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  1. deadnail


    Haven't been here in a month, probably be another before I stumble this way again. Something happened a bit ago that changed me forever. I read an article in a local music fanzine by an organization with many chapters known as 'Anti-Racist Action'. They became an evening point of conversation because they printed the home address of a KKK member who owns a Pizza Hut and he fired a black guy. Naturally they assumed the only reason he would ever fire a black guy was because he was black, not even attempting to look into the employment records of the place. That would ruin the fun. My curiosity was piqued. I found their website and their 'message' which I'll paraphrase right now. Everyone that isn't white is a victim and everyone that is white is automatically guilty, and if they don't spend all their free time and money helping non-whites then they are racists and should be abused and harassed. Just another meaningless little white-guilt group, I thought. Then I started following their links out of further curiosity. One of their biggest things is that they proudly support Mumia and everything he's done and they love speaking out about what an injustice it is that such a fine, upstanding black man is in jail. A fine, upstanding black man that was driving on the wrong side of the street with his lights off in the middle of the night and when he was pulled over he opened fire on a cop, then hovered over him and shot him in the face from within a foot away. I can't blame him though, that cop was WHITE! THE BASTARD! The whole fucking point of this post is simple. Every pro-copkiller err pro-Mumia website had ready-2-print banners and posters and everything you need to PROTEST BUSH'S INAUGURATION (smoked too much weed, my spelling is pretty bad now). No one is 'politically unbiased'. Anyone who is willing to follow politics is therefor willing to take ANYTHING and twist it to their side to further their own political goals. Such as hopping on the Mumia bandwagon just to enforce anti-republican semantics. Or trying to paint Bush as Hilter two point oh because of terrorism. That's funny, why didn't Clinton take Osama the COUPLE of times he was OFFERED to him (Wasn't one of those times even after Osama bombed the WTC towers the first time around?)? Why did Clinton pardon 4 known terrorists as one of his last acts as president (A lot of money is the answer to this one.)? Why wasn't Gore investigated and charged for illegal fund raising shenanigans WHILE HE WAS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT yet Bush doing coke 20 years ago was headline news for weeks. It sickens me. Hasn't anyone mentioned that in EVERY protest there are anarchists and fuckheads with the sole purpose of destroying property and causing trouble? All it takes is one moron to huck a rock and next thing you know everyone will do it. It probably takes 30 minutes at the very least, more logically at least an hour or more to assemble a proper riot control team, so naturally you'd want to have it ready. That means 100's of nervous cops in heavy armor with loaded weapons standing in front of 1000's of screaming assholes, and any one of them could be one of those freaks that WANTS a riot. I can't think of a more prime example of just WAITING for shit to happen. And if the Republicans are supernazis then why is it that during the election the Chicago republican deal was wide open to the public but the democrat one was blocked off with fences and razorwire? There were plenty of protests over the Vietnam war, too. The US Military still holds the opinion that we could've won that one if we just had 1% of the fucking country supporting us. Don't protesters have jobs? Where are the "LEAVE THE BUTCHER OF BAGHDAD ALONE!" banners? We're not trying to TAKE Iraq. The head military dude has clearly stated that after we win we'll just help set up a government there. So we can keep buying oil off of them. If it was about the oil we'd just kill everyone there and take it. You know, Hussein killed 20,000 of his own people just to see if his chemical weapons worked (they did) and we have proof that he has funded terrorist organizations (including Al-Quada). It's also a fact that he has violated the UN weapons mandate, and that ALONE calls for further military action. God forbid we actually do what we say we're gonna do. And God forbid we try to do anything anywhere on the fucking planet without it being twisted into some kind of malicious terrorist act. You'd think that if some madman built himself castles out of gold while MOST of his people starved and killed THOUSANDS of his own people just because of their religion the world wouldn't have any regrets burying him. But God forbid the USA lift a finger to help. You sure as hell can't expect Europe to have the balls to try to follow something through. How many Jews have been murdered in Europe in the last 50 years? How many Muslims have starved under horrible, self-serving governments? It doesn't matter. Nothing matters. No one can do anything. Let's all just sit with our thumbs up our ass while the whole world goes spiralling down into a flaming piece of shit. The world will gladly take that over supporting a republican with ANY reasoning. Would we be singing a different tune if Gore was president? Sure. He wouldn't've had the balls to take the war to Afghanistan. He probably would've stolen another $50,000 from us on 9/12, and without guided missiles going into the back window of head Al-Quada operatives we'd probably have more WTC and Cole situations. I enjoy being different. I, for one, enjoy having a gun happy cokehead in the white house. At least he has some fucking ideals and morals. Well, at least 20% of the ideals and morals that most of the world's population has. Still better than 2%. You can all sit around and talk about how evil EVERYONE in power in the world is and how SICK AND TWISTED every single political motive is and how chaotic everything is. How many people that YOU love were killed by the US Military? How many people that YOU love were killed by terrorist factions? Probably none. But so long as you have to sit down and watch live updates from some war in BFE then we all can't be watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond, and that's basically the most important thing of all here. Sure we can all sit down and argue all of these ideals with all of our own twisted perspectives on everything and all of our own silly little ideas of how the world should work (if the 90% of the world that would tell you to go fuck yourself and go back to mass murder and mayhem would actually listen to you) but at least we're all living in a fair society? Aww shit. 5% of the world still has 95% of the wealth. What have we been doing the last 4000 years? Oh yeah, making bigger and badder bombs and plastering children with napalm and killing everyone with a slightly different skin tone or a different imaginary friend. This is funny as hell because most of you probably think that your voice on world wide issues will ever matter. =) Oh go stand in a copkiller loving anti-republican protest with a bunch of filthy hippies and unemployed tv-brainwashed morons, preferably right next to the guy with the rock so you get hit in the head with a can of tear gas too.
  2. deadnail

    HeXen without ACS = ?

    Have you played System Shock 2? I mean, Wolf3D never did anything for me but System Shock 2 scared the everloving piss out of me a few times. Undying gave me a few genuine starts as well. And Hexen is not a gimmick game. Hexen shows the world that you CAN utilize cutting edge technology and make an excellent, fun game as well.
  3. deadnail

    The RIAA

    All they'd have to do is delete any MP3 that's not covered by the recording industry of america. If they perused your HD and killed your Devin Townsend, let's say, then you've definitely got legal grounds for action. That's like the cable guy breaking into your house and checking out all your wires then smashing your dvd player just to be safe. This whole Internet boogeyman stigmata, overall, is a pretty childish thing I must say. It'd be amusing if the RIAA actually assumed they had legal right to break any law they wanted to.
  4. deadnail


    Zappa rules dammit. And my brother wants to name his two kids Bishop and Onion.
  5. deadnail

    The RIAA

    Hell, that lame anti-smoking site has been hacked for months.
  6. deadnail

    Fav comedian

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw Robert Schimmel in Kalamazoo, Michigan, December 31st, 2000. He counted down the real millennium with us. He was, and quite likely, always will be my favorite comedian. "This is enough, I can fold it over and fuck the bubble."
  7. deadnail

    Most under rated game...

    System Shock 2 Undying Blood Brave Fencer Musashi Legend of Mana Parasite Eve 2 Star Ocean (All of 'em) Turok 2 G Darius I could easily go on.
  8. deadnail

    A very cool idea (in my opinion)

    I don't think there should be a Doom movie. I think there should be a Doom cartoon, done like the first Heavy Metal (FAKK 2 was ass). Think about it. It starts out, the base, they explain why you're there, they show the scientists... blam, 45 minutes of the man on a mission tearing shit up. It could work if there was, let's say, another human being giving him orders through a walkie talkie the whole time or something. There are cartoon movies with much less to them then that.
  9. deadnail

    Something's Not Right Here

    You know better. System specs. Name your OS. Check what's running now. Sounds like you reinstalled Windows and got something in the background humping your Pentium. When you have a sudden computer problem you'll always get answered faster if you're more descriptive.
  10. deadnail

    Comparing the speed of SNES Doom...

    Heh. I dug out the ol' N64 today and rented some games. Notably, Quake 2. WOW, it's really hard to look at after Halo. =) It's probably not quite as good as I made it out to be, and now that I think about it the framerate seems no better and if anything very slightly worse than the PSX version, although it's clearly better to look at NEITHER of them are a 'joy' to play, per se. Most annoying for me was when I rented Quake 2 for PSX after reading 'completely customizable controls' on the back of the box. Does 'completely customizable' mean choosing from a few presets that none contain what I want? Left stick should be forward, backpedal, strafe left and right and the right stick should be freelooking and turning, to be as close to a WASD setup as possible. All the presets split the turning/moving across both sticks. Is there some hidden preset you can't cycle through or what, in the N64 version it has presets and you can funk with each button as you see fit, even finding some stuff not normally assigned, like center view or an old-school 'mouse look' type button. Still, it's amazing to see Quake 2 flying along on a raggedy old PSX... although it might hurt just a bit if you've ever seen any other incarnation of the game. =) BTW, Mario Tennis sucks and F-Zero X still rules. Is Duke Nukem Advance out yet?
  11. deadnail

    Doom ever get you in trouble?

    I remember when I was 17 I... long story. So anyway, the police drop me off at my house and I started playing Ultimate Doom pwads until my buddies came over, then we went fishing, which was code for smoking and booze. =)
  12. deadnail

    Comparing the speed of SNES Doom...

    Quake 2 for N64, contrary to popular opinion, DOES NOT suck. There, I said it. If you have the expansion pack in your 64 the game runs in 32 bit color and the framerate bottoms out at about 45, usually hanging around 60 IIRC. It is really fucking smooth and it looks great. What they did though, thanks to the N64's exclusivity licensing (-.- bad idea Nintendo) was recreated the game. It's a bit shorter, I think, but the levels are really Goddamn fun. They're not as good as id's work but regardless they are really good, just a single step or two down. And it controls VERY well thanks to Quake 2 being a simplistic game... the four player DM on it had me blasting buddies for hours on end. My favorite thing about Q264, though, is the cheat code that modifies all the ingame lighting. It uses odd colors you don't see in games all that often... as well as makes the game a hot bit darker. Duke64 also had extremely good DM action, especially in the revised Stadium. Hell, it even had a competent botmatch. Sure, they were stupid, but they'd give you a run for your money if you cranked up the skill. A very underrated game is Duke Nukem: Zero Hour. The visual effects and stuff they did with that game was at least a year ahead of it's time... and without doubt untouched by any other N64 game. Also, of course, it's pure Duke... and deathmatching with a semi-automatic shotgun gets interesting. And at least they finally tried to add a BFG for Duke... The BMF Thunderbolt... which fires a Q2 style BFG ball that doesn't zap enemies on the way but disintegrates everything within 30 feet of the blast radius and fires out lightning bolts at any enemy within view of it. A hella crowd pleaser and we had an assload of fun playing DM in that too, the only unbalancing factor was the sniper rifle always being an instant kill. I utterly loathe both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Both of them were just so inconcieveably horrible I couldn't finish the first fucking level, I just had to put it down and immidiately clean my N64. SHADOWMAN IS A SUPERIOR GAME TO BOTH GOLDENEYE AND PERFECT DARK AND SHADOWMAN IS LESS FUN THAN FLOSSING WITH RAZOR WIRE. I didn't like Turok. Turok 3 was an okay game, I liked the fact that there's two paths through it depending on which character you chose. Turok 2, on the other hand, was the 2nd N64 game I bought and I don't regret it at all. Locational damage, you can blow bits off of your enemies, LOTS of fun fun fun weapons... and a par deathmatch so long as you cranked the speed all the way up.
  13. deadnail

    Comparing the speed of SNES Doom...

    Duke3D for Sega Genesis DOES exist! It's even worse than Doom for 3D0. >.< Any controller that requires 3 hands to reach everything is a bad controller. Sounds better than the DC version then. =) Well it'd make them bigger so they'd probably be easier for you to hit. The point of making them triggers instead of buttons is just that, making them like gas pedals. Wrap your hands around an X-Box controller at Target and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  14. deadnail

    Comparing the speed of SNES Doom...

    I cleaned my room today! I found an old, worn out Trackman Marble Wheel, a barely used Optical Trackman Marble Wheel thingamajigger, a Sidewinder, and a Hammerhead FX controller... and threw all of them away. Well, I kept the new Optical trackball. NOTHING comes close to the refinement and quality of a console gamepad, these jackass PC gamepads are nigh useless. The buttons are soft, they barely snap back, the d-pads are sloppy, loose, usually discs and not a cross, and of course we can't forget the damn things shatter if you look at them funny. Now and again I like to browse through the latest batch of PC Gamepads at Best Buy and just have a giggle, especially at the pricings. Now that adapter he linked you will work, it's similar to mine, although Zophar's Domain sells a newer one that looks better than the ones we're currently using. =/ Without doubt though, if you do more than FPS on your computer YOU FUCKING NEED a PSX->USB controller converter, especially if you dig emulation. Besides, playing ZDoom with a Dual Shock is just orgasmic... the analog stick support is superb. That's probably just because the Dreamcast controller is ass. The Gamecube's triggers don't feel any better, worse actually =(, but the X-Box's triggers are fucking solid. I'd like your opinion on those.
  15. deadnail

    Comparing the speed of SNES Doom...

    AGREED. Okay now think of it this way. CURRENT DUAL SHOCK 2: • Digital crosspad: It's PERFECT, don't ever change it. Since it's crosscut it's so much better than every other one out there. Try doing a Shinkuu Hadoken Airial Rave reliably with the Dreamcast's sloppy assed dpad, the Gamecube's tiny one, or the X-Box's humongous sloppy disc. A nice tight, crosscut digital crosspad is absolutely perfect and I hope that all of them become like this ASAP. • Four main action buttons: Traditional SNES layout too • Top 4 action buttons • Two center accessory buttons, select & start • Dual analog sticks: Having a PS2 pad plugged directly into my PC I can personally vouche for the sensitivity of the Dual Shock pads, and it is great. Them being clickable is just another bonus. The only way to improve the analog sticks is if they had a thumbgroove like the X-Box analogs. • Built in vibration • Pressure sensitivity: I've played a few games where it's useful, but most of the games that actually use it don't do it quite right, so until companies have a few games with it done properly I appreciate seeing the option to DISABLE it so I don't have to dig out an old Dual Shock just because I don't want to dent my fingers pressing a button until my controller creaks just to go faster. MY DREAM CONTROLLER THAT MAKES KAT WET: • Digital crosspad: Unchanged. • Four main action buttons: They must be the same size and distance, the Dreamcast ones are a bit smaller so they feel to far apart. Keep them the same as the PS2 controller, however, the rows should alternate between convex and concave, like the SNES controller. I miss that. • Top 4 action buttons: Also just fine, however, L2 & R2 could possibly be Dreamcast/Gamecube/X-Box style triggers so long as L1 & R1 are intact, I'm fine with that change. • Two center buttons, select & start: Follow me here. Move select up a bit. Now put start under it. Now scoot it over to the left a bit so both buttons can be easily reached with your left thumb. Now add 2 buttons for the right thumb in that fashion. POW! I just added to function buttons. How about a button called the 'Map' button since so many games have a map nowadays and it's always assigned to a different Goddamn button? • Dual analog sticks: Give the left analog stick a thumbgroove like the X-Box has, dammit. My thumb does occaisionally rove around the top of the PS2 analog but it never goes anywhere during my long Halo sessions. As for the right analog stick, REPLACE IT WITH AN OPTICAL TRACKBALL. It can be used for freelooking in FPS games. For a long time I had a Logitech Trackman Marble trackball and I got used to playing Doom/SoF with it and you know what? It's not a mouse but it's the 2nd best thing. An analog stick must be the 5th best thing. So get rid of that useless right analog stick and make it a trackball dammit, then you can use the digital crosspad like WASD and finally get some decent FPS control from a gamepad, a gamepad that isn't specifically designed for FPS games either... a gamepad that still works with every other game out there. • Built in vibration: The only possible change here I could suggest would be a safety switch to force it being off. You know, like if you just had wrist surgery and you can't handle the vibrations and you don't want to risk it so you can just pop a switch on the back of the controller and never even think about it. =) • Pressure sensitivity: I'm not fond of it (games that come with bad dead zones or require 100% pressure for something, for instance) but I will admit it has potential. It's just like your Dual Shock 2 but the analog feels better, you have 2 extra buttons and on top of all of that you can play a FPS game on it much better. =) Some games just have a bad dead zone too. That sounds like a good use. A pressure sensitive Map button would be very handy in this regard. Just keep in mind though that to hit a button's 100% sensitivity you really have to be jamming that bastard down HARD, I mean to the point where your knuckles pop and the plastic on the controller around the button starts to cave in. It's nice they're that sensitive but requiring that much pressure in a video game is fucking stupid, it's just as bad as requiring people to randomly hit buttons really fast. It's just one of those things that has to be done well or it really sucks. I've been mentally toying with the best possible gamepad for quite some time now and I'm concrete in thinking my changes are necessary. Kat likes them too. To make shit easier on you here is some MSPaint love. o.O