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  1. Difficulty levels of computer games

    The cause is the worry that a lower difficulty setting would be so drastically easier that it would feel like an insult to one's competence in general, and that it would thus take away the amusement and enthusiasm of playing, due to the knowledge that the gameplay has been dumbed down so much that death is utterly impossible.
  2. Difficulty levels of computer games

    By my logic, saving & loading isn't considered cheating because the developers of the game have not taken any effort to deliberately conceal these features from the eyes of the player. Access to these features is always visible whenever the player pulls up the main menu. And the use of these features is explicitly presented in all of the official printed manuals on the very first pages. Unlike the cheat codes, the use of these features is encouraged and shamelessly promoted by the people who designed the game. Therefore, based on these observations, it is safe for us to conclude that by using these features we are indeed playing their game the way that they wanted us to be playing it. As far as "suspense" is concerned, I get to feel plenty of that if I am playing a particular WAD for the very first time, regardless of how I play it.
  3. No console

    Why are some people obsessed with studying how cartridges work? Because everyone has their thing that they value. And gender biases are such an old fad. We live in the world of female pilots and male nurses who have freedoms about whether they prefer to buy consoles or PCs.
  4. No console

    Well, I actually did see them and I did play them whenever I came over to visit other people's houses. So I do have an idea of what using those cluncky controllers feels like in comparison to using my comfy keyboard. Asides from the controls, another reason why I'm glad that I got introduced to emulation is because it doesn't have any geographic limitations. I mean, if were to own a North-American based model of the SNES then I would not be able to enjoy any of the Sailor Moon games since those particular cartridges were sold only outside of North America and were designed to function only if inserted inside the foreign models of the console. But since I have an emulator of the SNES then I have the ability to change the model type in a menu and enjoy those things which I would have otherwise been deprived of enjoying if I were to own the local model of the console. So overall, I am indeed grateful for what my dad did.
  5. No console

    I am just like Scifista42 in the very sense that I grew up without any consoles at all. I always wanted a Sega Genesis when I was a 9 year-old child, but my dad kept saying: "Why do you need that primitive thing when we already have a computer which is capable of performing way more functions in a way more convenient way?" Obviously telling him that the PC didn't offer any Sonic games at that time was utterly pointless. (If you guys actually think that I'm too stubborn, oh boy, you haven't met my dad. Compared to me he can often be the Deity of Stubbornness. Trust me. I'm so much more relaxed and easy-going in comparison to him. :p) So yeah, I couldn't enjoy all of those Sonic games until the year 2000 when a Korean immigrant at my higschool gave me a CD containing emulators and ROMs, and opened my eyes to a new heavenly world. Fast-forward to 2014 and I own 2 laptops, each of which is crammed with the emulators and ROMs of 5 consoles. I might sound extremely biased when I say that it seems efficient and convenient to have so much diversity being offered by a single little box, and also when I say that using a keyboard and a mouse is way more comfortable than using a cluncky little controller, but it is the truth. I was molded to be this way and I've grown to embrace it and take full advantage of it.
  6. Difficulty levels of computer games

    I look at it this way: each time that I press the quickload button to respawn then I automatically risk being killed all over again unless I take a new dodging manuever from the one that I used previously. So the quickloading actually motivates me to think of new solutions on the fly. It teaches me to adapt and conquer, while also teaching me to be very patient. Killing a pair of Cyberdemons along with a horde of Revenants in a wide open arena while being low on ammo and confined to the double-barrel shotgun and having no healing items in sight is a challenge which requires a great amount of effort and patience. But fortunately, it is not impossible. Where there's a will there's a way. :)
  7. Was exploration based level design really that much cooler?

    Yes indeed! I still remember how, back when I played Hexen 1 for the very very first time in my life, how very excited I was whenever I entered into a new hub filled with baddies who could "smell my blood". I don't even know what exactly excited me more: the fact that I needed to show all the baddies who's boss, or the fact that I needed to find new switches to pull. I guess it was both of those factors combined which made me love that game so much. There have been some moments where I got stuck trying to solve a puzzle and kept walking around in circles while thinking of possible solutions. It was only during these moments that I got extremely annoyed about the recurrent teleportation spawning of the Ettins. Each time that a new Ettin teleported inside the map it broke my concentration and I had to start a new train of thought as soon as he got killed... only to discover that it would be broken once again by another spawned Ettin! Grrrrr!!!! But asides from that, Hexen 1 honestly was and still is my favourite product from that particular game series.
  8. Was exploration based level design really that much cooler?

    I'm smart enough to realize that one potential reason of why a person can't get over a grudge may be due to the fear of accepting defeat. Therefore, the phrase may have been quite appropriate. And I would very much like not to have to explain these things here to you and leave this thread alone.
  9. Was exploration based level design really that much cooler?

    You know what else it's not about? Holding an eternal grudge against someone just because their opinion about a political issue or whatever a while ago has been different from yours. Therefore, you can trip over your own words and faceplant. You're welcome. Grow a pair.
  10. Was exploration based level design really that much cooler?

    If I were to have an office-based position when I was 20 years old instead of a factory or gas station position then I would've demonstrated my courage the same way that you did. But that's not what we should be discussing here and now. Back in the days, I was really hoping that someone would take my favourite adventure game character named Roger Wilco from the Space Quest saga and put him to star inside an FPS spin-off title of some sort, where he would be exploring places and blowing stuff up interchangeably.
  11. Was exploration based level design really that much cooler?

    Yes, I suspected that it may have been a joke. And I was in no way implying that I would ever risk playing DOOM at work. Heck, if the upcoming diploma works well for me then I wouldn't even have any opportunities to do any gaming at work whatsoever, due to becoming employed at airports and/or airplanes. But that's not what this topic is about, so don't even bother asking me further questions here. So. going back to the topic... It is depressing to see that designers have shifted their focus from providing players with the freedom of choosing pathways to enriching the physical qualities of characters and scenery. I don't care if the enemy I just shot a minute ago has 4 wrinkles on their forehead while the enemy which I shot a few minutes earlier has only 2 wrinkles. Just make them wear the uniform that would identify them as enemies of a certain class, and be done with it. This would allow more RAM to remain available for other effects which don't sacrifice exploration.
  12. Was exploration based level design really that much cooler?

    Come to work with a USB flash drive and play large megawads while relying on the quicksave/quickload feature. There is your salvation. Any unfinished mission would be easily resumed from the comfort of your home after work.
  13. Was exploration based level design really that much cooler?

    Honestly, this was how I felt when I was playing Dark Forces 1 as a 12 year-old child. Those maps seemed too large for me at the time. And I really just wanted to see the General and Darth Vader having their discussions about military strategy and deploying the troops. Nowadays, I actually crave long maps without any guiders. WADs like ZPack are my seventh heaven. They give me boners, yes.
  14. FPS-like games that don't encourage any kind of violence?

    The computers at my highschool used to have a screensaver which randomly generated mazes with brick walls which resembled the maps of Wolfenstein 3-D so intensely. The resemblance was so strong that the only thing distinguishing these mazes was a lack of sprites and lack of doors. There was complete silence and emptiness between those bricks. Nothing to shoot at, and nothing to shoot with. In fact, when I first saw this screensaver in action I was fooled into thinking that it was a game. I wish that it could've been a game of some sort.
  15. Gamespy shutting down in may

    I didn't mean to give the impression as if I am completely against digital alternatives of physical products altogether. The truth is that there are indeed some things which I would prefer to have in digital form, such as important personal documents like diplomas, certificates, and licenses in order to eliminate the risk of having them crumpled up or torn apart or stolen. But when it comes to PC games... Nothing can surpass those priceless moments during the 1990ies when I would look at a gift-wrapped box underneath my Christmas tree and think: "Gee, I wonder which item from my list has my dad chosen this time...Is it Hexen II? Is it Jedi Knight? Or is it one of those expansion sets for Duke3D?" Those precious moments of anticipation are priceless and irreplaceable by any new alternatives. Furthermore, it felt good to flip through the pages of the printed manuals inside of the boxes and smell the fresh ink. And it also feels good knowing that I have something for getting autographs of the develpers scribbled on. As far as copy-protection security codes, those can always be printed somewhere inside of a damn jewelcase or compartment. Make sure that your version is upgraded to 1.06 via the Official Enhancement Pack, because everyone who plays online uses that. Also, try to come on weekend evenings. Knowing what timezone you're in would really help. You could PM me about this stuff.