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  1. tewgytaylor

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    Yeah he confirmed it on stream a few times
  2. tewgytaylor

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    So I have yet to beat this yet but first impressions for me are strong. Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who loves Sigil 1 and has beaten it on UV multiple times through though. Like the first I would recommend playing on HMP before jumping into UV cause it's even more brutal this time around. Also keep an eye out for secrets when you can, John always rewards those with a watchful eye. I suspect that this wad will be a bit divisive (much like the first Sigil) but personally I really enjoy it so far More detailed thoughts:
  3. tewgytaylor

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    Anyone else just sitting refreshing the download page waiting for it to become available lol
  4. tewgytaylor

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Let's hold out hope that your website survives this lmao
  5. tewgytaylor

    IronEagle Competition 61: Grim Ripper

    Decided to give this a shot as a break from mapping. I didn't get very far but I have to say it was a lot of fun. Also I accidentally forgot to turn extended hud on while recording so I had to check time and kill count afterwards. Whoops. Category: 1 Skill: UV Map At Death: 02 Pistol start exception: Unused Time At Death: 15:31 Kill Count: MAP01 87/87, MAP02 115/149, 202 total Entering death map: 6:32 Port: dsda-doom.exe 0.27.4 -complevel 2 IEGrimRipper_TewgyTaylor.zip Comments:
  6. Is this open to all skill levels? If so I'll take map 16
  7. tewgytaylor

    UMAPINFO skytexture key causes chrashes

    Okay so I looked into this and it turns out for some reason DoomTools only adds a very specific sky texture which it patches in, I don't know what determines which on it chooses since the texture was named 'SKYZ23', but that was being patched in as sky1 for some reason. So it seems that I'll have to add them into the maptex wad manually for the time being until I find out what's causing it to only import that one. As a side note, the exclamation point was added by the error message, not by me Edit: it seems that the reason why is because sky1 in 32-in-24 tex is actually SKYZ23, so it automatically imports that one as the sky texture of choice for sky 1. Just change the sky1 patch to whichever other sky you want and you're good
  8. I'm working on a MBF21 wad using 32-in-24 textures and wanted to use one of the sky textures available, so I made a UMAPINFO lump and put in the name of one of the sky texture lumps to test it out. When I attempted to run it I got an error that said "Texture not found: SKYSPACE! maptex.wad seems to be incompatible with DOOM 2: Hell on Earth. Are you using the right IWAD?" (the maptex.wad is referring to the wad created by DoomTools' DoomMake consisting of textures from the texture wad.) Screenshot of error message: I even checked to make sure that the texture name was the same as the umapinfo lump and it seems like everything was in order there too Screenshot here: I checked the created maptex.wad and it seems to me that it only imported one sky texture, but when I typed in the name of that lump I get the same error as before. I don't receive this error when I remove the skytexture key or when I set it to SKY1 - SKY3, which actually sets the skies from the texture wad correctly. I have no idea why they aren't taking the names of other lumps aside from those.
  9. tewgytaylor

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    I remember I downloaded the shareware version of doom back in the day and ran it through dosbox. Oh how little I knew back then
  10. tewgytaylor

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    I see, that would explain it then. I still feel like a more obvious complevel switch would be a good idea for the future, even though admittedly it would just be a very small QOL feature Edit: coming back to say having a way to run with whatever arguments I want is actually quite nice even if I don't personally enjoy using command line all too much, so while I still think adding to the gui wouldn't be a bad idea, this method also works wonders especially when testing in multiple ports
  11. tewgytaylor

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    Would there be a chance of adding a -complevel switch when you run the project from DoomTools for testing purposes? Being able to run my project straight from DoomTools is great but there doesn't seem any way to set compatibility from DoomTools itself as of yet which I feel would get annoying easily in the case of having multiple projects at different complevels.
  12. tewgytaylor

    Why is there so much hate for the Unity Port?

    I think the big thing is that most doom players tend to play outside of the IWADs, and for that you're going to have to get another source port anyways. Sure, there are ways to mod the unity port (there are even a few mods made with unity port compatibility in mind) but it's not as easy as using another source port and as far as I know it doesn't really have support for formats outside of vanilla/limit removing with the exception of Harmony. I do agree that the unity port is pretty over-hated, just a little limited in comparison to other source ports.
  13. tewgytaylor

    Weirdest Ads You've Ever Seen?

    I have an entire playlist filled with nothing but strange ads so here's one of them:
  14. tewgytaylor

    Knee Deep in KDiZD demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP13 UV-Speed in 2:36.89 kdi13-236.zip
  15. tewgytaylor

    Knee Deep in KDiZD demos [-complevel 2]

    Knee Deep in Knee Deep in ZDoom is a 9 (technically 13) map wad for Doom 2 (-complevel 2) by Esselfortium and the KDiKDiZD team. The suggested naming format is "kdiXY-ZZZ.lmp", where XY is the map number and ZZZ is the time. Replace the "-" with a letter to represent categories such as NM (n), fast (f), etc. Here's the download Technical info: This map set starts at MAP13 not MAP01, so make sure you start from there. Also, this wad will not load in DSDA-Doom v0.27.0 through v0.27.3 due to a bug with the SNDINFO lump, so use v0.27.4 or later to run it. Last thing is to load KDiKDiZD_A.wad and KDiKDiZD_B.wad together for it to play properly