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  1. Guff dotD

    Rarely talked about Doom things you like

    I like it when mappers use Dehacked in ways to expand the immersion of their maps. One great example would be the ravens in REKKR, which fly away upon spotting the player. IMO more mappers should do small details like this; it adds an extra bit of charm.
  2. Guff dotD


    MFW the Doom Youtuber I've been using as a Goalpost to measure my life achievements gets ahead of me (I must now reconcile my life goals and contemplate how everything that I have failed at was a direct consequence of my poor choices.)
  3. Guff dotD


    Threads like these are how I increase my postcount (before they get locked).
  4. Guff dotD

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Plug n' play! (and drink, too.) The potable video game.
  5. I sure hope this means that ROTT: Ludicrous Edition isn't canceled. That would be a huge bummer (and worst case scenario, Nightdive is restricted to Atari's IP's.)
  6. Perfect Analogy. I will now use this phrase whenever someone from outside the community asks/argues if/whether Doom is 2D or 3D. On topic, however: Doom is 3D, but limited due to processing power of mid-range computers at the time. Some calculations were simplified by treating actors as infinitely tall; however, projectiles still pass over them (if auto-aim happens not to work).* I bring this up because the 'infinitely tall monsters' dominates the zeitgeist surrounding the Doom Engine, and I want to point out exceptions. *You can see this when you fire a projectile weapon at a high elevation, where a cliff has some blocking props (like in MAP09). The projectiles will carry on unaffected by the objects below. [IIRC] I think that the limiting of the player's view to horizontal aiming was that Carmack (or the id team) thought that y-shearing (like in Heretic) was ugly, but I can't seem to remember the source, so take this with a grain of salt.
  7. Guff dotD

    What are you listening to?

    Quake - The Punishment Due OST. you can easily extract .OGG's for those who want to listen -- you'll need the .pak file though. There are some youtube uploads, but these are lower quality than taking them from the source.
  8. I think mostly everything should be here; there's a table further down the page, including detailing the sound lumps for each code pointer that uses one. I think that the only reused asset would be DBAREXP, for when the missile collides with something.
  9. Guff dotD

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    Judging by this guy, probably empty Monster energy cans.
  10. Guff dotD

    Quake has no Personality, Since When?

    IMO Classic Doom isn't really 'Gothic'. Gothism (is that a word?) would look more like Gothic DM IMO. Colorful 2.5D Hell really isn't dark, sinister, or foreboding. Unlike Quake. IMO a big difference. The Colorful palette of Classic Doom was a deliberate design choice, and they could've made the game desaturated with the 256(?) colors they had at the time.
  11. Guff dotD


    Mods should pin this thread just for trolling; so many people would be confused.
  12. Guff dotD

    How can I fix these framerate issues?

    Personally, IMO the Boom family of ports (PrBoom+, DSDA-Doom), are way more optimized than something like GZDoom. Whenever I play Reelism 2 (a GZ-only mod), and a bunch of flying monsters start shooting projectiles, GZ slows down to a halt. Mind you, I have a fairly decent rig. And this is a really bad slowdown, going from frames-per-second to seconds-per-frame. (I still love Reelism 2). Remember that the original Boom was a way to play Doom on older computers (at the time), thus TNT designed it with optimization in mind. There's a reason most NUTS.wad runs are done on DSDA-Doom. (EDIT): This (using Boom ports) is a tradeoff for GZ features, like slopes (which OP seems to use a lot).
  13. Guff dotD

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    One time, I saw John Carmack at a Chuck E. Cheese's establishment in 1995, near Mesquite, TX. What was weird was he was inserting some floppy disks in an attempt to re-program one of the animatronics. When nobody was looking, I took a floppy disk out, and went home and inserted it in my 486. I checked the contents of the disk, and one of the entries was 'AREA_51_SECRETPROJECT.bat'. What was even more fascinating was that the filename went over DOS' 8 character-limit, which was fascinating and inexplicable. When I attempted to run the batch file, an ENDOOM-like screen popped up, saying that this was confidential information, and that unauthorized users would be prosectuted. The program, however, was just a version of Doom 2 labeled '1.12'. As I was missing select IWAD files (I only had Doom 1 at the time), I was unable to run it. The strangest thing was saved for last: two men in Black suits appeared at my doorstep later that night, and tried to coerce me into giving them information regarding that disk. However, I demanded to see my lawyer over and over again, which convinced them to leave me alone. For the time being...