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  1. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Hite Crossing, last Monday.
  2. Grazza

    Set strafe on + turn with the same key

    There's no problem with doing it the vanilla way (i.e. binding it all to one key so it is only in a single direction, and at the cost of an inability to strafe-50 the other direction). Some traditional compet-n players did so quite openly, and there was never any suggestion that there was any objection to this. The problems with the implementation in prb+ were: 1) Possible in either direction. 2) Not an optional feature (so people could end up using it without meaning to or realizing). Traditionally all such features in Prb+ had always been strictly optional and never the default - you actually had to turn them on yourself deliberately. (I view the way RjY slipped this in as basically an act of vandalism.) The simplest solution is to use, but if you can't get the mouse to work the way you like (it uses a different SDL, though with a little tweaking of the settings and a little practice you'll probably be fine), then there is a modified floating around that removes this misguided feature.
  3. Grazza

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    It is most likely to impact pacifists that would otherwise be very hard (and that people have perhaps therefore avoided recording), so the proportion of existing runs affected might be misleading. What was an aggravating pacifist might become trivial if you can remove the most troublesome monsters with deliberately timed telefrags, shooting barrels, etc. Simplifying the rules has its advantages (less than people imagine, as true edge cases are frankly rather rare), but it will break some things too. I don't see "Pacifist (Strict)" as having any future as a demo category that many people will be interested in recording. As soon as you accidentally telefrag something you have to quit? That's just annoying. I know some people record Reality demos, which can have a similar feel, but even there the player has a little more control over events in most cases, and for most maps where you just have to rely on dumb luck no one bothers outside of TAS. I agree with the notion expressed by a number of people that there is no need to tweak rules to try to make a category feasible on as many maps as possible. It's OK to accept that some maps can't be done in a certain way. UV Speed is the only standard category that should not be fundamentally impossible on any map (and even then there are perhaps maps designed to be played sequentially where that might not apply).
  4. Grazza

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    The proposals seem reasonable overall, and don't alter the traditional category too much. However, with respect to telefrags and crusher damage, I very much like Xit-Vono's old interpretation: if you're simply trying to exit the map as fast as possible (e.g. the action makes sense regardless of the presence or lack of monsters), then any incidental harm to monsters as a result of either is completely OK. However, using either just to kill troublesome monsters is not OK. Regarding barrels, I am uneasy with the proposal. Something like the Xit interpretation makes sense here too. Priming barrels with pistol shots so that monsters will blow them up more easily strays into "hypocritical" territory. Edit: and of course you can harm yourself and fire weapons in Pacifist. If you want to disallow those, then you're defining a completely new/different category. Edit2: The question of what is/isn't a monster is generally pretty clear, and doesn't depend on whether it is counted as a kill. If a deh wad changes a monster into a breakable pane of glass, then it is no longer a monster. If it changes a tech column into a cyberdemon, then it is a monster. etc.
  5. Grazza

    Beat Grazza Demos Month

    It is gratifying to see that this month's contest has been pretty popular. I guess it makes sense, given that I have always been more interested in recording demos with interesting ideas, and less keen (or adept) at grinding the times down. I haven't watched all (or even the majority) of the demos yet (I'm basically taking September off and doing some travelling, as far as this is possible/safe at the moment), but many have surprised and impressed me. 4shockblast's Icarus map04 NM is obviously very nice and hard-worked, and his TVR map10 Speed highly creative, while an improved Build NM Pacifist was really something I didn't expect. But it would be wrong to pick out a list of favourites given that there are many I haven't watched. Some of the Maxes from various players are very entertaining for sure. It is good to see that some went unbeaten, but whether this is because they are actually good, flukey or just no one wanted to play the maps, I don't know. If GrumpyCat would actually like the free chess book promised early in the thread, please PM me.
  6. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Google Photos accidentally created a collage that looks at a glance a little like a toilet with the seat up:
  7. I have to say, the deh file is a work of art.
  8. Grazza

    What's the worst megawad for Doom?

    I'll just drop this little deuce in here.
  9. It's been a long time since I played it all the way through, but I think I played it first of all on whatever the one below Normal* is called Medium, and bumped it up to Unreal to replay it. I recall it being fun both times, though the final boss was quite the bitch on the top difficulty. * Apparently there isn't one called "Normal".
  10. I've always felt that Plutonia punishes poor movement skills a lot more severely than other wads of a similar overall difficulty level. Probably the people who complain about Plutonia being unfair don't use strafing very fluently, or tend to rocket suicide when trying to take out distant chaingunners. If you are finding lost souls annoying, maybe you are playing with a port that doesn't correctly enforce the lost soul limit. I'm not saying a handful of lost souls can't be annoying, but with the limit in place you won't be facing such huge swarms, and won't feel under such pressure to kill them quickly at the cost of suffering heavy damage.
  11. Grazza

    Beat Grazza Demos Month

    Well, Ultimate Doom didn't come out until 1995, so for maps from 1994 there is an argument for using lower complevels. For maps designed when the current version was 1.666 or 1.9, this doesn't make much difference in most cases (only lost soul behaviour, with the exception of some ExM8 maps), though very early maps designed for 1.2 can be affected significantly. For some "Beat 1994" demos I just used the contemporaneous complevel out of an abundance of caution and so I wasn't missing any of the intended features. I'm not suggesting this should be a standard, especially for wads that are known to work correctly with Ultimate behaviour.
  12. Grazza

    Beat Grazza Demos Month

    Hacx 1.2 should not be used for recording demos, period. For a start it removes all REJECT lumps, leading to differing and often undefined behaviour in the various compatible ports/exes. There are other issues too where things have been changed in ways that only work with Zdoom (and features that didn't work at the time with Zdoom omitted), but that one reason should be sufficient. My old demo plays back for me (I'm using Launcher.exe, so it loads the wads automatically if it finds ones with the appropriate names) with the following: Legacy.exe dated 7/7/2002 file-size 860,215 bytes (1.32 beta 5) hacx.wad dated 16/09/1997 file-size 22,102,300 bytes hacx.deh dated 28/03/2000 file-size 36,269 bytes The reason for the two different versions of the deh being in circulation is that for one of the 1.1 releases (files only) one version was used (hacx.deh), but it wasn't the same one used to make the dhacx.exe in the other version. The two versions uploaded to the archive included both. Yes, the difference is in the health of some enemies. Yes, for sure Legacy demos are not directly comparable with non-Legacy demos; my point was that there is nothing in the route that is specific to Legacy.
  13. Here you are: M_LoadDefaults: Load system defaults. default file: C:\DOOM2/glboom-plus.cfg found C:\DOOM2/prboom-plus.wad PrBoom-Plus v2.5.1.5 (http://prboom-plus.sourceforge.net/) I_SetProcessPriority: priority for the process is 1 found C:\DOOM2/doom2.wad IWAD found: C:\DOOM2/doom2.wad PrBoom-Plus (built May 18 2017 19:47:34), playing: DOOM 2: Hell on Earth PrBoom-Plus is released under the GNU General Public license v2.0. You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. It comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. See the file COPYING for details. V_Init: allocate screens. V_InitMode: using OpenGL video mode I_InitScreenResolution: Using resolution 3840x2160 found C:\DOOM2/prboom-plus.wad found C:\DOOM2/line_20.wad [...] P_FindNextHighestFloor: Overflow of heightlist[20] array is detected. Sector 9, line 38, heightlist index 20: successfully emulated. P_FindNextHighestFloor: Overflow of heightlist[20] array is detected. Sector 9, line 46, heightlist index 21: successfully emulated.
  14. Grazza

    I just beat Knee Deep without dying!

    You don't die in the exit room of E1M8. This sector type doesn't even let you die if you get telefragged within it (you exit with 1% health in that case).
  15. Grazza

    Do you think Doomguy eats the demons

    Only available at Smashburger.