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  1. ITaannl

    shawty.wad, the REAL experience.

    Truely amazing I've acended and I have gained ultimate wisdom from this wad 10/10 would recomend
  2. I enjoyed the wad! great work.
  3. ITaannl

    Doom Streams

    I'll make sure to be there My youtube name is train.
  4. ITaannl

    I need some help with dsda.

    Thank you very much Xyzzy01!
  5. So I am not a very technical person. And I don't know the ins and outs of the settings menu in dsda. Basically what's happening is that I pressed on "f5" on which the default keybind is "hud" and it removed my hud. I misclicked it and now I can't get my original hud with the status bar back. If anyone could help me reset my settings or anything please let me know. I'll provide an image of what the hud looks like now. During attempting to remove this I also set my gamma higher. And possibly many other things. I just wish to fully reset my settings.