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  1. Grazza

    what are some funny doomworld incidents

    Questions aren't being answered has always been a crowd-pleaser. A little more subtle, but I made a poopie gets fairly amusing (starting with gems's second post).
  2. Grazza

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Short maps for short people 2 by Roofi and others Map17 (Ecoquartier) UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:03 This 0:03.91 came after a lot of attempts and 20 0:04s. mf17p003.zip
  3. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Iceberg City (a.k.a. Iceberg Graveyard), Scoresbysund, Greenland. I'm thinking of going back there next year.
  4. Grazza

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    A couple more. Short maps for short people 2 by Roofi and others Map13 (Petite Promenade) UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:04 (should be 0:03, but I got sick of the idiots stumbling into my path; I suspect it is quickest to use the right-hand route; both ways are included in the zip) mf13p004.zip Map26 (Lit Volant) UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:07 mf26p007.zip
  5. Grazza

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Sure, why not? Short maps for short people 2 by Roofi and others Map02 (Seine Saint Denis) UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:02 (with no forward inputs) mf02p002.zip
  6. Grazza

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Short maps for short people 2 by Roofi and others Map19 (Gros Rat) UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:05 Tricky double glide and easy death-slide exit, but good timing and aim needed from a baron to assist with getting a quick exit. mf19p005.zip
  7. There are freely-available patches to upgrade between each of the versions.
  8. I had at least two Casio watches that were similar to that one. Maybe that's why I never found the helmet very cool-looking, though I didn't consciously notice the similarity.
  9. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    See-saw with bunny. Simpler formula this time: mandelbrot(p^-z, z^-p)
  10. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    mandelbrot(z^-p^-z^p^-z, p^-z^p^-z)
  11. Grazza

    Thinking of leaving the community

    Oh no, Firecross289 is thinking of leaving. I think everyone needs to reassess their whole weltanschauung in light of this.
  12. For 31st itself, nothing. I mean, why? But during October: Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular and maybe Valleyscare or Trail of Terror.
  13. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Made using the Fractview app with the function mandelbrot(z, p^-p). Expressions like mandelbrot(z^z, p^-p) also give interesting results.
  14. Grazza

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    Dredging up my reply in a similar thread some years ago: "Dredging up my reply in a similar thread some years ago, Raven and ASD2. The former is the better known, but I found ASD2 a lot better."
  15. Grazza

    Crispy Doom 5.6.3 (Update: Oct 04, 2019)

    It isn't a good idea to lump Intercepts, Spechits and Reject overflow emulation together. Turning off Spechits and Reject overflow emulation only causes desyncs without gaining anything. Leaving Intercepts overflow emulation on only causes desyncs and problems, with the exception of one-in-a-million situations (actually I only know of one, and even then it isn't emulated perfectly). For prb+ I always recommend leaving Spechits and Reject overflow emulation on and turning Intercepts overflow emulation off, on the basis that it is better to record something (or, if not recording, to be able to play a map) than to have it unconditionally trashed. BTW, if a map is proving unexpectedly prone to Intercepts overflows, check your linedef 0. It is better for it to be short and out of the way somewhere. more