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  1. alexa654


    i thought his husband was the funny spooky skeleton man, timeline ruined pack it up boys
  2. updated with texture alignment and mapping fixes in map02
  3. thanks but after posting i noticed some errors so i'll have to rehost the file somewhere else because i don't think doomshack allows replacing files
  4. Uh oh! Lady Gaga has been possessed by satan, and captured all her fans and forced them to fight in hell arenas! Duke it out in these two deathmatch maps designed for 4 player for Doom 2! All blood spilled in the arena will be fed to Lady Gaga Info: Map format is for Vanilla Doom 2, but a limit-removing source port may be needed Contains 2 deathmatch maps Has exclusively Lady Gaga midis Tested with DSDA, Retro, and Zandronum Screenshots: Sacrifice yourself to Lady Gaga and download now on Doomshack!
  5. alexa654


    personally i just want 3 player support, so there isn't one player left inactive
  6. alexa654

    How should I balance item pickups in my DM map?

    I already figured that out on my own kinda, i locked the plasma behind a lift for extra risk and on my second map i made it so you have to press a switch to get the rocket launcher. I also replaced one RL with a chaingun in the first map. Thanks for the help though!
  7. alexa654


    you have no idea, i no longer have to use the unity port for splitscreen, this is a blessing
  8. alexa654

    Hello moblie doomers

    delta touch is genuinely one of the most convenient ways to play doom and i wish the frontend was ported to pc so i could play on my steam deck, aside from that the dev is a chad
  9. alexa654

    Cursed Doom Images

    made this one long ago (circa 2021), and it even got reposted onto a doom meme twitter page
  10. alexa654

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    john romero is a famous terry wad creator
  11. I'm making a FFA map to play with a couple of friends, and after testing a draft, I found that the layout was fine, but the weapons were not balanced correctly. The plasma gun was way too easy to pick up, and the chaingun was pretty much useless against the rocket launchers and SSGs. Pictured is the map itself, with green being the rocket launchers, orange being the SSGs, red being the spawns with shotguns, blue being plasma and pink being chaingun. Thanks!