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  1. MAP19: Everything Dies (Hell Revealed) MAP31: I Dunno Torn (Scythe)
  2. I'm generally fine with most weapons in weapon mods. It's more features in them that bother me. With regards to weapons though, anything that involves indirect kills with a weapon. Stuff like grenade launchers, mine launchers, and ooze launchers/biosludge guns where there isn't immediate feedback between the pull of the trigger and impact. I almost always avoid these weapons like the plague unless I'm either out in the open or I'm out of ammo for everything else. Trailblazer manages to avoid this with its grenade launcher by having it take a while before gravity kicks in and pulls the grenade down. With regards to features, it's a tie between having way too many weapons and, by extension, having multiple versions of the same weapon slot that all do the same or similar things. A good way to off-set these based on other mods I've played is to have classes. Doomzone and Super Shuffle handle this very well with its classes. Another way to offset this is to have a weapon carry limit, which is something DoomRLA has and does well too.
  3. Prodoomer is actually THE mod I think of when it comes to mods that are innovative but are not fun to play. The level design in particular is what I remember it being not fun. Platforming in Doom is really a mixed bag and there's so much platforming in Prodoomer, especially over ultra-thin, precarious insta-death pits (Lava Moss and the Rooftop levels in particular can fuck right off). Also in previous versions the recoil made weapons a right pain in the ass to use. I don't mind recoil in weapon/gameplay mods if it's handled well (I feel like the mods I mentioned handled it well) but the recoil in past versions of Prodoomer were super jumpy, even for the pistol(s). What finally killed the mod for me was the "walljump" mechanic once you unlocked it. It was disorienting and confusing for me and the fact that it was needed to progress further just did me in. I swear I think Prodoomer gave me PTSD. I think it gave Mr. Icarus PTSD too if you've seen his videos that cover it.
  4. I'll take stuff that's fun over something that innovates for the sake of being "innovative". Ultimately that's what I look for in my Doom experience, whether it's mods, levels, or levelsets: fun. If it ain't fun, I won't bother with it. I don't care how innovative it is. The mods I mentioned were, for me, fun. Not everything needs to be trying to reinvent the wheel.
  5. I could be wrong and I may be reading into his posts a little too much but I think Ajora was speaking hypothetically when he said what he said. It didn't come across to me as that being something he'd actually want.
  6. There's a difference between having dissenting opinion that's critical but remains civil and positive versus being rude and negative and trying to excuse it as "criticism". I think that's what Ajora is trying to convey. Some of the posts in this thread are, in my opinion, just over-excessive when it comes to the cynicism, snark, negativity, and general rudeness. There's a discussion to be had in this topic, sure, but when it's drown out by a game of "how can I out-snark this snarky user" it becomes a chore to read and - I can only speak for myself in this instance - the brain just learns to skim past such posts. I'm sure people are going to disagree with me on this but I think how you convey your message is just as important as the actual content of the message. Someone could have something profound and eye-opening but if it's conveyed with the kind of snark, cynicism, and condescending tone I'm picking up in a lot of these post, I'm pretty sure most people aren't going to bother trying to dissect it to get to that profound and eye-opening stuff. I know I'm not. I'm certainly guilty of being negative and snarky in my own posts but I try to dial it back to zero as much as I can when posting anywhere. Of course, this isn't just something I've seen on Doomworld but on other forums as well. This is more of a general internet community thing I've seen. As far as Brutal Doom winning an award goes, I honestly don't care. Brutal Doom was fun for a few playthroughs for me until I discovered how it utterly broke things in maps and just turbo-fucked the gameplay for me. The novelty quickly wore off. Mark's past (and current) antics also more or less ensure I'm never going to touch the mod again either. Of course, that there - how much is the author and their actions associated with their work and vice versa - is another discussion for another time. If someone wants to play Brutal Doom, that's their prerogative. I'm not gonna brow-beat them for it. All I can do is hope that they look beyond Brutal Doom from time to time and see there are other gameplay mods out there that are worth having in their library, mods like High Noon Drifter, Trailblazer, Doomzone, Necrodoom, Colorful Hell, DoomRLA, Project MSX, and Super Shuffle, just to name some personal favorites of mine I'd recommend to anyone.
  7. Yeah, those two maps really drag down my overall enjoyment of the first Community Chest. When/If I ever play through it again I plan on using a gameplay mod that lets me map break because I can't be bothered to play those maps legitimately after the first time of suffering through them. As for me, playing through TNT: Evilution (again), this time with the Doomzone mod as I plan on playing through the IWAD with all of the classes. I would have been done with my playthrough of the Support class sooner but my GZDoom upgrade from 3.2.4. to 3.2.5. fucked that up. Oh well. Got a better loadout as a result of that at least. :v
    I can name three available stompy mech suit mods off the top of my head. Of those three, not only is NecroDoom one of them but the cream of the crop. It's polished and done, for one. Two, the weapons are satisfying to use (but that's been a staple of just about every Xaser gameplay mod I've tried out). Three, it strikes a balance between being fair while also making you feel like a total badass piloting a stompy mech suit blowing up demons. Four, you can even get out of your stompy mech suit and detonate it if you so desire. But don't worry! If you go back to the start spawn of the level you're on there's a shiny new mech waiting for you so you can resume your murderous shooty-bang rampage. If you don't feel like blowing up demons, give D'Sparil's and Korax's minions a beatdown. Yep! You can use NecroDoom in Heretic and Hexen! It also works in Strife for the three people who play that game! If you like gameplay mods like I do, this is a must-have for your download library. <3
  8. Release a monsters-only version of Super Shuffle? :v ( I know it's wrong but I can dream though I still love Super Shuffle as is <3 ) Real Life Goals: Try to publish a book Improve my physical health some (especially since I've been dealing with gout for the past three-ish weeks) Improve my mental health more (by spending less time on social media and community websites and just walking away from situations full of negativity, cynicism, and snark) Do volunteer work Apply to grad schools Doom Goals: Get back into Doom multiplayer because I don't know why I stopped in the first place. I had nothing but good times when I played it (even if I am a nubcake).
    there's no gorillas 0/5 would not recommend In all seriousness though, this is a damn good level that's hella tough. The environment is trying just as hard to kill you as the monsters are. Between quickly wading through toxic goop and damaging blood, you have a variety of monsters sniping at you from all positions, making you either rush from location to location or (like I did) take out a few of the snipers with careful shots (and savescumming like the nub I am) before moving to the next location. Even when you go to the next platform you'll have to content with some up close and personal fights that threaten to push you back into the goop below. I really liked this. <3
    I'm usually a fan of Xaser's stuff but this isn't one of them. Maneuverability is my biggest complaint with this map. I don't think strafe running should be mandatory to reach anything (admittedly I'm an average player; when strafe running is mandatory for anything I just cheat and jump, like I did with getting to the red skull key). Getting to the exit was also an exercise in frustration and I just jumped my way from platform to platform to get to it after several tries at strafe running. For other people, this is easily a solid 4-star or even 5-star map. For me though, it's a 3-star map. Xaser is still a cool dude though. <3
  9. I wish I could delete my profile here.

  10. TNT Evilution is pretty good. It's my second favorite IWAD. I like the attempt at some psuedo-realistic structures that were made in the design at the time. That really stuck with me.
  11. Maybe if real life wasn't such a fucking Goddamn shithole people wouldn't increasingly use video games as a means of escapism? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean, if it's not video games, it's alcohol, drugs, gambling (which has been kind of leaking into gaming lately thanks to loot boxes), or something else to cling to as a psychological crutch to keep from gargling some 12-gauge mouthwash, whether it's self-administered or administered to other people unwillingly. Most people have that "thing" that helps them make it through the day without killing someone else or themselves. There's a deeper social disorder or dysfunction involved that unfortunately either doesn't have a quick fix (any good fix to social ailments is never quick or short-term) or can't be fixed because of the clown fiesta we have running the country/world doesn't want it fixed. It's fucked up because they want it fucked up because it benefits them. You can treat addiction all day until the cows come home and until you're blue in the face. However, until deeper social problems like inequality, lack of economic/social mobility, prejudice, lack of access to basic needs, etc. are addressed, people are going to find ways to cope with shitty life circumstances. Cure them of one addiction and they'll just go to another. Or they'll eventually snap and kill others/themselves when they eventually have nothing left to go to.
  12. Plutonia is the bee's knees. Easily my favorite IWAD of them all. <3
  13. Playing through Joy of Mapping 5 with High Noon Drifter. Was also playing it with the Kriegsland Enemy Pack until GZDoom crashed on me when I was fighting through the waves of enemies that pop up when you use the red key in the hub map.
  14. The original Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I used to be so good at it that I had schoolmates call me for help on it.
  15. I'm playing through the latest version of Dark Universe with the Doomzone mod. Having a blast. Taking a break before I try the newest map added to it (map 05). :D
  16. On the latest stable version of GZDoom (3.2.4) the beta codes don't work at all. I'll get the codes from the terminal and go to a door panel but nothing happens, making level one unbeatable because the doors associated with those codes won't open. EDIT: Nevermind I had compatibility settings to "Doom" so that's why everything was borked haha. :D
  17. So I'm not the only one yearning for the sweet, cold embrace of the infinite void. :D
  18. So you know how when America does something boneheaded like repeal net neutrality it seems like other parts of the globe seem to follow suit? Well, I didn't expect Canada to be the one to jump on the corporate greed train so soon.