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  1. Arno

    Nitemare 3D Reverse Engineer

    Nice try, though. When you keep running into a lot of trial-and-error in an attempt to get specific functionality working, it can help to first split it up into smaller functions. For example, in this situation you can first make a simpler function which draws a single given character at given x,y coordinates. When you're convinced that this works, you can make a function which accepts an array of given characters and coordinates to draw them sequentially. Note that such a function is still only concerned about the source bitmap and drawing pixels to the screen. It doesn't have to know anything about text alignment, character spacing, multiple lines, etc. Then you could make a separate function which translates a string of text to this array of coordinates. This function then has to deal with character spacing, etc. But it won't be concerned about the source bitmap or how to draw a pixel. In any case, have fun!
  2. Arno

    Nitemare 3D Reverse Engineer

    Heh. Nevertheless, you clearly enjoy figuring stuff out to bring the game to life and that's what I like about your status updates. Just have fun and keep it going!
  3. Arno

    Happy 30th Birthday Wolf3D!

    Happy birthday, Wolfenstein 3D! Let's not forget that Wolf3D was not just a landmark title due to its FPS gameplay, but its technology was also quite remarkable. It's unbelievable what kind of out-of-the-box tricks are utilized in the game engine to squize out every last bit of performance out of the 386 hardware, as described in Fabien Sanglards Game Engine Black Book.
  4. @Dinoaur: thanks for your interest. After the most recent release I started development on the ability to load saved games from the original DOS format. That's quite some work. However, currently development is paused, due to me and my family moving to a different town. I hope to resume development on the source port in the summer.
  5. In case anyone is interested: there are other games which are heavily inspired by Catacomb 3D and where the gameplay more closely resembles the original. For example, the recently released Arkos and the upcoming Wizordum.
  6. I think this is an awesome initiative, and a fun map too. Good to hear that it is doing quite well. Over €25K raised so far.
  7. Catacomb 3D was put together by Id Software in a couple of months as part of a contractual obligation with Softdisk, while in parallel they were working on the Commander Keen series. It kind of shows. The game has quite a limited set of wall textures and the little music that is in the game was recycled from Commander Keen. Objectively speaking, both Wolfenstein 3D as well as the Catacomb Adventure Series have higher production values. With that said, I do agree with the OP that navigation is easier in Catacomb 3D compared to Wolfenstein 3D, due to the smaller levels and the use of named locations. You made some good points in your post. However, there are also secret area's and some easter eggs in Catacomb 3D. And two secret levels. It's designed by John Romero and Tom Hall, after all. @Kinsie and @Azuris: thanks for recommending CatacombGL. I appreciate it!
  8. Arno

    Your pc Specs?

    I also have an Acer laptop with integrated graphics. It's indeed sufficient for Doom and other retro games. OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i5-8265U Memory: 8 GB GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620 Storage: 256 GB SSD Display: 1920x1080
  9. Arno

    Catacombs 3D

    Thanks for digging up this thread and updating it with the information you found, @Azuris. I also acquired some more information since the last time that I posted in this thread. The rights to the Catacomb games and IP were initially acquired by Richard Mandel. He put the games under the company name Flat Rock Software and revealed plans in 2012 to release iOS and Android versions of the Catacomb games. Although those plans didn't come to fruition, he did publish the games on GOG in 2013 and he approved the GPL release of the source code in 2014. Sadly, Richard Mandel passed away in 2017. His family sold the rights to all the former Softdisk titles to several different parties. Jay Weisskopf indeed acquired the rights to the Catacomb games. I briefly contacted Jay in early 2019, to inform him about my source port under development. He confirmed that he was working in his free time on modernizing the Catacomb 3D code base for use on modern operating systems, along with other Quality-of-Life improvements. As of today he hasn't announced anything public yet, but it would be cool if he still has something under wraps.
  10. Arno

    ReflectionHLE (Reflection Keen)

    I appreciate the hard work you're putting into this source port. Maintenance can become quite a hassle with such a large catalogue of supported games and it's good to see that you give this a lot of thought. This perfectly demonstrates the trade-off that is pretty common in software development. Refactoring benefits maintainability, but it comes with a risk of introducing unwanted side effects. In the long run refactoring always pays off, but it can be a challenge to verify with testing that everything is still working 100%. Good luck with the road ahead for ReflectionHLE!
  11. Congratulations with the release of your map! I did a playthrough of version 1.0 on HMP with DoomRetro. It's an interesting map with good combat and it's not too hard to navigate. It actually took me a while before I realized the overall gimmick in the map. Once I knew what was going on I noticed that this gimmick is executed rather consistently and enhances the gameplay in a lot of places. It definitly makes the map worth a playthrough. A few remarks: - in the room that is divided by a gray fence, the fence appears sunken in the floor. - I found a number of repeating switches in the map, but it wasn't always clear to me what they activate. - despite your guiding text, I could not get to THE secret without cheating. Anyway, good job with this fun map!
  12. @Azuris Congratulations with the release of your map! No worries, I very much appreciate your secret tribute to Catacomb 3D and the funny reference to a certain Dr. doing research into ancient mysteries. I will check it out!
  13. These dates are from when the Catacomb games were re-released as the GOG Catacombs Pack. Catacomb Abyss was originally released in 1992.
  14. Arno

    Monster Bash HD

    I updated the first post, since as of today the game is available on Steam and GOG. Achievements, online leaderboards and a built-in level editor are included.
  15. @NY00123: thanks for the detailed explanation, that was quite helpful! I've now spotted the function BEL_ST_ConvertEGASignalToEGAEntry in the Reflection Keen source code, which you made to do this conversion from the input value to the EGA color that can be expected in the overscan border. After some searching I also found a rather rare video on Twitter of Catacomb Abyss on an actual CRT monitor. It demonstrates that indeed the border flashes in a dark red color: Nice! I will fix the border color in CatacombGL.