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  1. Isn't the -nodeh parameter a simpler option in such cases?
  2. For those not using a port with an option to turn it off, but want this feature and don't want to make their own, Mark Klem made a modified PLAYPAL/COLORMAP that you can grab from this wad, for instance. Since you ask, no, personally I don't use this feature, and would consider it a mild cheat. It is also against compet-n rules.
  3. map05 (Flipside by Mark Snell), UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:23 Not quite the time I was hoping for, but I think this shows that with a bit more luck, it could go very much sub-20. The funny thing is that the imp happily walks into the teleporter all on his own.
  4. map10 (Bridge by Ty Halderman), UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:04 A one-second improvement over my 0:05 demo from April 2004(!). This one also has the advantage of being a vanilla-compat demo, rather than Boom (used back then only due to the lack of good recording options). This took a lot of attempts - way more than it should. It's all skill of course - no luck at all involved here. :p The zip includes a couple of fails, where I demonstrate why it is a good idea to run in the right direction. I'll try for 0:03 in 2031.
  5. Yes, but then you can only do it in one direction, not both. That's the trade-off that people who used this set-up always had to make.
  6. Please be aware that in the eyes of some (maybe many), this de-legitimizes your demos.
  7. Why? The fix for that abomination has been out for a while.
  8. I noticed that Icarus was rather lacking in the UV Speed department, with some maps having NM runs and even Strollers, but nothing decent on UV. So as a first step towards fixing that... map04 (Engineering by Jim Lowell), UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:12 Took a moderate number of tries. The chaingunner normally either rips you to shreds in no time or else seems strangely disinterested in shooting you.
  9. The desert base might be desert base.
  10. Besides, I imagine some people are downloading these videos and may or not not be using a player with a progress bar. I've only noticed thanks to this that my old Stroller is still the UV Speed record on Icarus map05. LOL. And for a few other maps, ideas used for NM or strollers weren't employed in UV.
  11. If you do want a good book, then I can recommend With Speed and Violence. Written by a good communicator and scientist, and does an excellent job of explaining how climate change is much more than just sea level rise, and how the evidence from many angles shows how things could get dangerously out of control faster than humankind could deal with. Very readable, factual and insightful. Originally published in the UK under the title The Last Generation. Same book, but lower price. Edit: I should mention I have an MA in Applied Mathematics / Theoretical Physics, and didn't feel I was being talked down to by this book. Non-technical, but not dumbed-down.
  12. Aqfaq: Yes, presumably this can be used with anything that can be "used", though as with any research one must be cautious and not assume anything until it has been verified. I was thinking that there might be doors keyed from one side but not from the other that could be opened in this way. Of course, you need the geometry to be such that you can get close enough to the far side. I have also wondered whether some grabs could be done in a similar way (obviously then you don't need to be mashing the use key at the same time); I do recall some grabs working like this, but didn't note the details. ZeroMaster010: That's a lot of useful info. The useless one in Doom e3m6 is east-facing and 32 units
  13. Is anyone maintaining a list of maps where the Impse Glide is confirmed to be possible? This might be useful, especially for anyone planning TAS movies, etc. Anyway, on that topic, impse glide confirmed possible for: Dystopia 3 map06 exit switch (avoiding the need for an archie jump) (There's also Doom.wad e3m6 secret exit switch, but also completely unimportant since it can of course be pressed using a normal switch trick.)
  14. Wekless Endangerment by Fonze UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:08 [-complevel 8] Yeah, kind of dickish demo, not to be taken too seriously!
  15. Been watching some sci-fi recently: Dark Matter, Travelers and Continuum - all pretty good (or very good). Thanks, Canada. I've even been gradually catching up on Enterprise, which I didn't watch when it first came out, as I felt it would be too great a time sink. Standard and somewhat formulaic Star Trek fodder, but watchable. Of the Autumn* TV shows (returning or new), I'll be watching Designated Survivor, but maybe not a whole lot else. * No, can't call it 'Faaall'. I'm not that American yet.