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  1. Soon


    1. Naarok0fkor


      A somewhat darker floor with lots of reflectivity & slipperyness would make the building look even better...


  2. Kuro_mahoh

    Dumb Movie Ideas

    An adventure epic movie that stars Danny Devito getting a scroll from a grandmaster (played by Dwayne Johnson) telling him to learn kung fu from Will Ferrell to v sentient porta-potty that holds to the key to finding out Obama's last name. Devito's sidekick is MC Ride but then you slowly find out that the movie is really a satire based on American society told through the eyes of a lonesome old porta-potty enthusiast who is actually a talking crow (Comical right?) and the movie then ends like Monty Python and the Holy Grail. ...Or a movie about a samurai who has to wait in line for a Big Mac and that's the whole movie...
  3. No way

    1. Kuro_mahoh


      Also I'm almost not sick anymore, tomorrow or Tuesday I should feel 100% better

  4. I've been up since 4 am, I literally just grabbed a bottle of water and drank the bottle. That's what having a runny nose, sore throat, and no sleep does, children. Stay cool.


  5. Since I updated Lo-snow i'm gonna do a deep dive on wad-archive again. Time to see what mystical wonders lie ahead. But first, I must acquire a taste for free-form jazz.


    1. Naarok0fkor


      That is jazz-rock fusion music like The Brecker Brothers!!!


      Try Ornette Coleman for true freejazz...


      ...or Coltrane...



  6. I'm almost done with Lo-snow frostbite edition, I couldn't really work on it for 2 days because of school. But now I have time to do doom stuff
  7. Thanks @ElPadrecitoCholo for the kind review, I'm glad you liked it!
  8. @Sena The door was meant to be a tiny room that got crushed by the dirt due to the demonic invasion. Thanks for playing!
  9. Thanks @Dusty_Rhodes! Frostbite edition will hopefully fix the issues with the current Lo-Snow!
  10. (I didn't update the map yet because I didn't have the time to today) @galileo31dos01 Thanks for the feedback, The future update will try to fix these issues and I will redesign the Spider-Mastermind arena. The one area where the texture should be water (I assume you were talking about the platform lowering into the water should have the texture changed into water) I didn't know how to do because I have small brain. But still, I appreciate your feedback! The plans for the future update will be -New final arena -Doors won't be repeatable -Unboring backtracking (More sneaky monsters) -And some room changes so they will have a better purpose -And the visual cues you mentioned I'll try my best to make the map better, though the update will be pretty soon but the next day.
  11. Kuro_mahoh

    Broken Whipsers: short spooky GZDoom map.

    @Clippy Thanks for playing the map!