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  1. Meerschweinmann

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    I have loaded the Woof version with the Crispy DOOM automap preset from GitHub. And it looks nice 👍
  2. Meerschweinmann

    Most recent movie you saw

    I have rewatched Terminator 1 + 2 yesterday. The newer ones will follow.
  3. Meerschweinmann

    Why is the DOOM space marine outfit green??

    When you are playing DOOM in Multiplayer there are other colors for Players 2-4
  4. Meerschweinmann

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    Same here. From a technical standpoint Quake was a banger and sure, we played it alot back in the days. But we liked Hexen more than Quake.
  5. Meerschweinmann

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (aspect ratio split)

    Sorry, my fault. I mixed that up, because i had in mind that there was a menu option in one of the Crispy/Woof family ports/forks. Yeah, it is a very small niche option. But for those who use CRT the possibility to turn off the aspect ratio correction could be a very useful, whether name the options have. The other side is those who use CRTs nowadays are actively searching for possibilities and should not be confused If something is named on/off or LCD/CRT and should be aware to edit config files. The Vogons forums are full of such cases how to edit game configs. The "normal" LCD user does not need such an option.
  6. Meerschweinmann

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (aspect ratio split)

    The never-ending story to explain DOOMs vertical stretch :) I am someone who lived in that ancient and legendary times the best game was released. Back in the days when we bought monitors, there were only 4:3 CRT in the stores. Nobody thought about aspect ratios, because there was only one. And the graphics-cards supported only a limited amount of resolutions. 320x200 was a common resolution with 256 colors that even older ISA graphics cards could handle. Resolutions like 320x200, 320x400, 640x350 and 640x400 were all stretched to 4:3. There was no reason not to to this, because all games that supported those modes were made to look correct on a 4:3 CRT. In short there was only one aspect ratio at DOOMs release and graphics cards had strange looking standards because of hardware limitations, so game-designers had to have those specials in mind. Non-square pixels were a totally normal thing back in the days. One thing comes in my mind depending Woof and this thematic. The aspect-ratio correction option should not be removed or when removing from menu, make it available as config only. If someone is hard enough to use Woof with an 4:3 CRT and a resolution of 640x400, the monitor can do the vertical stretch without interpolated pixels. Was there not another CRT friendly option as config-only in one of the last releases? Or what about renaming the aspect ratio correction Options to LCD/CRT instead of ON/OFF to avoid users misunderstanding that feature?
  7. Meerschweinmann

    Wisdom Tooth

    More than brushing the teeth we can not do 😊 After all these years i see no problem with them, because i had never problems. But in my case they had luckily enough space and corrected their position as they came out.
  8. Meerschweinmann

    Wisdom Tooth

    2 weeks before my first son was born my dentist said that my wisdom teeth need to be removed. Because i knew that my son will be born in that time window i had said that we have to remove them later. Half a year later without pain or complications the same dentist told me that everything is fine with my wisdom teeth and now over 15 years after this meeting everything is fine too. But nobody here can tell you what to do. You could ask another dentist for another opinion.
  9. Meerschweinmann

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    I have been playing Hexen since it was released back in the 90s. There was no Youtube with videos how good/bad this and that is. We had to play the game ourself and we loved Hexen. And today i love it too.
  10. Meerschweinmann

    Das Teufelswad

    Geiles Zeug diese Teufelswad :) Impressive WAD. Nice use of effects, lightning and music. I like it alot.
  11. As said before Crispy Heretic/Hexen is a nice faithful Option. But International Heretic/Hexen has become my favorite for playing those two games. International Heretic/Hexen is like Crispy Heretic/Hexen plus higher resolutions and a truecolor software-renderer. Both as option in the menu. When you do not change any options both ports are like vanilla except a 640x400 resolution as default. But you can change to 320x200 If you want the pure vanilla boost. But there are many mods out there that are only playable with GZDoom. So i am jumping between International and GZDoom depending on the WAD.
  12. Meerschweinmann

    Zdoom GZDoom Doom Intro

    GZDoom can not play vanilla demos because it is focused on advancements not pure vanilla compatibility. But there are alternatives you do not have to watch vanilla demos in DOS-Box. Crispy DOOM, international DOOM, Woof and Eternity Engine are able to play back the Vanilla DOOM demos.
  13. I have played many times a source port mix of Crispy-DOOM, Inter-DOOM and Woof (vanilla complevel) without problems. They all have this nice setup.exe to start the network game like it had to be started back in the days with DOS. The childrens computers source ports get not so often updated then on my PC. So it is not unlikely we used sometimes not all the up to date versions. Only special i am using is the -oldsync parameter because i get a judder that seems to come from the uncapped framerate in combination without -oldsync. So i can say cross-port playing inside this family of ports works. Only thing is, the port with the most restrictions limits what type of maps you can play.
  14. Hello. I have found some strange behavior with latest EE from DRD devbuilds in combination with a map that uses line-portals. In the house walking enemies disappear and show through ceiling/floor. That enemies can disappear when they are on the edges of edge portals is not a new thing for me, but i never had this with line portals. And the strange thing is that the enemies disappear even on places in the house without passing a line-portal linedef. On pictures etrn09 and etrn10 (The pictures shot with chaingun with the windows in background) you can see how a dead pistol guy disappears when turning. I have attached a test-map which contains a part of the map where i get this behavior. line-portaltest.zip
  15. Meerschweinmann

    Controller use with doom 95 on windows 11

    I am not a controller-player, so i have Not tested it, but when Chocolate DOOM fits your needs you could try Crispy-DOOM. It is based on Chocolate DOOM plus many optional features like a higher resolution. Or If you want it even a bit more advanced you can use International DOOM that sets even more optional features on top of Crispy-DOOM like even higher resolutions and truecolor software rendering. Crispy and International-DOOM are part of the Chocolate DOOM family of ports. When you don't touch an option you get Chocolate DOOM with a resolution of 640x400 in both cases, but you can use 320x200 If you want to.