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  1. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    Playing through Doom 2 Redux with Doomzone as the Support class again.
  2. ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ 

  3. Nems

    Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    Gorgeous. <3
  4. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    This is probably gonna be overkill on my part but I'm gonna be playing with Doomzone and with levelsets that have patches for the mod. I'm also gonna be playing through those WADs with each class. I'm gonna start with the Doom Tribute Project as Support. EDIT: Yeah not going as far as playing through each WAD as each class. That's thirteen classes per WAD and there's eleven patches that come with the Doomzone zip file. I think instead I'm gonna do a class per WAD.
  5. Nems

    What are you listening to?

    I'm not even into Touhous but I think this is a pretty nice metal cover.
  6. Anyone willing to give up this easily at the first sight of bad news and not continue to fight bullshit policies like this don't deserve things like net neutrality and an open internet.
  7. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    I'm playing through Wonderful Doom with the latest Colorful Hell beta, LegenDoom Lite, Champions, Trailblazer, and zEpisodic mods. Mainly playing through Wonderful Doom with these to test out some issues I was having with Champions and zEpisodic earlier with 2002: A Doom Odyssey. Come to find out there's something in the last weapon mod I was using, Doom Incarnate, that conflicts a bit with both Champions and zEpisodic. Also playing with these mods to try to replicate a crash-to-console bug I encountered twice in the past with Champions so I can screenshot it and report it.
  8. That's pretty much my opinion on the matter too. I like classic Doom's story/plot/setting because (whether it's intentional or not) it takes a "less is more" approach. It tells and gives you just enough of the lore to set up the world in the instruction manual and the intermission texts. Beyond that though, it actively encourages you to use your imagination and theorycraft/headcanon the rest of what's happening through the level design and gameplay set ups in those levels. Of course, the "less is more" approach also works great for those who really don't give a crap about the story and just want to get right into their shootbangs. My own interpretation/understanding of Carmack's quote is that what should matter above all else is the gameplay. This is something I do agree with. Speaking for myself, if a game is a chore or a pain or boring to play then I'm not going to sit around long enough for whatever story it has to tell, even if it's an award-winning story.
  9. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    Starting tomorrow I'm gonna begin a playthrough of all of the currently available Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions using Trailblazer 1.4c, LegenDoom Lite 2.0, Colorful Hell 0.931, and Mikk's Champions Mod 2.1.
  10. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    That reminds me of a playthrough I did a while back of the 3 heures d'Agonie quadrilogy with Colorful Hell, LegenDoom Lite, and Trailblazer. Yeah, the slaughtermaps become very hectic but I loved that, especially when I was able to keep Quad Damage and Infinite Ammo going through most of those slaughtermaps and just annihilate everything with the Nutcracker. :v I've got a backlog of things to play through so I'm probably gonna start later on Dark Universe Pt. 1 with Colorful Hell, LegenDoom Lite, Mikk's Champions mod, and Trailblazer (again, I love Trailblazer lol).
  11. Checkmate, Doomworld.
  12. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    Currently playing through Good Morning Phobos with my usual gameplay mods of choice (Trailblazer 1.4c, Colorful Hell, LegenDoom Lite). I'm considering giving ESP a go after this despite the fact I suck at slaughtermaps (and despite the fact that if I use the above gameplay mods with ESP my GZDoom is probably gonna slow to a crawl like Houston traffic :V).
  13. Nems


    Welp looks like I have an excuse to play through ESP again before playing through this. :D
  14. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    Currently playing through Doom 2 with Colorful Hell and Doom Incarnate. I'm kind of tempted to give Eternal Slumber Party another try after this (even if I'm shit at slaughterWADs).
  15. Nems

    Heroes' Tales

    I don't think I've ever played a wad made by the Russian community that I didn't like. This is no exception. This is 32 levels of quality, ranging from small-scale fights to epic set pieces. Worth playing and highly recommended. <3
  16. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    Started a playthrough of Heroes' Tales with Trailblazer, DoomRLA Monsters, LegenDoom Lite, and Doom Ambiance Pack.
  17. Nems

    10 Sectors Part 2

    I personally liked this over part 1 of 10 Sectors, which I previously reviewed. There isn't the technical mishaps found in the first installment so that immediately makes me happy. There are a few levels which have wonky progression but they aren't nearly as bad as what was found in the first installment either. This one feels a lot more polished than the last entry and as such I'd recommend it over part 1.
  18. Nems

    10 Sectors

    I see the phrase "mixed bag" a lot when it comes to describing a lot of megaWADs. Hell, I've probably used the term a few times myself. However, I try to reserve it for when it truly is such. This megaWAD is really one of those cases. For every good map in this megaWAD, there's one or two that just absolutely take the piss. If it isn't some kind of technical fuckery that can make some maps unbeatable and force you to start all over again, it's maps that well overstay their welcome with some of the most wonky and convoluted progression I've encountered. A big "fuck you" goes to map 21 for devolving into a switch hunting clusterfuck if you're trying to play the damn thing correctly. Otherwise, do like I did, say "fuck it", and jump across the gap to the exit door instead of finding all of the switches to raise the floor high enough to go across. It's certainly possible to play through the entire thing and beat it. How much you'll want to will depend on how forgiving you are when it comes to the stuff I pointed out in my last paragraph. I guess play this to see what mappers can do with ten sectors and then decide for yourself if it's something you'll want to come back to. I know I'll come back to this but it'll be a while, at least until the bad taste of map 21 goes away.
  19. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    I'm currently playing through 10 Sectors with The Trooper weapon mod and the Kriegsland enemy mod. I plan on playing through 10 Sectors 2 and a stripped down levels-only Freedoom (circa 2015 version) with the same mods the Doom Incarnate weapon mod and the Kriegsland enemy mod.
  20. Nems


    Sometimes, after playing through a level set that stomps your balls in, you want to relax with something a little more laid back. This is that megawad. Highly recommended. <3
  21. Nems

    Tangerine Nightmare

    This was a fun mapset though it gets more challenging later on. Map 08 in particular is a mad scramble to the top while the IoS rains spawned Hell down on you. I wasn't a fan of the monster sprite changes but they were thankfully just visual changes, not behavior changes. The bonus map can get fucked though. Hate that last room encounter. Contending with two arch-viles, a wall of revenants, a mass of cacos AND pain elementals, AND two cyberdemons while trying to move around and dodge all of that was impossible and bullshit for me. Thankfully the bonus map is just that - a bonus. I would have dreaded encountering this in the normal roster. I'll definitely come back and play through this in the future.
    This was a pretty fun set of levels to blast through. It's not too challenging despite the monster count found in most levels (if I recall right most of them had at least over 200) though there are a few encounters that make for some tricky gameplay. Still worth a download and worth a shot. I know I'll be coming back to this in the future.
  22. Nems

    The S-Project

    This is a nice little level set reminiscent of scalliano's Threshold of Pain in terms of atmosphere. Has a pretty challenging boss battle too at the end. I wish there was more of it but for what's available it's pretty nice. <3
  23. Nems

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017

    This was not a fun experience for me. I pretty much expect the Doomworld Megaprojects to be a mixed bag. While this one is no exception, what brings the score down to two stars instead of three is forcing pistol starts via a hub system. I tried to play by these rules until I hit map 19, where the bullshit became too much for me. I said "fuck it" and engaged IDGAF mode (read: I cheated) just to see what the rest of the maps were like. Many of these maps don't feel like they were balanced at all. Some of them I swear feel like they belong in a Slaughterfest project (nothing against slaughtermaps; I like them but to see this many in a Megaproject just seems off). A couple don't seem to work right at all. One (the last map) crashed my GZDoom executable. Forcing players to play a certain way (i.e. forcing pistol starts) isn't going to make a lot of players enjoy the experience. Some players (like myself) will get tired of it, say "fuck it", and either cheat through the experience or go even farther and just edit out the crap we don't like in SLADE/Doom Builder so it will play the way we want to play it. I don't know why an episodic system was used (i.e. an episode based on vanilla only maps, an episode based on limit removing only maps, etc.) instead of forcing pistol starts. That would have been a much better compromise, in my opinion. It's a damn shame because there are some good maps in here that I think should have been released on their own. However, I have to rate this project as a whole package and as a whole package it was a miserable experience from start to finish. There was too much bullshit that overshadowed the few maps that were fun to play.
  24. Nems

    Super MAYhem 17 (v1.0)

    I don't recall the past MAYhems being borderline bullshit in the difficulty department but this one definitely pushes it with some of its levels (I'm especially looking at you, map 31). I really wasn't a fan of the aesthetic change either though the intermission screens did get me to chuckle. Overall this was just a really mixed bag for me. I'm sure others will get more enjoyment out of it than I did though.