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  1. LadyMistDragon

    Which is cooler, Cacodemons or Pain Elementals?

    Pain Elementals: Their goofy expression is like something out of Gangnam Style, ever-endearing and only wanting to hug you, with their undead payload being an unfortunate byproduct of....something. Anyways, it's harder to be disappointed with meatballs when compared to strawberries.:)
  2. LadyMistDragon

    Woolie's PWAD reviews (latest: 6fiffy1.wad)

    Unfortunately, Endless has a rather monochromatic palette which even his stuff I've liked the best (Ruins of Sathryn and his concluding map in WMC04).display. it's like, there are more than 3 colors. In all honesty, he picked that name for a reason :.)
  3. Excellent FAQ! Although I think the casual reader will probably just assume the Cacowards are more worth their time, if for no other reason, they only have time for so much. I salute your efforts to change that mentality though.
  4. LadyMistDragon

    What was the reception of Final Doom back in 1996?

    PC Gamer US reviewed and it got an 80. I assume you're referring to the UK original?
  5. LadyMistDragon

    Which Doom map are you?

    Monster Condo, or Command Control (e2m5) and Courtyard. For a non-iwad map, probably Nectar Flow from Ancient Aliens Edit: Screw it, I thought of two more pwads: Not That Simple from Memento Mori and Mines of Titan
  6. LadyMistDragon

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #032

    That name did look familiar...but it's a bit generic so I probably glossed over it. Editing my post now!
  7. LadyMistDragon

    Most recent movie you saw

    Not sure it counts but I watched the Rachel Dolezal documentary on Netflix. It's quite surreal to see her journey and that her 2 natural sons are always going to view themselves as black (mostly because of Americans' idiotically regressive attitudes on race but that's a whole other conversation) when it seems she latched onto that identity due being around many black people during a traumatic part of her family life.
  8. LadyMistDragon

    What are you currently reading?

    Imago, the last book in the Xenogenesis trilogy by Octavia Butler. It's hard not to think about your own place in the world as you're reading her, unless perhaps you're closed-minded anyway (or you just find here writing style boring, which is legit, but the Parable books are shockingly prescient
  9. LadyMistDragon

    What country are you from?

    The left side of Jesusland
  10. LadyMistDragon

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    I have far from a firm track on my bank account but even I can see that investing in something that's nothing more than smoke and mirrors will just lead nowhere. Maybe it has a place as 'alternate currrency' but NFTs are the most laughable financial concept ever conceived, mainly because it's not financial.
  11. So um, will these work in all source ports then? I guess someone tested this in DOS but official confrimation is always nice:)
  12. LadyMistDragon

    IDKFA Cheat Code Meaning - Opinion Poll

    Id Keys Full Ammo. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...
  13. LadyMistDragon

    Unstable Reality: A -complevel 2 Doom 2 map. (V1.666)

    Kind of cute. Sorry I stopped caring at the end. lmd_unstab;e.zip
  14. LadyMistDragon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Judgment

    Map 15: Dawn of the Machine Talk about kick-ass AD_79 midis! This one has the feeling of an episode culmination! Although perhaps that doesn't mean much when it seems like this was almost literally copied chapter and verse from Metallosis, with maybe a few shrinkings/reshapings in similar spots. There's even a moat running around the main field! You're attacked initially by Hell Knights, Arachnotrons, and maybe an Archon or two in addition to some Revenants. You get the plasma rifle almost immediately so the main challenge mainly comes from trying to find a place to hide for a second or two. Especially as an Arch-vile appears once you've pressed the two immediately accessible switches. Avoiding them led to an initial death from some nearby Hell Knights. Another room opened up, a cramped-location with a BFG and a pack of Lords of Heresy that I, once again, lacked the ammo to deal with properly, the little cell boxes be damned. Carving a hole through their ranks led to an Arch-vile at the far end, and a switch that lowrered the platform they were which'll take you back to the ledge which led you here in the first place. There were also some enemies I'd left behind initially that were right there, that proved somewhat tough to handle with, though at least I had enough ammo for them at this point I spent an embarrasingly-long time wandering around before finding the place that had opened up: a metal courtyard with some curious green structures and also conveyor belts of slime barrels that strongly suggested experiments were being conducted here. After more stupid wandering, I found a switch. This unleashed a modified Spider Mastermind and her brood. Rocketed many of the Arachnotrons in part because of the lack of cells, but I eventually realized it was probably more efficient to take out the big momma spider with the BFG, especially because of Arachnotron crossfire. It was a massive risk, but one I felt like was lacking in alternatives. And since you've picked up the blue key at this point, it would seem like a simple matter to exit....kind of. You'll see a door requiring the YSK that you haven't picked up yet. Thankfully, another key will grant you access to a darkened room with a series of conveyor belts and barrels, sound familiar? Grab the YSK, be ready for the two Cyberdemons that teleport in and then nope right out of there (sorry, two-shotting is VERY tricky and I dunno abut justifying the time investment) Behind the yellow door is the secret exit. So how does this compare to the rest of the episode? I like how the stakes are raised, but it's not really more difficult or anything else than the last couple of maps and again with the Heresy spamming Rayziik! Well, on to the secret map! Map 31: The Shaman's Grove This is....very different. Here we are in a dying world with vines hanging down literally everywhere from a sort of marble complex but for some odd reason, a very curious pink liquid everywhere. It's quite the contrast, but it's very dangerous and you have to get a move on almost immediately, as the chaingunnner taking postshots at me helps to demonstrate. The Cyberdemon appearing early can only heighten the tension. At a certain point, you'll find yourself in a cave, with some scattered supplies and the titular enemy! This nasty customer is a white Arch-vile reskin that spits monsters and also posesses a nasty melee attacks you can get struck down with if you're too close. Oh, and they take about a million hits to kill. I was very annoyed here, ngl. And I'm not even certain it's entirely necessary to come here. Maybe to lower the yellow key. Not sure, though you can exit once you've found it. But wait, isn't there another secret exit? Why yes! Head back to the entrance, you should see a lift with faces on the right. Here, you'll find a rocket launcher, not to mention a switch...somewhere. I don't remember, though you can leap down to the Supercharge you saw here earlier. Anyways, lower the red key, and you'll be confronted by an apocalyptic sight: Revenants, Archons, Nightshades, with Baby Cacos and those Former Marine guys that replace the SS. And the Cyberdemon was still alive too. Or was this a new Cyberdemon? It's hard to say. Finally, head into the red0brick teleportee room of the real exit. Really like the appearance and layout. It's quite a bit different from most of Rayzik's other stuff, though there are still circular sectors everywhere. On the whole, it's not really my favorite kind of map, but um, still better than metal and vine crap? (I may drop to a lower difficulty for 32 because I really don't want to spend 25+ minutes on it like Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welllcome Back lmd_judg15.zip lmd_judg31.zip
  15. LadyMistDragon

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #032

    Doom 2-stein (1997) by Rick Kautz (Eternity) I'm not sure at all how common these straightforward conversions of Wolfenstein maps to Doom II were, but it's hard to keep from thinking, "Why bother?" Same boring layout as the original Wolfenstein maps. Adding in a few Mancubi, Doom enemies and Doom II decorations do nothing to change this impression either. And the wooden wall in one particular location feels very random. "Like the original Wolfenstein...?" Please. If this was like the original Wolfenstein, you'd get killed with 2 or 3 seconds on UV or whatever. Every conversion that tried too hard to mimick the original feel (Wolfendoom, anyone) fell flat on their faces. Avoid 2/10 The Hook (1996) by spam (Eternity) Very simple and short rectangular deathmatch map with one half slightly highter than the other which obviously draws inspiration from Thy Flesh Consumed in both its dusk side and a certain grim aesthetic. Though instead of fucking wood or marble, it's that sort of cracked tan brick that makes one think of middle-eastern buildings which is kind of nice. I have to like how the player 1 is facing a tech-style overhang. Some surprisingly cool use of lighting and a midi version of Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell" cap this little puppy out I really like this, even though the user name is um, childish to say the least 6/10