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  1. Darkhaven

    Gravitation[Needs Betatesters]

  2. Darkhaven

    Doom Reference Band Name

    Hell Beneath Sign of Evil Armored Carcass (vague) The Bloodfall Stalkers Twice-Dead Cybernetic Nightmare That's all I got.
  3. Darkhaven

    Do super giant mega giga wads exist?

    @DarkJedi : lol XDoom
  4. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    Okay, change of plans. Since E1 remakes are massively overdone, that's out the window from the start. And that leads me to say Damian's out as well, replaced by a (furry) character with a long history in the making; as it also wouldn't make much sense to just throw a random character who's barely more than a name into the fray without a sensible backstory. And therefore, Project : "Dark" takes the place of that lone wolf. But on what the mod's going to be more aimed towards, in my haste to release something close to a remake of E1M9, it became far too close to other remakes I've seen already, and therefore I figured that since there weren't many DOOM64-style mods out there yet... That doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to rip all the DOOM64-TC's resources (I can't map with those textures worth half a shit anyway), but I'll be pulling shit out of the air here and there and hopefully what I throw into the stew will come out the other side resembling a DOOM64-ish atmosphere. Or at least PSX-ish atmosphere.
  5. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    Demo release was delayed a day or two due to my stupidity on school grounds. Ergo, I was suspended for a few days, etc., so I didn't have the means to map for that time. And on that note, the Military Base demo is close to complete at this point, a good 10 minutes or so of play with alot of reading involved and carefully observing your surroundings, especially in dark hallways.
  6. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    Well since it looks like people would rather I release everything at once, I suppose it couldn't hurt to give it a thought. If enough additional people suggest it should be all in one WAD, I'll release the final project appropriately. And speaking on the matter of releasing things, I should have a demo of the Military Base map ready by tomorrow or so. And of course, that means finally all this talk will be backed up by screenshots. :P
  7. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    Coverlet is used metaphorically. Bedspreads cover the mattresses, correct? Shadows have covered Damian in his escape to the nuclear plant. I think it'd be perfectly acceptable to use the term where it is.
  8. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    Should have said "wolfen". Wolfen: pertaining to a wolf; wolf-like. EDIT: You assay with all your might to dislodge the steel door from it's hinges; with a mighty jolt and with the help of the crowbar, you disjoin the last door separating you from freedom of the hangar bay. Under the coverlet of the shadows, you dart down the sloped hillside that will lead you towards the nuclear plant. From afar, the portal itself spills a demonic crimson light, dousing your surroundings in a blood-red haze... And it shifts ever more, as if mocking your every attempt to reach it. You steel your teeth and silently push onward through the coalescing miasma generated by the portal, making your way slowly across the barren, torn landscape towards the centrofuge of the nuclear plant...
  9. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    Dumbass. DD_133 : Like I said. Genetic experimentation.
  10. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    Conceptual faceshot of Damian. Not finished, and it won't be used in the status bar, despite the name of the image.
  11. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    In short and at the risk of compromising a part of the character development thingy, genetic experimentation.
  12. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    But I still don't see how "Alone" is emo. Can someone please explain that to me? EDIT: You know, come to think of it, you can all suck furry cock. And there are some who would not think twice about shoving it in Buster the Rabbit.
  13. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    OK, look, I'm gonna settle this once and for all. I don't care what the fuck you think about if furs are real or not. Did DOOM really happen? No. Did any of the WADs in /idgames really happen? No. So shut the fuck up and get on with your miserable life. Darknation, I was hoping that you would remain sensible enough to speak to as if you were a sentient being just like everyone else, but clearly that is not an option. You are a blubbering, severed, gonnorhea-infested, shit-encrusted cuntblister and you need to get off on something other than doing shit that would get everyone else banned or get the thread helled. You don't like the idea of this mod? Then don't come and fling your fucking shit all over the thread for it. And you sad pricks sitting around lapping it up? Get off Darknation's tiny balls.
  14. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    Meh, you're just delving into shit that really doesn't need to be discussed at all, DN. Just accept the fact that I'm making this mod whether you say I write like whatever the fuck you were trying to call me or not, and you're going to have to live with the fact that these WADs are going to be out there eventually. Besides, I did specifically point out that it was only one sprite and it was not complete; I will admit that at the moment it doesn't look as great as a pair of wolf paws over a DOOM shotgun could, and I do need to get access to some better tools. But hey, it could have been worse. As for wanking to foxes with tits, yeah, that actually isn't quite so bad as you make it sound. Everyone has their little kinks here and there as I'm sure you do too, and furries just happen to be one of mine. But still, it really doesn't need to be discussed here, right? And the PE teacher thing... That's pretty fucked up. Horses just aren't my thing. But what's this about my writing? Why do you say it's so terrible? Once again, I think it's appropriate to say, it could be worse. I could have went with the stuff I wrote before refining it into the text I've put in this thread. If you'd like to write something you believe is better, be my guest; and if you have any pointers that maybe you think would improve my writing abilities, I would welcome your opinion. Although, my belief is that the only reason you're saying all these things is just to be contrary to someone you are prejudiced against, or you just generally hate. Oh, and lest I forget, your stereotype that all furries are foxes is somewhat misplaced; I don't need to say it that I don't believe myself to be a fox and I'm pretty sure that nobody will care when I say what I believe I am. As it has been said in the past, perception is reality. And IMO, intolerance like what you've presented is the pinnacle of close-minded retardation. So back on track; is there anyone out there that may want to contribute an idea about how the player should traverse between maps? As has been shown here already, there will be a "prelude" to the actual map, showing how the player arrived at his location and the like. And gargoylol, heh @ that thread.
  15. Darkhaven

    Alone [furry stuff]

    Because you're lazy and unfit. And besides, as a canine, superior agility and sense of smell are a factor here, especially for the writing that pops up when you discover a new area or do some shit wrong, etc... In short, a furry is clearly superior to the drunk moron that is Darknation. Oh, and gargoylol, yarly thats liek ttly in mye skinz0rz0r looloolooooeololo DarkJedi188 : Oh shit, you've found me out. :P And I did indeed present the idea to him; he was one of the candidates to become the main character in the series. So you can kind of say Damian Barrett is the FreeDOOM equivalent of James. :) Gemini : I'll probably pin up the whole, complete backstory to the series soon enough. And one reason I was deciding more to release each map as a separate WAD is because as you all know, I do have something of a short attention span; I am not likely to finish an entire episode of maps in itself as I am to finish single maps at once. In fact, it was quite a miracle that XDoom was completed. :P