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  1. I'm eating fudge for breakfast. Nice fudge.

    There are a whole slew of Doom terms I could possibly use as euphamisms for pretty much anything I like. I will do so in everyday concersation and annoy the fuck out of friends.

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    2. Fletcher`


      That fudge better snuggle back dammit! :P

    3. jerkboy69



    4. Grazza


      Greetings you Fighters for Doom Mega 2000 AD GAME (release date 35684352111111114444444444444444444444 ND) OK>
      Big Hi 2 "operator" and "web OdMINs" In spite of difficults i'm writting this ball letter:) At first Doom not a game is a porno like Duke beta 0.00000000000002, isn't it. Is mine opinean.(Free Speech) At second, stop remove my ball letters.
      Doomers are ball shit snakes.

  2. jerkboy69

    Has Doom ever mocked you???

    I got 'caught' in a Lost Soul once, which was pretty shitty, since they tend to keep attacking and drain your health like supernukage or something. Which was back when ports had first implemented something along the lines of Z-axis collision for monsters. It sucked.
  3. I do as little as possible. What wit the amount of actual methodology I put into my work, I need all the help I can to actually keep it fresh, I guess. This is, of course, just paranoia, but there is a very real danger of things becoming stale through over-planning, like many a WAD which has been ruined from far too tough a section, where a good puzzle or enemy encounter has been "over-produced", due to constant attention from mappers who are used to it, and forget how good it is. Keep it spontaneous. ;)
  4. jerkboy69

    Help dealing with mappers block

    WARNING: The following post has some obscure terms you may well need to look up. Wikipedia, my good man. Anywho, mapper's block. I find this is pretty much an artificial state of feeling uninspired, due to the constraints of aspiring to produce a primarily narratologically-led stage. For example, when mapping for the ill-fated Murderous Intent 2, MAP03 was a real chore, owing to the fact that I'd decided on the theme of a "sewer", and yet this theme threw up more obstacles than I would have wished. Sewers have been done. And done. And done, for Cthulu's sakes! And so, there's this pressure to do a new sewer. TNT: Evilution has sewer sections. There was this excellent map years ago, Tunnel Run, which I played to death, which was a good underground tunnel (Which equals a waterless sewer, you could argue). And so, I was stuck trying to accomplish a map with a very very overused theme. Problem is, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place -- given my fanboy-esque love of Quake II and my slavish devotion to it's Tech Base theming, I needed "Intelligence reports show access through sewers". Damn it, I was sealed into a cage by narratology -- I was being forced into an uncomfortable set of limitations virtue of the fact I wanted my WAD to tell a story. Bad. For my recent project, JerkWad, I attempted a different approach; since I "discovered" an appreciation for a ludology-centered outlook on games design, I had decided to do something I have never done before with my .wad editing -- an über-basic skeleton frame of a level, fully playable, before I even start to add theme. Seriously, the kind of thing that would make a 1994 WAD look real pretty, like. It may be a cliched way to look at editing, but this is the approach that works for me these days, and I find I much prefer it to my old doctrine of thought along the lines of "Do a detailed room, with.... ooh, a detailed room next to it. And maybe even a detailed courtyard, heh.", which was strangling me creatively. In short, you may be going about your mapping the wrong way around. You say you've got "cool ideas" for maps -- well, produce these ideas while you have them. Don't worry too much about sticking them into a real map context, or even the piddly little details that will take your focus away from the main task (For example, I'm doing a set of interconnected rooms and lifts -- I am not going to get sidetracked adding computers until I've finished, damn it). Just get whatever little snippets of inspiration you have down into .wad format, because although realistially you can't force creativity, during any drought, what little there is must be harvested and salvaged.
  5. Everything in your life has led up to The Moment.
    And when your eyes close, and you struggle for that one last breath of something that thus far you had taken for granted,
    It all condenses into that one point,
    The center of you existence.

    And you knew all along.

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      AirRaid said:

      <··· <·· <·
      wahka wahka wahka...


    3. Bloodshedder


      They are "angle brackets".

    4. jerkboy69


      Monsters are cool. But then I am alledgedly just a 24 year old "spooky kid", hahahah!

  6. jerkboy69

    [newproject], jerkwad!

    Not at all. Since this is kind of an attempt at a statement which says "I know how to make good maps with better gameplay than the norm -- and here's how", many will think I'm being rather pretentious. So, the name is ironic. I'm a big fan of irony, as anyone who can remember many of my posts as Jayextee will be able to tell you ;)
  7. jerkboy69

    Ultimate Doom Episode 1 Level 10 The Sewers

    New classic Doom? Don't make me want to buy an X-Box. I'll kill you with toast.
  8. jerkboy69

    Has Doom ever mocked you???

    Mister Samsa, I'm afraid I must kill you again. Mocking me with your... why did I come here again?
  9. So yeah. I'm working now on three projects all at once. One's for Doom.

    There's Shooting Game(tm), which is a whole bunch of ripped MegaDrive graphics and some cheesy midi music I composed wrapped around a click-and-play produced (Hey, I'm no überleet coder. Complaints go to my secretary in the go fuck yourself department) horizontal shmup with nice and neat play mechanics. There's a neat scoring system I'm implementing that is so simple, I'm suprised it's not been thought up before, but fuck it -- what the smeg does anyone in gamedev even know about good balance? It's one level finished, and I just need to find about six more sets of graphics to steal unashamedly, and then I'm go. I need a title, though, hahahah.

    Project number two is a bachelor known as the college Summer Project. I need to collate a sketchbook of images of what is supposed to be "The Future". Cool, it means I get to read through my 2000AD stash again, get horny over more Giger and grab screens from oldschool shmups -- all of which are fun -- and pass it off as work. Yes.

    And behind door number three, is a project I simply must finish this time, because it has the coolest name ever; a Doom2 levelset (No specified amount. I'll do them until I stop :P) called JerkWad. Neat. The only details I have at the moment are that I'm an egotistical fuckwit who believes he'd make a good 3D Zelda were he in Miyamoto-kun's position. Yep, I'm under pretentious delusions of grandeur and think I'm a games design genius. So, I'm putting together some Doom2 levels to test some of my theories. It should be a lot of fun, both making and the finished article, replete with lengthy thesis. Expect it in 2112 or something :P

    Now I kick back and wait for a friend to arrive in this library. Bye.

  10. jerkboy69

    art forum sucks

    He's got no nose. How does he smell? :P
  11. jerkboy69

    inspiration for a megawad

    Hah! I'm personally making a WAD that just details some gameplay/game-making theories I've been kicking around for a year now. I'm going to insert (Into the .WAD, probably, so only überkeen geekolas can check it :P) a lengthy textfile detailing some of the conventions I've employed, and how these enhance the gameplay. You don't have to do that, but the message is here nonetheless; show what you're made of, make it individual. Really, don't just make a megawad that lies awake at night wishing it were HR2 or something, because that's stupid and you're a jackoff. Instead, do something new, if you can :P
  12. jerkboy69

    [newproject], jerkwad!

    Not yet. I kinda announced it after nearly finishing one map. But it's going to be pretty damned ugly for quite a while, since I'm on a total gameplay fixation at the moment, and I'm making sure that every amount of conceivable space needed is present before detailing the levels. Screenshots won't do it justice, since there's a lot more than mere architecture I'm working on; for example, subtle pacing techniques have been employed in MAP01 (Which just needs detailing) so that common annoyances such as "mysterious switches that do something I'm not sure of" just aren't a factor. Bottom line is that'll it'll be more fun than it will be pretty.
  13. Yeah, so. I'm making a levelset, and it's going to be GOD. on toast. I'm pretty much a mid-oldschooler, so I know the drill. I make some levels, which will probably take me all summer. I haul them here to the library on a floppy disk, and you guys play them. I'm not bragging about new monsters/weapons or revolutionary effects/scripting, because they're not there. Hahahahah, anyway. Watch this space. You'll lov 'em. And the name... (thanks Grazza) JERKWAD! HAHAHAHAHAH!
  14. Don't be fooled, I'm Jayextee under a different name, just saying "Hi" again. Fresh start, I made a new LiveJournal and MSN account since I decided too much of my personal business was being aired through my very many contacts.

    Well, whichever, I've been Jayextee for ten years now. I celebrate this by killing the fucker, hahahah!

    I'll probably be posting a bit over the summer, as I'm trying to get into editing again (I've tried several times, I make one room and then just put Gens on instead and play Sonic, heh) and I've not got college sapping all my time -- not least until September, where I meet the new people in a more substantial way than the little introduction session we had. There was this girl, Leanne, who looked at me like I was fresh meat, hahahahah!

    It's going to be a fun year -- she's cute.

    Uhm, yeah, back on track here... I'll probably be bothering you here and there with gameplay theory if I'm not making maps to put my theories to work, hahahah.

    Now, I fly off to the Great Outdoors or something. The sun's out.

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    2. Grazza


      So is your next release going to be called Jerkwad?

      Your old name always made me think of XTreeGold, for some reason. In fact, it took me ages to realize there wasn't an 'r' in it.

    3. Sharessa


      Grazza said:

      Your old name always made me think of XTreeGold, for some reason. In fact, it took me ages to realize there wasn't an 'r' in it.

      Haha, same here. I'm suprised I'm not the only one who thought this. Hell, I'm suprised I'm not the only one who remembers XTreeGold.

    4. jerkboy69


      Darkman 4 said:

      Wow your new name is godawful and sounds like something a horny AOL kiddie would've thought up.


      Recommended reading: Webster's Dictionary, section: irony.

      The choice was one borne more out of a heeeeyuge LiveJournal rant that led to a persona I adopt regularly in real life to take the piss out of guys whose behaviour is solely dictated by their hormones. Oddly enough, I can actually attract women with the JerkBoy persona, although not the kind I want, hahahahah. Sluts.

      Grazza said:

      So is your next release going to be called Jerkwad?

      It is now! I love you, hahahahah!