the player that it was impossible to know where to go. I only found my way by chance. I faced an entire armada of Cacodemons with a plasma rifle and by the time I was done, I realized I had picked up a rocket launcher at some point. Call this a memory lapse if you want, it very well may be, but let's also note the stress of navigating around hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of enemies; there's a lot more on my mind than what's on the ground. At that point, I just called it quits. I should note that I was playing on UV, and this very likely influenced my session. But my issue with the map is not with the difficulty, but the flow of the level. For a map that gives so little breathing room, I think it would be better if the player were more well-guided or blocked from those extra paths until they make a certain amount of progress. You could kill everything and then go wandering like I was eventually forced to, but where's the fun in trying to dodge enemies and projectiles on a map that you have no time to understand the basic layout of? Where's the fun of wandering around a huge map when everything's dead? Just my opinion. Hope this wasn't too harsh, because while level flow is certainly lacking, I really do respect the map. Hope this helped. Good luck!
  9. CapersOnSalad

    Bloodbath v 1.2 by StanleyParadox

  10. CapersOnSalad


    It's clear that slaughter maps were a big inspiration here and the way you beefed up the weapons really helped enhance that kind of experience. However, sometimes it felt more like a shooting gallery. A lot of times, monsters were just placed in large clusters ready to be fried, with no thinking at all required from the player. I would suggest putting them in a place that thematically makes sense. You do this from time to time, one of my favorite examples was this mess hall you did. The placement of the enemies here pretty much prevented me from using my BFG to clear everyone out. That's a good thing. I was forced to switch tactics to take care of the stronger enemies like the Pinky and Caco before I could get my "reward" in annihilating the lower-tier enemies. Stuff like this (in a variety of ways, of course) goes a long way and makes the enemies actual threats instead of targets to shoot down. In fact, I wish you'd double down on the slaughter. The fast gameplay and quick thinking required for moments like these were really exciting. It made key hunting a chore by comparison. I would've loved it if killing the enemies in the area was required for progress, and since this uses GZDoom, that's very possible. One gripe I had with these slaughter areas was that sometimes they were far too open, and enemies would wander off to some obscure corner. I should be able to see them at all times. I mean, I'm literally locked in with them, they shouldn't be hiding. Which brings me to my next suggestion: perhaps have the maps become progressively more open. The WAD opened with the standard hallway shooting of DOOM, but even there, there were more enemies than would be usual. This was good because it let me know that combat was the focus here. The first map was probably the best paced, and I wished it went up on a linear curve instead of the second level immediately opening to a cyberdemon arena. The secrets were rather basic but I kinda liked that. It's satisfying to just see a wall inexplicably raise to show a completely arbitrary room. Make sure to put some kind of clue there though. It could be a misaligned texture, flickering lights, etc. The only other suggestion I could give would be to give the maps a better or lesser sense of place. The maps had that DOOM 1 feel, where it seemed like they COULD be places, but didn't really feel like one. The attention to detail in this WAD is impressive at times, so it's clear you thought of this. But some of the areas are also sparse by comparison. You could go either way with this. In my opinion, if you're trying to make a fast slaughter map, why would place matter? Go crazy. But yeah I liked this. The concept is definitely there, I just don't feel as if the pack is fleshed out. Hoped my suggestions helped, good luck!
  11. Welcome to the Undercourt, a single deathmatch level with a gothic aesthetic and an even darker sense of humor. This map aims to balance the looping flow of deathmatch with the feel of trap-heavy levels from DOOM II. There's plenty of room for fragging, but if you want a full arsenal, there'll be hell to pay! The map is about 95% finished. I'm putting this out there to gauge people's opinions on the map in general, as well as hopefully find any bugs/errors left behind. I'm also looking for feedback on the brightness; I like the moodiness of it, but I'm not sure if it's too dark. Try it out with your friends or online group! Tips before playing: Uses the DOOM II IWAD and is set on MAP01 Filename: UNDERCOURT test.zip Designed for Deathmatch (2-8 players) with 3 secrets to find Difficulty settings not implemented, weapon placement will be the same on all skill levels No weapons stay is preferred, but not necessary at all No jumping, though freelook is allowed Does not work on Chocolate Doom due to visplane limitations Tested in varying degrees on ZDaemon, Zandronum, Odamex, Crispy Doom, GZDoom, PrBoom+, and the Unity port .txt file included in Mediafire link [DOWNLOAD] https://doom.dogsoft.net/download.php?h=f4975efe6004966a64978a526a5646d9&f=Uploads/UNDERCOURT test.zip https://www.mediafire.com/file/l02pm7xdbeql0iq/UNDERCOURT_test.zip/file [Screenshots] A lone(?) super shotgun and 8 angry lumberjacks... Hmmm...which way to go? Run circles around 'em in the Shotgun Garden! Like chainguns? Wanna leapfrog for one? A normal room full of goodies!...right? Who says what doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Ravage everyone from above! Leave your enemies in the dark! Or brighten things up yourself! Lift the deadly steps to the BFG, but is there another shortcut? [Credits] id Software for DOOM II and its assets Doom Builder X for being so accessible My girlfriend for her enthusiastic support All of you who glanced at this post!