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  1. Chrono_T

    doom weapon's mod

  2. Chrono_T

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    trying to find an older map. It had a surreal vibe. The music in it was helen's theme from the original candyman
  3. Chrono_T

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I have been trying very hard to find some level sets. I know there was 2, they were skulltag heavy iirc, and they were void/surreal maps, very otherworldly and strange, IIRC it was around the 2000s, early when they came out, and the music was odd too, yet calming
  4. Chrono_T

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    It was a levelset with a very wonderland theming and/or archetexture, IIRC there was 1 sequel and they were posted or was made for skulltag due to some weird effects. It was an sp mod for an mp port iirc. the one thing i cant escape tho is iirc the first level had this modtracker song that had been in my head for over a decade. https://www.dropbox.com/s/81av1er2d69dl0r/asdfedfe.mp3?dl=0 here's a link to me whistling the beat of the song (sorry for the bad quality, wasnt done on my recording mic!) but like, i gotta listen to this song or find this wad cause hell ive been trying to find it for YEARS to no avail. please help!
  5. Chrono_T

    Blade of Agony Chapter 1 released

    Ah, I so never read that addendum edit! Still, after hearing that this mod too had some infamy behind it, hard to be really interested in it
  6. Chrono_T

    Blade of Agony Chapter 1 released

    not gonna lie, feels a bit... eh, seeing that moderators are able to just post their projects on the front page. its not to devalue the creator's project, but it definitely feels egotistical.
  7. Chrono_T


    still prolly the best sum up of why ppl dont like brutal doom right here
  8. Chrono_T

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    holy shit... rip man
  9. Chrono_T

    Biovite project??

    This project was a partial conversion made by milian. It only reached 5 maps and it was rather close to being finished. It has a weird feel thats just incredibly rare for anything doom feeling (Some of it feels incredibly like the recent bauhaus project), and I was wondering, has anyone heard of anything he's done or made in the last years? Possibly pertaining to this?
  10. Chrono_T

    The /newstuff Chronicles #435

    glad you liked the mod even with the grueling difficulty and glad i nailed that "keep coming back for more even tho its unfair" feel, kinda like dark souls enjoy the stress, haha
  11. Chrono_T

    [EDGE MOD] Shut up and Bleed

    If anyone wants to make a level set for it, be my guest
  12. Chrono_T

    [EDGE MOD] Shut up and Bleed

    Hey, thanks dude! Got it mixed up, appreciate it tho!
  13. Chrono_T

    [EDGE MOD] Shut up and Bleed

    http://forum.zdoom.org/posting.php?mode=edit&f=12&p=679267 CROSSPOSTIN https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20256081/CT-SUAB.zip Prolly my last edge mod. All the info you need is in the wad and in the notepad. This mod makes the game stupid hard and gives it a different experience. Enjoy.[/url]
  14. Chrono_T

    Decide the next outcome of a mod (EDGE MOD STUFF)

    Check the first post, new update in the original thread :y
  15. Chrono_T

    Decide the next outcome of a mod (EDGE MOD STUFF)

    Check the link in the first post for the first winner! Now the next choices are there