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  1. Grazza

    Post a picture...that you took

    Hey, feel free to use it for an album cover if you like. If it is a huge hit, Cabin 2 could become a very popular place to stay. Maybe you could do something with this one too, though I am not sure what style of music it would fit best: Context: Taken two weeks ago in Harefjord, Greenland. Visually it kind of reminded me of a solar eclipse.
  2. Grazza

    Post a picture...that you took

    Aurora the night before last near Hvolsvöllur, Iceland: The conversion to animated gif killed some of the colours and detail, but the movement is nice. Made from a series of eight images, each a 30-second exposure (and about a minute apart) - which is why the stars look a little elongated. The Plough/Big Dipper is in the upper part of the image. The original still photos have stronger colours, including some red. In three of them an aeroplane can be seen as a series of dots. For example:
  3. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Around sunset at a local state park. On one side of the sky was a shadow cast by the oddly-shaped cloud (on the other side of the sky) in the second picture: Here's a panorama: Don't recall seeing this sort of thing so clearly before. Obviously the sun needs to be very low on (or just below) the horizon and the clouds need to be arranged just right.
  4. Grazza

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Yes, we added this stuff in in 2006, and it wasn't in earlier versions (which also had significant bugs with translucency and related deh support). Relevant posts here, here and here (and surrounding posts too). I have also updated the links to the transluc.zip and notransl.zip files, as the ones from 2006 no longer worked. If you don't want these things ever to be translucent in any complevel (unless made so deliberately by a pwad author), then just make notransl.deh a preloaded file and think no more of it. This shouldn't then autoload when anyone watches a demo recorded with it, so those who actually like these things translucent won't be bothered by your preference. Note that changing the comp option has/had no effect in vanilla or Boom/MBF complevels, which would always apply the "correct" setting for that complevel - unconditionally non-translucent for vanilla and unconditionally translucent for Boom/MBF. Some of this stuff may have been changed post- for all I know. I haven't used any of the more recent forks.
  5. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Multiple images: Bus in Sisimiut, Greenland. Not sure how I got the double image of the bus. Sunset in Arches NP, Utah. Dust in the air. Sunset through glass in Las Vegas.
  6. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    This should help clear up any confusion.
  7. Grazza

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Bus tickets from Uyuni to La Paz in Bolivia. With a stop in Oruro, as the direct buses are overnight. I believe the route takes us close to Lake Poopó.
  8. Grazza

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Memoirs of a Space Traveler: Further Reminiscences of Ijon Tichy Kindle Edition by Stanislaw Lem Primarily because it contains Professor_A._Dońda, which wasn't translated into English until 2017, long after I had read much of Lem's other work. No idea if I'll ever find time to read it, but I thought I should have it.
  9. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    More lens testing. A couple of barred owls presented themselves at one of the local state parks. They were a fair distance away and the light was fairly low, so not too bad. Unfortunately, when a black bear (extremely rarely seen in these parts - pretty much the southern tip of their range) appeared earlier, my camera wasn't handy. Though if we're talking about being fortunate, there is the fact that it wasn't inclined to be aggressive...
  10. Grazza

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  11. Grazza

    Condolences to my Pet's Passing.

    Very sorry to hear that. Pet loss can be devastating. They are not just like close family members; they are close family members. You may wish to look for a pet loss support group in your area. They can be very helpful. Also, as you recover from your loss, you may be able to assist others who are in earlier stages of their own grief to handle what they are experiencing. This is one near me.
  12. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Nikon Coolpix P1000. It's kind of bulky. I have a couple of trips coming up (Greenland/Iceland and Chile/Bolivia) and felt a camera upgrade was in order.
  13. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    New camera arrived today. Testing the zoom lens.
  14. Ever since its inception, this forum has always been a place to post demos of absolutely any type of category you wish (including "advanced" port or "incompatible" demos if you see fit for whatever reason). So you should feel free to post anything here that you wish to record. While closely linked with this forum, DSDA is an external site with its own set of rules, and while you may wish to consider how your demos will be classified (or rejected) there, it does not set the rules for this forum.
  15. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Aerial shot. My notes from the time say: "probably Nathorstfjellet in the foreground and Kolspissfjella on the other side of the lake, Nordenskiøld Land".