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  1. Arno

    LZDoom [beta 4 11/29 released]

    Good luck with recovering, drfrag. I hope you'll be fine soon.
  2. Arno

    Game Engine Black Book: Doom

    Blog post from Fabien about the release: http://fabiensanglard.net/gebbdoom/ The book is available on many Amazon sites. I just ordered my paper copy at amazon.de for just under EUR 51.
  3. Arno

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for April 2019

    "John Romero's Episode 5: An unauthorized add-on for the legendary 1993 first person shooter". I think he would get away with it. At least in a legal sense.
  4. Arno

    Game Engine Black Book: Doom

    The second edition of the Wolfenstein 3D book is now available as a paper version via Amazon. I've updated the first post with some links. Fabien wrote a blog post about this new edition, in which he also spends a few words on pricing. Apparently the author profits very little from each book sold. I'm still waiting patiently for the paper version of the Doom book to be released...
  5. Arno

    Catacombs 3D

    No, I was referring to the CatacombGL source port I'm working on. I'm not aware of any plans to develop a brand new commercial Catacombs game.
  6. Arno

    Catacombs 3D

    Well, as you found out, there is still some active development in the Catacomb series. :) And I think any attempt to reboot the Commander Keen series should at least involve Tom Hall.
  7. Arno

    Game Engine Black Book: Doom

    Judging from the Wolfenstein 3D book, I think this book series is a useful read for any professional (embedded) software engineer. It demonstrates that thinking out-of-the-box helps a lot when programming for environments with limited CPU and memory resources. By the way, there is now a second edition available of the Game Engine Black Book: Wolfenstein 3D. The second edition adds some new content, some fixes and a foreword by John Romero and Tom Hall. It is already available in digital form and printed copies will come later.
  8. Fabien Sanglard announced on his Twitter page that his new book will ship on December 10th. In the "Game Engine Black Book: Doom" he describes in detail how the Doom engine was designed to run well within the boundaries and limitations of the 486 micro processor. It includes a foreword by John Carmack. I'm pretty excited about this announcement. I thought his previous book on the Wolfenstein 3D engine and the 386 was an interesting read. I know that the doom wiki and other websites already offer tons and tons of good information on the technological aspects of the Doom engine. But it's still nice to have a paper book on the topic as well. Order information, as of December 9: Game Engine Black Book: Doom, 1st Edition (blog) Digital: Play Store Paper: via Amazon: USA, UK, FR, CA, etc. Game Engine Black Book: Wolfenstein 3D, 2nd Edition (blog) Digital: Play Store Paper: via Amazon: USA, UK, FR, CA, etc.
  9. Here's a small update on my progress, with some new screenshots. My plan is to incorporate support for the Catacomb Armageddon in the next release. I estimate that it will still take me a few months to complete the next release. So far I managed to load the graphics, sounds and maps from the Catacomb Armageddon. I'm currently busy re-implementing the Armageddon monster behaviors, as they have to be accomodated to the higher framerate.
  10. Arno

    Catacombs 3D

    Coincidentally, inferion_ from the ZDoom forums had the same idea. Just three weeks ago he published a full Catacomb Abyss total conversion for GZDoom.
  11. Yes, until now I didn't need an "IWAD" selection menu, since Abyss is the only game that works. But my plan is indeed to have a single .exe for all games, so some sort of game selection menu seems the way to go. Thanks! All the way at the bottom of the OP is a line that says "Reveal hidden contents". You have to click it to view the screenshots. I've put the screenshots between spoiler tags, as the OP became a bit long.
  12. I agree that the ability to manually browse to the game folder would be a good improvement. I'll put it on the todo list. I have thought about the potential for allowing custom music, textures, monsters, levels, etc. A source port like ECWolf demonstrates that there are many possibilities in that area. But first I'm gonna focus on supporting the other games.
  13. Thanks! I'm glad that you got it working. Adding support for the other Catacomb 3D games is definitly listed high on my todo list. Especially Armageddon, with its haunted forest level. It will still take me quite some time, though. I agree with respect to the graphics in the Catacomb Abyss. I believe the artwork shows that the developers really tried to get the most out of the 16 color palette.
  14. Hm..., maybe I broke something there. The intention is that the software looks in the Windows registry for the path where the Catacombs Pack is installed. If for some reason that fails, it checks if the game files can be found in the same folder as where CatacombGL.exe was placed. For a typical Catacombs Pack installation, that means the CatacombGL.exe has to be run from C:\GOG Games\Catacombs Pack\Abyss\. The other individual games (Armageddon, etc.) won't work, I haven't built in support for them yet. If that fails as well, I suppose you could try to put the v1.13 shareware game files in the same folder as CatacombGL.exe. If that works, you won't miss out on anything. The levels in the shareware and the commercial version are identical. It takes about two hours to play through the entire game. Personally, I find the wider field of view quite helpful when navigating through the levels.
  15. I always had an interest in doing a source port of my own. However, I figured that creating a Doom source port would prove to be too time-consuming for me. That's why I secretly started developing a source port for The Catacomb Abyss in late 2015. There is of course already the excellent Reflection Keen source port, which supports all Catacomb 3D games. But rather then aiming for a Chocolate-style experience, I decided to go for a source port that offers improved visuals, based on OpenGL. So CatacombGL it is. At this point in time the source port is still under development. Some functionality has yet to be implemented and existing functionality was only tested on a very limited set of test systems. However, with this first playable version it is possible to play through the entire Catacomb Abyss, as all levels, monsters and bonus items are present and functional. Download CatacombGL v0.1.0 Alpha (GitHub) Main features: * Runs native on Windows 7/8/10. * Hardware accelerated 3D rendering via OpenGL, supporting widescreen resolutions, a customizable field of view and an uncapped frame rate. * Player, projectile and monster movement with floating point precision. * Supports The Catacomb Abyss version 1.13 (shareware) and version 1.24 (as included in the Catacombs Pack from gog.com). * Supports WASD and mouselook. Current limitations as of version 0.1.0: * Only windowed mode supported, although it is possible to cover the whole desktop by maximizing the window. * No support for game controllers. * No backwards compatibility with saved games from the original DOS game. * Only Adlib sound card emulation; no PC speaker emulation. * No "demo" functionality (preview slideshow of Catacomb Armageddon and Apocalypse in shareware version). * No help pages. * No fade-in effect when entering a level. How to install: CatacombGL does not run standalone, but requires the original The Catacomb Abyss game data (levels, pictures, sounds, etc) to be present on the system. The game data can be obtained legitimately and free-of-charge by downloading the 1.13 shareware version of The Catacomb Abyss. Various websites offer the shareware version for download, see for example https://archive.org/details/TheCatacombAbyss. Alternatively, the game data can also be obtained by buying the Catacombs Pack from gog.com, see https://www.gog.com/game/catacombs_pack. The differences between the shareware and commercial versions are purely cosmetic. In case The Catacombs Pack was installed via the GOG installer, simply run CatacombGL.exe from any location and the game data will be auto-detected. In case the shareware version is installed, put the CatacombGL files in the same folder as the game data and run CatacombGL.exe. If anyone experiences any issues or if there are suggestions for improvement, please let me know! Screenshots