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  1. Finally had some time to play this pack. Awesome work. I particularly like the new sky for the Inferno episode, it fits way better than the starry sky one. I can see now why you initially chose not to use Peter's MIDI pack. It just sounds too silly. It fits well with the original release, sure, but for me it sounds a little off with the 46 maps. Maybe it's because I'm now taking these levels seriously. I don't know. Anyways, this pack is awesome, keep up the good work :)
  2. Seconding this. Maybe some shorter tracks can be skipped (like Icon of put this map in the bin, which is like 10 seconds long) so there's no inconsistencies.
  3. costadevale

    Would anybody still enjoy a Doom 1 MEGAWAD?

    Episode selection for vanilla, of course! As for the OP... I would play it. As long as you don't force the player to shotgun everything in their way it'll be fine. Gimme gimme more Doom 1 wads!!!
  4. costadevale


    It's pretty good for 1994. If you don't mind having no health items at all (except in a few maps) and the outrageous amounts of cyberdemons per map, you should give it a try. It's pretty challenging and I like it. E2M3 is a bit 'eh...' though.
  5. costadevale

    What are some sourceport features you can't live without?

    Ever since Woof added mouse support for menus ... Won't say they're unusable, but other sourceports' menus got a bit clunkier for me.
  6. costadevale

    What is your DOOM “Hot Take” ?

    Doom 1 maps can be as fun as Doom 2 if done properly. It's like a community project that restricts you from using the majority of monsters and forces you to be creative with what's left.