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  1. No, just one of the few among people who bother posting in dumbass threads like this.
  2. Two monitors. They are not placed on top of each other, but this is how the computer views them. The background images are random ones from my trip to Svalbard in 2007, so they will both look different in an hour's time. The tiny white splodge below the middle of the upper one is a polar bear.
  3. I'll just drop one question in here. If someone sends 100+ messages to each member of the forum staff, saying "FUCK YOU" 5000 times, do you think they should be permabanned? Just providing a little perspective on what kind of shit the staff have to deal with from some of these heroes.
  4. Another one to report as confirmed possible: Fava Beans e1m1, exit switch. And a question. Any idea if the exit switch of map05 of Mayberry's Perdition's Gate (the first wad with this name, not the later commercial wad) should be pressable? I haven't had any luck with this one, though I don't see any obvious reason why it should be impossible. This would make all 6 maps in this classic wad viable for NM, which would be nice.
  5. Cybercontrol by elmle; Map07 nomo in 0:22 Two tricks: a void glide and an impse glide (albeit a short one). The geometry for the void glide is notable, as there is a double wall, but it doesn't seem to make much difference. You could do this with monsters present, but most of the demo would be boring waiting around, and then you'd need a quick glide before the rockets hit. Sorry for the very short stats screen; this can happen when you're mashing the use key. Really lousy movement at the start; I am getting used to a new computer and monitor (both very nice, but with their inevitable idiosyncracies). [Obviously, this could be done much faster via the intended route, but where's the fun in that?]
  6. You should never ever ever ever allow this to happen. Something is badly wrong if it does.
  7. Funny, I've always just hacked away at the registry and never had a problem. But something embarrassing and computer-related happened at university... I think I was in the Mond Console Room at Cambridge (probably not far from the future site of the world's first webcam). It had been an all-nighter and we were by that point just pratting around. I noticed that if you entered something like "HELP COFFEE" it would give a helpful and mildly chatty response, though for some other things, such as "HELP LOVE" it explained that there were certain topics on which it was unable to assist, and you should seek out a human instead. Egging one another on, some increasingly silly things got put in. Then I noticed there was also a "SUGGEST" command. So...
  8. Wot no fudge?
  9. Stinky tofu! I have the stuff every day. No, actually just once, in Singapore. Being a vegetarian is a very useful protection against most of "you must try our local delicacy" business. Termites in Costa Rica and poisonous rotten shark in Iceland were both things I could politely decline. I have a funny video of my wife spitting out the shark meat though. I expect that at some point it will help when I am offered kiviaq in Greenland. It's important not to get it mixed up with qiviut, which is really nice muskox wool. </GreenlandTravelTips>
  10. With all due immodesty, I am going to claim my own OuchEtc as the greatest ever change to the status bar. Needs Vanilla, Chocolate or similar. Here is the file:
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't visit Doomworld if I were you... If there's a problem, it is probably at your end.
  12. Well, there is Carwarz.
  13. I was going to mention the hooker in Nyugati Underpass who didn't want to take a polite no for an answer, but then I realized you didn't mean that kind of asshole seller.
  14. Please translate using this. For Great Justice.