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  1. These dates are from when the Catacomb games were re-released as the GOG Catacombs Pack. Catacomb Abyss was originally released in 1992.
  2. Arno

    Monster Bash HD

    I updated the first post, since as of today the game is available on Steam and GOG. Achievements, online leaderboards and a built-in level editor are included.
  3. @NY00123: thanks for the detailed explanation, that was quite helpful! I've now spotted the function BEL_ST_ConvertEGASignalToEGAEntry in the Reflection Keen source code, which you made to do this conversion from the input value to the EGA color that can be expected in the overscan border. After some searching I also found a rather rare video on Twitter of Catacomb Abyss on an actual CRT monitor. It demonstrates that indeed the border flashes in a dark red color: Nice! I will fix the border color in CatacombGL.
  4. Thank you; it's a pleasure. Great! Thanks for testing the new release, and also for the additional bug reports on Github. Much appreciated! My intention was to match the border colors from the original games, but I completely overlooked that the border color in Catacomb 3-D is different from the Adventure series. Based on the source code, it looks like FLASHCOLOR is set to 5 in Catacomb 3-D and to 12 in the Adventure series. I got the definition of the default EGA palette from the ModdingWiki. The colors 5 and 12 would then refer to respectively magenta (dark purple) and bright red. Are you sure about the dark red (color 4) in the Adventure Series?
  5. CatacombGL 0.5.3 is released! As @Azuris and @Gez suggested, you can only save over an existing file now with either the Y or Enter key. It will briefly show a popup message as well. Cancelling the save can be done with the N or escape key. I also implemented the overscan border as @NY00123 suggested. The border will now flash red when the player gets hurt. It flashes yellow when an item gets destroyed. It will flash white in Catacomb Apocalypse when approaching a fake wall. Elsewhere I received the suggestion to add monster/secret/item statistics to the automap, which helps completionists in doing 100% runs. I tried to make it look a bit like in Doom.
  6. Arno

    Nitemare 3D Reverse Engineer

    Heh, that just means you learned a great deal along the way. In any case, there's no source code and very little documentation on the technology that runs this game, so it certainly isn't a trivial task to make a source port for it. It's good to see you having fun with it again.
  7. I appreciate your efforts to get the source code from various early DOS games properly licensed and published. I know that you had a big part in getting the source code of the Catacomb games published, and I'm pretty sure no Catacomb source port would have existed without it. It's good to see that you're still eager to give more games a chance at unlocking their hidden potential. Good luck!
  8. Perhaps a bit quicker than anticipated, but the Catacombs Pack is on sale again as of today, along with a bunch of other retro shooters. This time the sale will only last a week.
  9. Thanks a lot for your support and uplifting words, @Jello. I find it interesting that on this forum back in 2012, the question was asked whether the Catacomb games are worth getting. The overall response showed that the Catacomb games were on life support at that time. Fast forward nine years later and we're looking at an easy-to-get bundle on GOG, all the source code published and two actively maintained source ports. Not bad at all.
  10. Thanks for this recommendation. It makes perfect sense; I will restrict the keys to N, Y, Escape and also Enter, as suggested by you and @Gez. Additionally, I just noticed that the DOS version of Catacomb 3D: The Descent briefly shows a tiny popup with "Saving '<name>'". In that way I could also give some feedback to the user that the game is saved. Awesome, I love it! Please let me know when a map is published with this texture. :)
  11. @Azuris: Thanks for the encouraging feedback! What struck me the most is the remark that the Catacombs Pack can now compete with a classic like Wolfenstein 3D. I guess that also shows the level of potential that is present in the Catacomb games. It's good to hear that you enjoy the additional features. Since the introduction of the automap feature, I've spotted three individual gamers on Twitch who streamed with the source port. They all made heavy use of the automap, as if it has always been there in the games. To be honest, at first I wasn't expecting that. But what you said makes sense; an automap is not seen as cheating, but as a commonly used feature.
  12. @Azuris: Oops! Thanks a lot for reporting that problem! The problem only occurs when no saved games were stored with previous versions of CatacombGL. I didn't spot it myself as I have a ton of saved games. Damn, I should have been more careful. I just published a new version 0.5.2, with a fix. Thanks again and sorry for the trouble!
  13. Heh. The autofire option is available since last year. At that time @Master O made that suggestion. But it's still good to know that more people like it.
  14. Arno

    Monster Bash HD

    Update Oct 29, 2021: the game is available now on Steam and GOG! Achievements, online leaderboards and a built-in level editor are included. Original post: Monster Bash HD is going to be a remaster of the horror-themed platform game Monster Bash. This game was originally released for DOS in 1993. It featured Johnny Dash, whose pet dog Tex was captured by the game's main villain, Count Chuck. The remaster is being developed by the indie developer Emberheart Games and will be published by Apogee. Announcement on Twitter I really liked Crystal Caves HD, the previous EGA platformer that was remastered by Emberheart Games. So I'm looking forward to this one!
  15. Thanks! The Catacombs Pack was on sale in December, but the sale has ended. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the game data from your old floppy's will work with the source port. I've only tested it with the Catacombs Pack and the shareware version 1.13. Some older versions of the Catacomb games exist, but CatacombGL likely won't recognize them.