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PhobosDeimos Anomaly

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About This File

A collection of twelve classic-style maps by Phobosdeimos1, originally designed for "Doom the Way Id Did."

These maps, while perhaps not "id-like" in the strictest sense, are wildly creative and fun to boot. A must-play for those with a classic Doom itch to scratch.

Xaser says: In light of Phobosdeimos1's passing in 2012, I thought it fitting to release one of his final gifts to the community as a standalone pack. He showed great enthusiasm for the project and was one of the most prolific mappers, with possibly more submissions than anyone else. While I'm an ill-fitting messenger to pass on his legacy, these maps absolutely deserve a release. R.I.P, good sir, until next life.

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Well, the levels are not as "twidness" as original DTWID. And sometimes its level design is boring. But just like DTWID-LE, there are some good maps. In fact I actually really like E1M1. It only has 12 maps and most of them are easy to complete. To those who are fond of TWID series, this still worth a try.

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old school.

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Pretty average map set. Difficulty is easy even when you increase monster speed or damage. Visuals quality is more on the side of worse Doom 2 maps. Good layout, but boring in overall.

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I too didn't think it was that good, mostly due to the haphazardness of thing placement. very reminiscent of 90's maps, though.

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Being an ol'-school fan, I was totally disappointed. These maps have simple and about random layout, infinitely repeating scenes, completely unmatching textures making it look very ugly, random monster & ammo placement, and gameplay completely missing leitmotivs. This all resulted in a set of levels which look uninteresting, having gameplay not giving any fun. Sorry, but that's what it is. And no, thankfully this is not even remotely DooM the way ID intended... Overall: below amateurish. /nofi, obviously

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  • File Reviews

    • By MeriMemesX · Posted
      This is the Alpha of Doom... I mean, we are not going to fool ourselves that it is not bad, it is very bad, mainly due to the lack of many things in the HUD   so honestly I didn't like it, for an Alpha it's fairly good at that time, but even so it didn't provoke anything since I wasn't there at that time at all
    • By MeriMemesX · Posted
      Rizera would have surely enjoyed this map, it's just not for me, I find it tedious, but 100% Rizera fan   (also i figure out how softlock me)
    • By MeriMemesX · Posted
      As Jack the Ripper said: "Let's go in parts"   Decoder (MAP01): Quite short, I quite liked it although it seemed to me that there was very little room to maneuver in the first and last part of level 4/5   Look into my Eyes (MAP02): much shorter than the previous one but this one is more focused on traps, in which I almost fell a couple of times and I was able to take advantage of the last trap quite well against the demons 5/5   Mechanized Wrath (MAP03): I HATE THIS, mainly because it is a level that depends a lot on luck that the lord does not shoot right when you teleport and it was only because of that luck that I passed it 2/5   Batallion (MAP04): I really liked the dynamics of small confrontations and that you can choose if you want to start it instead of whether or not to start it after a combat 5/5   Templar (MAP05): this is quite annoying to be honest, especially the end, when you think everything is done, the most annoying enemies of all Doom2 appear THE FUCKING ARCH-VIL 3/5   Kill John (MAP06): WE WERE GOING SO GOOD, BUT WE HAD TO RUIN IT WITH THE OLD "level with artificial difficulty that is only there so that you can't pass it in at least 1 hour of attempts" 1/5   Look now, in retrospect, after having passed each and every one, it's not that bad, I mean yes, more space would be needed in some areas and fewer enemies in levels 3 and 6, but I honestly think that Obsidian, when it comes to making the maps, he didn't really care about that, they were his first times creating them and therefore his obvious inexperience shows, but they are 30 minute maps after all, so... Good   Here I leave you some screenshots of the first levels, since they are the only ones in which I was able to take nice screenshots.
    • By MeriMemesX · Posted
      The only problem I had with this map was that the final battle was a little unfair but other than that it's pretty good   In fact, I would say that this is what I would expect from an official level of any other Boomer Shooter, especially if you add the Flashlight++, it adds a vibe of a current Boomer Shooter in mine level   I loved it
    • By Bri0che · Posted
      The midtexture hidding mancubus was too much... This is already a frustrating monster to fight against to me, so this was a little bit too much and almost made me ragequit the map tbh. Lose a star because of that :/ Above that, not bad map !