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  1. oh, I just listened to the version of money and he.... Used an acoustic guitar?
  2. I just got my hands on a CD of Roger Water's Dark Side Of the Moon Redux. I haven't listened to it yet and I want to know what you guys think of it.
  3. not feeling good at all, asked my barber for a fade and he decided to give me a BUZZ CUT, today I went to school and well everyone made fun of me because I have a fucking buzz cut

  4. Blasting The Division Bell rn

    image.png.b5e1210545f60d961348efd03d8f2fc4.png also working on marinewar stay tuned

  5. ive noticed that but man, its so hard to read on the recent page but this definitely needs to get fixed
  6. so basically i went to go check up on if there was any new stuff on realm667 and something weird happened just have a look yourself
  7. soss

    No Need

    i put decino in the credits because the music used was one of his analysis songs. But anyways, thanks for the advice, i'll be taking it for granted to improve my maps!
  8. soss

    What are you listening to?

    Y.M.C.A one of my personal favorites
  9. soss

    Call of Doom v1.4 (Zandronum compatibility update)

    epicest of epic
  10. soss

    No Need

    the mancubus at the end was tankier and the Invisibility sphere made the enemies not see you in the room, kind of like a stealth mission... until you bump into one of them.
  11. soss

    No Need

    thanks for the advice! This map was actually one of my first projects, so I will take these tips for granted. And I probably should have mentioned that this was tested with gzdoom, so a lot of the things didn't apply in your playthrough.
  12. soss

    No Need

    No Need is a very short Doom mod with one level. I would love to see your experiences with my mod, so feel free to record a video or post your thoughts in the replies! IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS WAS TESTED WITH GZDOOM, SO PLEASE PLAY THIS WITH GZDOOM. Credits: ID Software, Decino Crouching: No Jumping: No ACS: No Custom Monsters: No Custom textures: No Custom items/weapons: No Custom Music: yes ZScript: no click to download
  13. soss


    holy crap this is amazing. You, my friend are very talented but I will admit sometimes there was areas where I had zero time to react.
  14. Marine War is back with more new features! Jumping: yes Crouching: for tactical purposes, yes Credits: Strife, ID Software, Duke Nukem 3D, The Plutonia Experiment, abbuw (for the sandbag texture), Realm667, and Oblige (for the gun case texture) Custom monsters: yes Custom textures: yes ZScript: yes ACS scripts: yes custom weapons: yes click me to download EDIT: I would like to see your experiences with my mod, so feel free to do so!
  15. I personally LOVE Auger Zenith, and I want to see what megawad you love.