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  1. thanks @DoomGappy! Merry christmas! (eve)
  2. Updated the wad to fix some small issues
  3. @DoomGappy @Guff dotD Edited with new link, should work
  4. Christmas is coming to town! Yet in this town the demons (and evil gnomes!?) decided to invite themselves in for some fun, so of course doomguy has to kill them all, especially the ones that invaded his own home! IWAD: DOOM II Map: Map01 Compatibility: Limit-removing Co-op: Yes Difficulties: Yes Sky: Me MIDI: Title music from Earthbound, map midi is "Lone wanderer" by AD_79 Deathmatch: Yes, whole separate DM area outside the map for you and your buddies Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m2dpdu068vq14kc/redxmas.zip/file Screenshots (Main map): Screenshots (DM area): Resources: DOOMXMAS enchanced, COMMTEX, Realistic Texture Pack, GHOSTTEX, 32-in-24, Realm667. (All sprites/textures used belong to their original creators) Replacers (Most of these has no effects on the eneme except for the pinky and arachnotron): Pinky is replaces with a axe welding zombieman from realm667 (Faster but less health, has PSX doom sounds (Sprite by Xim I believe)) Arachnotron now rocks the chaingun spider sprite from realm667 and is much more dangerous (Sprite by Captain Toenail) Chainsaw is now a gatling super-shotgun which uses the Auto Canon sprite from realm667 (Sprite by Martinez2098) DOOMXMAS enhanced resources used for some enemies, wanted to keep it jolly in some ways Fist/plasma projectiles/sprites are replaced with the ones from DOOMXMAS enhanced
  5. @janiform I'm going to start working on my map, I forgot start my map due to everything that happened this year for me, my bad.
  6. I played all through this and it was well worth my time, 20/5
  7. Kuro_mahoh

    PUSS XXXIII: DIE ROWDY [ December Speedmapping ]

    Map Name: "Bad Floor Planning" Author: Kuro_Mahoh Music: clavicle by ad_79 Build Time: 4 hours Co-op starts: Yep Difficulty settings: Yeppers Comments: Amateur floor planners are not good architects, this floor isn't popular with yelp reviewers Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/q9m4bvd359uljyr/BadFloorPlan.wad/file Screenies:
  8. is it just me or did a lot of people's pfps disappear out of thin air?



    1. Kuro_mahoh


      wait nevermind, it all fixed itself


    2. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      same shits been happening to me as well

    3. Drywtler


      Thought it was just my internet...

  9. Kuro_mahoh

    Burdens of Mortality

  10. New sky texture I made (Last post I messed up the link)


    1. Kuro_mahoh


      You can use this texture if you want

  11. We make the best pizza here, Chicago and Detroit has nothing on us. New York #1