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  1. No, a partial eclipse is not a A-, it is an F. Even a 99% partial is no visual spectacle at all - it is no darker than a cloudy day, and there's no corona. Drive the hour, FFS. I'm driving 10 hours (and maybe 5 more if weather dictates), and thinking nothing of it. In 2008 I travelled to the Canadian Arctic for the total eclipse. It was cloudy. :( It cleared for the partial phase, but so what? It was actually a greater experience being in cloudy totality (so I'd recommend going to the zone of totality even if the forecast is bad). Fonze: Hotels in the 'zone' will be expecting it, and already have received lots of bookings. When I booked last December, I got what appeared to be the last hotel room in North Platte, after trying several other towns (Alliance, NE, Casper, WY) that had no rooms at all. (Looking at the current forecast, I'm kind of wishing I'd got my ass in gear earlier and booked in Casper... Actually, I don't know why I didn't, since I'd been fully aware of this eclipse since 2008.)
  2. Driving to North Platte, Nebraska tomorrow. Will be checking weather forecasts.
  3. I believe the correct answer is 2004.
  4. Don't know why I recorded this one. Fork And Knife in the Road by Aaron Nemoyten Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:04 [-complevel 9]
  5. Heh, load this deh and pick up a health potion. (Warning: crash risk.) This one is safer:
  6. Hell Revealed perhaps not. Even assuming you found a way past map07, then the start of map18 looks like an impossible barrier.
  7. But what would you have had instead? The Floral Dance?
  8. The whole point of speedrunning is to break maps in whatever way is possible, so any hand-wringing over this is misplaced. Without new tricks, speedrunning faces a slow death. Besides, for those that prefer not to have to scour maps for obscure trick ideas, there are a bunch of categories that aren't much affected by the more radical new tricks. But if we're really looking to ban some tricks, then personally I hate rocket jumps. Just too violent for my taste. :p (And I suck at them.) I know you're trying to make a point, but I feel the need to mention that almost every factual claim here is incorrect. I also feel the need to stick up for @cack_handed, as anyone reading this post might think he is some sort of incompetent. He recorded some beautiful demos, and was almost singlehandedly responsible for working out how to make low-speed glides work smoothly. Without his efforts, these glides might have been vaguely the way you describe. To see how he made a work of art of a true glides "assault course", I can recommed his x1t7-036.lmp, which is in the Extremal demo pack.
  9. Er, well, I do have an ANITA calculator from the year I was born, and there are such things as calculator games, right? Unless you mean this type of computer game, though that was before I was born.
  10. SMFSP is a recent megawad that fits the bill perfectly.
  11. Remember that the bulk of views will come after it is posted at DSDA, which won't register in the attachment download count. At least, I imagine that most people will watch them when they are nicely organized in the weekly update.
  12. The archive contains a ready-made and constantly updated fullsort document in the root directory. You should be searching for zip in the filename.
  13. The two demos in this post were missed.
  14. But do you put it on banana nan?
  15. Even with "Doom (Strict)", Zdoom behaves very differently from the original game. Anyway, the fact that these are released months apart does suggest the use of saves between levels, so as a movie run, this is indeed TAS (albeit "low-level" TAS, akin to "Doom Done Quick"), even if taken as single-level runs they are not.