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  1. Taken in Smeerenburgfjorden. Easily mistaken for the more famous Magdalenefjorden, which is a little further south.
  2. Icarus, TVR and Extremal spring instantly to mind. All are roughly similar in difficulty level and size/compexity of maps. Others you might consider (with reasons in parenthesis as to why I hesitate to recommend them quite so instantly) are 2002ado (some convoluted routes/secrets), STRAIN (uses dehacked; also harder in places), Marswar (variable quality/size of maps) and h2h-xmas (contains some slaughter maps and revenant hoardes).
  3. Boss shooter. Invisible and can't be killed. Can't move either, but then it's only for a day. Edit: I'll respond in advance to the inevitable objection: No, they are two separate things.
  4. I'll be at Cape Horn, so if you can handle a 17000 mile detour and your vehicle is semi-amphibious (for the Darien Gap et al.), then I'll see you there! The timing should work out pretty well.
  5. Is there anyone who can help you prepare? Once I helped my sister prepare for exams, and I read her notes to her aloud, using silly voices for some parts of them. She stayed focused and remembered the stuff pretty well. How well that might work depends on the subject though. And as Shanoa says, take breaks. Maybe even use them as 'rewards' to yourself for a good spell of concentrated effort. Maybe for every 6 hours work, you permit yourself to watch a favourite TV show. Or for every two hours' effort, you reward yourself by playing a Doom level (preferably a small one). I have heard it claimed that the brain works best in 25-minute chunks, so maybe take very short breaks twice an hour. If you can convince yourself that you love the subject you're revising, that might help too.
  6. There's already a 1:24 for UV Speed, so the second demo doesn't belong in this thread. Edit: Ah, I see: there's an error on the pernicious hr site.
  8. Some aspects of the description make me think it might be this:
  9. Just reading these last few posts is giving me a headache. Editing posts to fix errors or clarify things is fine, but completely changing their meaning leads to a mess.
  10. Maybe allow users to type in a category, rather than either creating a massive drop-down list (or leaving it impossible to give the correct category). I've submitted a couple of WTF demos. Seemed to work, though the category is given wrongly in one case (actually they are both NM Pacifist, though this only matters for the Build.wad one).
  11. They don't exactly match your description, but maybe take a look at:
  12. The best option I am aware of for moving money around internationally is Transferwise. Much lower fees than regular bank transfers, and reliable and quick. There are fees, but they are minimal, and as people have pointed out, it isn't a simple process, and there are regulatory requirements. How it works diagram from Wikipedia
  13. Let's not forget pa02. As I wrote at the time: This edges out p2m8 for best pacifist of the year, though both are remarkable achievements that were also completely unexpected. And pretty much all of ZM's movie runs, especially the new 30nm on Doom2. Best demo of the year: ZM's 30uv on AV. Best new trick is of course the impse glide. Best max: gotta go with SAV's hr22. Best newcomer: GarrettChan. He's demonstrated skill and style in a wide range of categories and wads, and also has a knack for producing demos that are good to watch. Sorry if have overlooked anything really obvious; I haven't been following demo activity as closely as I used to. There are obviously some amazing Tyson achievements, but I find it hard to pick out which are the most impressive.
  14. HR perfected the "Doom story": "Story in a game is like story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important." - John Carmack
  15. Perhaps you misread. The thread title says "Worst", not "Best".