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  1. tornado potato

    Worst official level?

    Let be play a bit of devil's advocate here... I think Factory and Downtown suffer from bland architecturing and texturing (maybe more of a technical limitation of its time, like, compare them to the Honte Remastered versions (https://www.moddb.com/mods/honte-remastered) they are pretty cool) but otherwise are not thaaaat bad. They manage to feel different to the levels that come previously. Like, you arrive at The Factory and immediately feel you're in a different place, like "ok this is not regular Doom anymore", idk. On the other hand let me join the hate for E3M2.. it really is annoying. And from first episode E1M6 feels like it drags on... not by any means the worst in the game but I feel it's at least the worst in E1.
  2. tornado potato

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    Ahh yes I had missed the blood puddle. I went back to play some more, I was now able to get past this room. I played like 4 or 5 more rooms. This is a very cool wad, each room is like its own mini game. It's amazing how much gameplay can be crammed in such small spaces. Kudos to all!
  3. tornado potato

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    This is turning out to be very cool! I played the current version and it was fun. I got stumped in Room 11, it's quite the puzzle! I loved the hub idea. Particularly liked the hub teleporter to the bathroom level (the bath tub).
  4. tornado potato

    Doom 7 (Corridor 7 inspired map) (UDMF)

    You were right! I tried this and in fact it fits very nicely. We even get the little minimap in the HUD, like in Corridor 7. I uploaded a new version of the wad so that the player can get the rocket launcher (it was given via a script and in Doom Delta the rocket launcher class is named differently)
  5. tornado potato

    Doom 7 (Corridor 7 inspired map) (UDMF)

    Yeah I chose to make the shotgun a second class citizen in this map to add to the oppressive atmosphere. And I guess corridor 7's music is either love it or hate it isn't it haha (I'm on the love it side, though it does sound crappier in midi)
  6. tornado potato

    Doom 7 (Corridor 7 inspired map) (UDMF)

    @DoomGuy2077 Hi! Try using the WAD file of the OTEX textures. Either draggin and dropping (drag and drop doom7.pk3 and otex_1.1.wad on gzdoom.exe) or with ZDL you should be fine. Neither I was able to get it to work using the pk3 OTEX file, I'll update my post to link directly to the wad file. If using ZDL it should look something like this:
  7. This is sort of a Corridor 7 tribute wad. It doesn't aim to be a total conversion, in fact the only resources from Corridor 7 I'm using is the music and a couple sound effects. I wanted to kind of capture the vibes from Corridor 7, I don't know if at the end I succeeded in that, but still I think it ended up being a little nice map on its own. My plan is to hopefully make this a minwad with at least 3 or 4 more maps that culminate on the player finding the interdimensionl portal and a final fight in hell. Requires OTEX textures!! Features Corridor 7 mechanics such as ammo dispensers, health chambers, medikits in walls. No proximity mines :(. Instead the rocket launcher is a starting weapon along with the pistol. Format: UDMF (tested in LZDoom 3.87, Gzdoom 4.8.2) IWAD: Doom2 Map(s): MAP01 Music: from Corridor 7 Difficulty Settings: Yes Multiplayer Placement: No Textures: Vanilla and OTEX Requirements: OTEX. Mouselook recommended. Dynamic Lights recommended. Not designed for jumping and crouching Credits I took C7 resources from @Vermil's TC wad, which contains MIDI tracks and sound effects converted by Adam Biser and Alextheuse respectively. The ugly title screen collage was done by me Download (pk3 inside zip) doom7.zip doom7v1_1.zip (drag and drop doom7.pk3 and otex_1.1.wad on the gzdoom.exe) Changelog: Screenshots
  8. tornado potato

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    @DoomGappyOhhhh I see. Yes definitely delete the torch. As for the little room with the cacodemon, it's fine, my intention was just to reveal it but for the elevator to keep going down
  9. tornado potato

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    @DoomGappy Hi! Really? How does the torch produce a softlock? Anyway you can delete it, it's just decoration. And yes the elevator is slow because the player is supposed to fight the baron on the way down. But I guess on the way up it doesn't matter, so if you like you can make it faster when going up. Thanks!
  10. I think that regardless of the discussion of Captsone being shit or not, it's impossible to "reboot" a company. It's like if we said "let's reboot id". We can't. It was very specific people that made it what it was, and a specific set of circumstances.
  11. tornado potato

    How do I load mods when testing maps?

    Since the error says "undefined light", I'm thinking maybe you need some additional file, such as lights.pk3, which you should be able to find in the GZDoom directory
  12. tornado potato

    Transparent (not invisible) sectors?

    The floor has to be lowered even lower than the normal floor level so that the glass will effectively end up "underground". This will leave a hole on the ground, yes, so you may want to have a very small width. Also make sure the linedef has the "Lower unpegged" flag on and the middle texture doesn't have "wrap texture" on.
  13. tornado potato

    My silly webcomic

    Hi do you like silly comic strips? I don't update very often these days but, enjoy! https://www.julianscomics.com/
  14. tornado potato

    Doomcute thread

    2 pics from from my map which can be downloaded here. A bathroom And this meeting room, with its ceiling mounted projector and everything
  15. tornado potato

    [UDMF] The Art Museum (my first map)

    @LadyMistDragon awesome, loved watching the playthrough. Really cool to see how other people solve it. Regarding the dick-ish ness (wonder why you think that! 😈) in my defense for example the very difficult lava pit jump is a red herring, when you kill the Baron the green marble wall lowers again (I didn't even know the jump could be achieved, very nice!). Also I looked up the Simpsons game and I see what you mean, haha, maybe this needs some lasers too! @Amiga Angel yeah! you won't regret it (I hope...) @Zoti yeah I learned how the placement of enemies is really not that easy to pull off. It's not just placing monsters randomly in a long corridor, and the the map layout must also contribute. For example the hallways around the courtyard were originally very bland that's why I added some lava pits and rocky mounts with snipers on top. @Daytime Waitress weird. Maybe also try getting LZDoom, I kinda like it more, it runs faster. Oh and if you do end up getting around trying to find the secrets tell me what you think. I am still wondering whether they're too obvious once they're really searched for, or too hard. I now feel like half the level is secrets lol.