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  1. You could take a look at Ultimate Doom 2 Two of that general type (though not copies of original maps): Fear Complex Map20 (Hip Deep) of Cleimos 2
  2. As far as I can tell, Prboom+ is behaving correctly. In vanilla complevels it acts the way vanilla Doom does, and in Boom complevels it depends on the setting chosen for "Remember Previous Enemy" (an option introduced in the original Boom, and preserved in Prb+: see "Options - SetUp - Enemies" in the in-game menu). To have them "growl", set this option to "No". If you feel it isn't emulating these exes correctly, record a demo and check how the sounds compare when playing it back in Prboom+ and the exe it is emulating.
  3. Fast and For Doom by JC Dorne Three first-exit UV Pacifist/Speeds: Map01 in 0:07 Map02 in 0:07 Map05 in 0:31 (blah; and this one isn't Pacifist - meant to be, but I shot some stuff while waiting for archie; hmm, can't blame my thumb for that...) I see fast routes for the other two maps, but they would be a bit more of a slog, I suspect. Anyway my thumb that does the turn right key (for strafe-50) is injured, so yeah.
  4. Not true. This is a converted Tasdoom demo and needs to be played back with -complevel 5 (-complevel 3 will also do). The fact that it doesn't quite play back correctly with Doom2.exe was noted on the original TAS site. More info.
  5. The post exists, but old-style links don't work, unfortunately. The following video explains why he called himself Magikal... This was on a primetime TV show in the UK at the time; millions of people would have watched this.
  6. There is a partial solution to the problem here.
  7. Icarus Starship (Hexen episode)
  8. Osiris and Odyssey spring to mind.
  9. Having recorded hundreds of Pacifist demos, I would say: Doom.
  10. This thread would be the first place to look.
  11. Hey, stop rubbing it in that I didn't get to visit the Dry Valleys when I was in that area. Other Antarctic naming (off the top of my head): Two wads called Terra Nova (Terra Nova is the peak between Erebus and Terror, amongst other things). I recall leafing through a huge book of Antarctic geographical place names (there's not much to do when crossing the Southern Ocean), and there's something named after just about everything you could think of, so there's probably a bunch. Quick, someone make a wad called Drygalski Ice Tongue.
  12. I bought the Doom 3 BFG edition because of the Classic Doom stuff it contained. I forget what. It is still unopened. :p
  13. Well there's your problem. Try setting it higher - much higher*. Twiddle with the acceleration setting until it feels comfortable, though give it some time as you'll need to adjust. * Most competn players, I believe, had it at a value where the game would crash if they looked at the Options screen! You'll no doubt be aware that they had no problems moving precisely and shooting things accurately. FWIW, here are my [relevant] mouse settings: # Mouse settings use_mouse 1 mouse_sensitivity_horiz 12 mouse_sensitivity_vert 2 # Prboom-plus mouse settings mouse_acceleration 2 ... movement_mouselook 0 movement_mouseinvert 0
  14. Foot Hills of Hell 7 by David Ramos Map07 UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:05 Map07 NM Speed (and Pacifist) in 0:05 These would have been perfect for the "Don't Beat Shit" Demos Month, but I only just remembered this map and the fact that it could be exited in a few seconds. I probably first spotted that some time in the 20th century. :p
  15. No, the whole longtics trainwreck was started by Doom v1.91 and not Doom+, which extended a bunch of limits, etc.