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  1. Chrono_T

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I have been trying very hard to find some level sets. I know there was 2, they were skulltag heavy iirc, and they were void/surreal maps, very otherworldly and strange, IIRC it was around the 2000s, early when they came out, and the music was odd too, yet calming
  2. Chrono_T

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    It was a levelset with a very wonderland theming and/or archetexture, IIRC there was 1 sequel and they were posted or was made for skulltag due to some weird effects. It was an sp mod for an mp port iirc. the one thing i cant escape tho is iirc the first level had this modtracker song that had been in my head for over a decade. https://www.dropbox.com/s/81av1er2d69dl0r/asdfedfe.mp3?dl=0 here's a link to me whistling the beat of the song (sorry for the bad quality, wasnt done on my recording mic!) but like, i gotta listen to this song or find this wad cause hell ive been trying to find it for YEARS to no avail. please help!
  3. Chrono_T

    Blade of Agony Chapter 1 released

    Ah, I so never read that addendum edit! Still, after hearing that this mod too had some infamy behind it, hard to be really interested in it
  4. Chrono_T

    Blade of Agony Chapter 1 released

    not gonna lie, feels a bit... eh, seeing that moderators are able to just post their projects on the front page. its not to devalue the creator's project, but it definitely feels egotistical.
  5. Chrono_T


    still prolly the best sum up of why ppl dont like brutal doom right here
  6. Chrono_T

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    holy shit... rip man
  7. Chrono_T

    Biovite project??

    This project was a partial conversion made by milian. It only reached 5 maps and it was rather close to being finished. It has a weird feel thats just incredibly rare for anything doom feeling (Some of it feels incredibly like the recent bauhaus project), and I was wondering, has anyone heard of anything he's done or made in the last years? Possibly pertaining to this?
  8. Chrono_T

    The /newstuff Chronicles #435

    glad you liked the mod even with the grueling difficulty and glad i nailed that "keep coming back for more even tho its unfair" feel, kinda like dark souls enjoy the stress, haha
  9. Chrono_T

    [EDGE MOD] Shut up and Bleed

    If anyone wants to make a level set for it, be my guest
  10. Chrono_T

    [EDGE MOD] Shut up and Bleed

    Hey, thanks dude! Got it mixed up, appreciate it tho!
  11. Chrono_T

    [EDGE MOD] Shut up and Bleed

    http://forum.zdoom.org/posting.php?mode=edit&f=12&p=679267 CROSSPOSTIN https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20256081/CT-SUAB.zip Prolly my last edge mod. All the info you need is in the wad and in the notepad. This mod makes the game stupid hard and gives it a different experience. Enjoy.[/url]
  12. Chrono_T

    Decide the next outcome of a mod (EDGE MOD STUFF)

    Check the first post, new update in the original thread :y
  13. Chrono_T

    Decide the next outcome of a mod (EDGE MOD STUFF)

    Check the link in the first post for the first winner! Now the next choices are there
  14. Cross posting from zdoom Now heres the thing that Im thinkin: I keep makin all these tiny mods on the side to see if I can complete them into something huge. Some mods are huge, close to completion, and they just remain in dev hell for awhile till i slap on a few more code n' stuff for em. I keep tryin to satisfy some want that I want, but it aint workin. I find myself doin better when im tryin to satisfy someone else's want, so what I thought is basically "lets make something that they decide on what goes in!" Not in the sense of sprites or sounds or the like but more what comes next. I give 3 choices to what weapon goes in next, and when that happens, I put it in, post screens, new version of the mod with the weapon, and then give 3 more choices for the next weapon! Take it as a community choice mod. Not only do they select what gets in, whatever wins the first 3 votes directly influences the next votes. For instance, if a fast pistol won the 1st one, the next choice would be something to offset or complement the next choice, so something more powerful would be the next. If it was a powerful pistol that won the 1st though, it'd be something the opposite to complement the choice, so theres a direct balance. As it stands though, it starts with 3 choices for the starting weapon: -Automatic handgun (micro uzi) -Power handgun (1911) [WINNER] -Accuracy handgun (9mm) SECOND 3 CHOICES: -Accuracy SMG (1911) [WINNER] -Speed SMG -Power SMG[/color] THIRD 3 CHOICES: -Accuracy Shotgun -Speed Shotgun -Power Shotgun Whatever wins the first vote gets in there first! Its up to you to decide what goes in, if you want! EDIT: The winner was the power handgun! This wood gripped classic 1911 does easy work of even imps and demons! Taking posts from both here and doomworld, the power pistol got the first win! As promised, the first beta is in the top post!choose! EDIT 2: The winner was the accuracy smg! The classic mp5 comes in bearing a steady pace, range, and use! Taking posts from multiple sites, the accuracy got the second win! Next alpha is up top where the link was! Unfortunately since im an impatient SOB, now i've narrowed it down to first come first serve these days. Whoever gets the first vote gets the first choice! Now the shotguns..
  15. Chrono_T

    BFOD [EDGE mod]

    Marty kirra with edits by me