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  1. Grazza

    Post a picture...that you took

    Great Basin Gopher Snake, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho "Let's Storm Area 51!" sign, near the southern end of the Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada Hyatt Reservoir, Cascades-Siskiyou National Monument, Oregon; a nice pattern, but this is meant to be the middle of a big lake, which is only about 1% full; nearby is something that is labelled a "boat launch". "Lava Ness Monster", Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Oregon
  2. Grazza

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    The 0:16 in the list was a Reality demo, not a straight UV Speed. I didn't bother uploading any UV Speeds at the time because they were crap. Anyway, here is a 0:07 UV Pacifist using the same method as my NM Pacifist. khoop007.zip
  3. As research for this thread, last night I stayed in the Most Haunted Hotel in the Fucking World, and not a thing. I was just a few doors away (Room 507) from where it all is supposed to happen, and I used the elevator on my own, just to test that theory too. Well OK, when it stopped on the 4th floor, the door seemed to take longer to close than usual, so I suppose that's proof of something. I also stopped by America's Scariest/Creepiest Motel, in the same town. "Pics or it didn't happen"? Sure... Parked deliberately badly. I've seen how clowns drive those little cars.
  4. Grazza

    Post a picture...that you took

    I remembered to get the establishing shot this time. Walked a bit. This from the top of Inferno Cone. More tomorrow.
  5. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Showing an unexpected reason why it's a good idea for ski areas to have snow-making equipment. From Sierra-at-Tahoe.
  6. Grazza

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Maybe "run buddy".
  7. Coming right after the awesomeness of the 80s, it's understandable that this decade felt a little insecure and needed constant validation. And yes, it was followed by two decades that lacked a very neat and tidy name. I always kind of liked the term "the noughties" for its double entendre, but it never seemed to catch on. I somehow can't see people using "the twenties" to refer to the current decade, given that it is still used for the 1920s. The 2030s will probably get referred to as "the thirties" though, since the 1930s were kind of sucky (and not referred to by name so much), like the 2020s are shaping up to be.
  8. Grazza

    Countries, Peoples and Geography discussion

    That's the southernmost point of mainland Ontario. Middle Island is in Ontario. Better get that boat fuelled up.
  9. Grazza

    What were the first three PWADs you downloaded?

    First two pwads I played were Raven and ASD2. Both solid efforts, with the former better known, and the latter more interesting. But I didn't download them, as it was before I got my first modem, and they were given to me on a disk. First pwads I downloaded.. hard to say for sure. Maybe Surreal2, Theatre and beyond that I don't know. Probably some DM wad where I thought "WTF there are no monsters". Or maybe a Beavis and Butthead sound wad, beavis.zip, which I used a lot. In fact, for years it was a wad I loaded by default with everything, and I forgot what the original sounds even were. Seriously, watch a 30nm run using it, and you'll see how well it fits.
  10. Grazza

    Post a picture...that you took

    Hey, I remember their commercials. Den er vokset! LOL
  11. In most cases the date-stamps are meaningful. Some of the files are from CDs and have the same obviously false dates (one dates keeps cropping up multiple times in that case), but otherwise if they are in zips (within the main zip file, that is!) they have the original date-stamps. If they are individual files then they may have the date-stamps from when I downloaded them, which in the case of CompuServe Action Games files may have been within days of their release. Here's something else: QuakeEm_upload.zip These are some of the files from the Quake 'em CD-ROM. That is, all this is already publically available material, but this file might be useful anyway. These are the SP Doom2 wads from that disk that came with usable text-files and looked potentially uploadable. Some comments: 1) There are other files of the CD that are potentially uploadable. I didn't look at other areas of the disk, such as Doom(1), Heretic or Hexen. 2) I don't recall if I systematically checked that these wads are not already in the archive. I think I checked to some extent. 3) These are not real zip files. The files on the disk were self-extractors, which I renamed en masse as zip files just so 7zip would open them easily. If you want to upload them to the archive or make them so all zip tools can access them, you will need to repackage. 4) A lot of these were from the CompuServe Action Games forum, and may not be widely available elsewhere. For instance, I have never seen spdrchse.wad (not included here, since no txt) anywhere else. 5) Many of the date-stamps are clearly from the CD (16th July 1995) and aren't the original ones. These should be ignored. 6_ Includes THE_KEEP.WAD, a missing Conductor level. 7) Supplied "as-is". Probably some errors.
  12. Grazza

    Post a picture...that you took

    Painting by Carl Rasmussen from 1893 of Uummannaq at the Marstal Søfartsmuseum. View of Uummannaq from Qilakitsoq. Not quite same angle.
  13. Since there is a lot of interest in this stuff right now, I have attached the files I had marked as possible uploads at the time when the whole Oldstuff Chronicles venture fell apart. ToUpload.zip Notes: 1) This is a large file, so I will probably remove it from my 50MB DW file allowance at some point. Download it now if it is of interest. 2) This is from 2006. As you can see, I had marked some as "probably not", "no", "maybe", etc. I don't recall exactly why this was. Maybe they appeared to have errors (subject to further investigation if they were fixable or not actually errors at all) or were already publically available somewhere that meant uploading them to the archive seemed unnecessary. Or maybe, in some cases, they just seemed to be crap. :p In a very few cases, the text-file may not actually match the wad. 3) It's possible that some were uploaded to the archive at the end of the Oldstuff Chronicles venture. 4) I don't think any of these prohibit distribution; if they had, they *shouldn't* have made it into this directory at all. But maybe I screwed up somewhere. Maybe there were things still to check. 15 years later, I am not sure. 5) These are from various sources. Some were from the CompuServe Action Games Forum; others were found on the web, and some were in collections that had been sent to me. 6) Some may have subsequently been uploaded to the archive by other people during the last 15 years. 7) Provided "as-is".