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  1. I have that feature on my todo list, but it might take a while before I get to it. Nevertheless, thanks for the suggestion. It's good to know that multiple people are interested in the ability to play custom music files.
  2. You're welcome. Good to hear that the issue appears to be resolved.
  3. That's strange. I actually use an i5 as well, although not in combination with an Nvidia GPU. I have to use the onboard Intel graphics. When VSync is disabled, by design the game uses the maximum capacity of the GPU and one CPU core to produce as much frames as possible. That's nice for benchmarking, but under normal circumstances it's better to enable VSync. I can imagine that recording software will also have a hard time to read from the frame buffer when it gets flushed a 1000+ times per second. In my case, with VSync enabled (at 60 fps), the game uses about 2% of my CPU and 10% of the GPU. So your processor should be more than sufficient. I wonder, maybe your Nvidia control panel tries to enfore certain VSync settings on the game?
  4. Hi @bnabradi. Thanks for the feedback! So far I'm not sure what could have caused the mouse to lag. I do know there used to be a major bug with mouse movement in older releases, but I fixed that in version 0.4.1. The latest version is 0.4.3. An fps of 1000+ is pretty common and shouldn't impact the mouse movement. Does the mouse stutter while looking around, or is it just very slow? Dd you try to adjust the mouse sensitivity in the Controls menu?
  5. The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986. I was six years old.
  6. Arno

    Crystal Caves Remaster incoming

    Crystal Caves HD was released today, on both Steam and GOG. I picked up the game from GOG. I understood from reviews that the "normal" difficulty is actually quite challenging for people unfamiliar with the game, so I started on easy. I tend to die a couple of times in each level, but the levels are short so I can fairly quick learn from my mistakes and do more attempts. I finished five levels in an hour. There are plenty of achievements to earn and some of them are pretty creative. I like it so far.
  7. Arno

    Why has Blake Stone not been rebooted?

    James T. (Jim) Row has a very detailed LinkedIn profile. Apparently he left the gaming industry when JAM Productions stopped. But he's still doing software development.
  8. I sure wasn't expecting such a detailed analysis when I briefly mentioned level19. Interesting! When I learned about the possibility to warp beyond level 18, combined with the fact that GAMEMAPS.ABS actually contains 23 levels, my first thought was how to get all the hidden levels to load. Because I wanted to see in first person view what kind of levels the developers made for test purposes. It's nice to see how you approach the very same topic from a different viewpoint. I now fully realise that the "chocolate" philosophy brings its own challenges. It seems certainly not trivial to accurately replicate bugs, when the original memory layout is lost due to the usage of a modern compiler.
  9. Thanks for the hot-fix! Browsing the C: drive works fine now. IMO, given the amount of games and game versions supported, combined with the various platforms that are supported, I think your source port works remarkably well. I've seen quite a lot of the Catacomb games myself, so I might be able to help you with some testing. Below are two bugs I encountered. I have the GOG Catacombs Pack installed, but it's not automatically detected. That's because at one point in time GOG.com updated the installation package and changed the location in the registry, which means now two registry locations will have to be checked. In be_cross_fs.c you already check for "SOFTWARE\\GOG.COM\\GOGCATACOMBSPACK". The new location is at "SOFTWARE\\GOG.com\\GAMES\\1207659189". The number apparently represents the product ID: https://www.gogdb.org/product/1207659189 . For the same reason my GOG Wolfenstein 3D installation isn't detected either. That one is located at "SOFTWARE\\GOG.com\\GAMES\\1441705046", see https://www.gogdb.org/product/1441705046 . In Catacomb Abyss I get a crash when trying to travel to map slot 19 with the F10+W cheat. Although the dialog box asks for a number 0-18, it is actually possible to go to map 19 when playing Catacomb Abyss in DosBox. See https://catacomb.miraheze.org/wiki/Tile_Tester_3 .
  10. Congratulations @NY00123, the addition of Wolfenstein 3D support is quite an impressive feature! I've tried the win64 version on Windows 10 and noticed that I could not browse my c: drive. It shows up as having no folders. Browsing my home dir did work, so I just copied the game files there. I just played through the first level of Catacomb Abyss, as well as E1L1 of Wolfenstein 3D without any problems. Looking good so far!
  11. Arno

    Crystal Caves Remaster incoming

    Crystal Caves HD now also has a page on GOG. I'm quite looking forward to this.
  12. 1. Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2. Doom 1 & 2 3. C&C: Red Alert 4. Quake II 5. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 6. Duke Nukem 3D 7. Sid Meier's Civilization 8. Day of the Tentacle 9. Warcraft II 10. Catacomb Abyss
  13. Arno

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    I had a quick look at the low spec version up until the first cyberdemon. Frame rate was 30-50 fps, as opposed to 20-40 fps on the regular version. It certainly feels more smooth and visually it still looks great.
  14. Arno

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    I've continued my playthrough on ITYTD, but eventually met my Waterloo in the circular pit in the southern part of the map. I'm still amazed that I got that far. I finished the remainder of the map with IDDQD. Nevertheless, this map is an absolute blast to play!
  15. Arno

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    Congratulations on this amazing release! My laptop (8th gen i5, Intel UHD Graphics 620, 8 GB RAM, SSD) is far below the 'required' spec, and I know there will eventually be a low spec version of the map, but I just couldn't resist. I'm playing v0.91 with the Vulkan renderer on 1080p. The framerate averages at 30 fps and often dips towards 20 fps. It plays sluggish, but then again, the visuals are mind blowing. This is without a doubt the most impressive looking Doom map I've ever played. I don't have much experience with slaughtermaps, so I picked ITYTD. Based on monster count, I think I'm at about one third of the map now. So far I only spotted a tiny glitch near the first cyberdemon. I'm looking forward to check out the rest of the map in the next few days.