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  1. MrPsychoticKane

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    Dude!! you got more fighting experience then i do, and you killed a man in war!!
  2. MrPsychoticKane

    Milk Run - Map For DOOM 2

    Lmao!! noice, had no idea there was another Milk Doom Wad.
  3. Thank you so much for playing our wad! I do agree with you, 100%, it is in a rough state, but I'm happy to hear you're interested in Map 3, again thank you so much for your feedback and I hope you'll enjoy the wad when it gets released. :D (We'll try to send ya map 3 when it's completed)
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/file/7bxueyxl7zq7yq2/SNM2.rar/file SPAM AND MILK 2 is a 10 map Mod made by 7 People (TwelvNighn, MrPsychoticKane, Big Smoke, RastaManGames, Noob Killer, PowerHouse, and CBM) It features SPAM... and MILK... Meet familiar faces as you go through the nail-biting journey to stop the milk-drinking madman named 'Milkman'. He has gone on a date with 'Milkinator' in a bar... But things go wrong... HORRIBLY wrong.. Join Milkinator in her journey as she goes through bars, factories, trains, and towns. (NOTE: SPAM AND MILK 2 is currently W.I.P., with the first 2 maps already done. If you have any suggestions or feedback, tell us! We will appreciate it! :) )
  5. Doesn't it work? May need to talk to Twelv about it, He made the site all by himself.
  6. https://twelvnighn.github.io/Twelv-Cane-Productions/ The website link may not work, so use this link.
  7. these people are credited as of 8th of May 2023
  8. Gotta take it up with Twelv, he's the one mainly posting these things and also in charge of posting stuff. I agree CBM deserves credit too, everyone working on this Wad, deserves credit.
  9. Yes, the original Spam and Milk were created by CBM along with his materials, but Spam and Milk 2 are based on Spam and Milk, kinda like a reboot. with new materials, character designs, and many features, made by Me, CBM, and Twelvenighn with CBM being credited for the original concept. and a team being credited for their hard work assisting on this Wad. CBM made Spam and milk but Spam and Milk 2 was made by three people based on CBM's Idea. and He also worked on this WAD as well. (Sorry wasn't sure if you were serious or not, but I just wanted to explain it as clearly as I could.) :)
  10. The current Milkinator model as of May 1st 2023
  11. Be sure to stay tuned for more info! can also follow me on https://twitter.com/KaneNorbury
  12. https://discord.gg/TEPe9ejs
  13. We'll be happy to invite you to our group.