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  1. MegaWAD of my dreams: something exceeding 32 maps of nothing but megamaps. I know most folks don't care for that and that's understandable. However, I like those kinds of long endurance runs, massive adventures that last for hours. Mod of my dreams: Just D4D/D4T/Argent also working with Heretic and Hexen. Having the Doomslayer punch the shit out of D'Sparil and Korax would make my day. :P
    So I found this to be a pretty fun megaWAD. It feels familiar to the OG Doom 2 IWAD while still being and doing its own original thing. <3 I didn't really encounter any issues with it other than a spot at the end of map 20 where something didn't lower to get to the exit but I straferan and jumped to get to it so it wasn't that big a deal to me. Still worth a shot for those of you who are into megawad's like myself. :D
  2. Since images automatically embed themselves without having to use the tag ever since the forum update, does this mean I finally know how to use the tag? :V

    1. bzzrak


      Nah, you still don't know how to use it, but now you don't have to use it. ;]

    2. Nems


      Progress! \o/

  3. Maybe she just plays for fun and doesn't care about her "skillz". :I
  4. Doom truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

    1. grouchbag

      Well, someone gave me all 4 Dooms as a gift.So yes, Doom is truly the gift that keeps on giving. :D

  5. I just got done playing Doom 64: Retribution. Definitely my new favorite way to play Doom 64. <3 Dunno what I'm gonna play next though. Trying to think of something that would go well with Woolie Wool's Mutiny mod but nothing is coming up. I wanna avoid any megawads that have an IoS for that kind of mod. :I
  6. This is fucking boss looking. <3
  7. Speak for yourself. :I I'd play the fuck out of out a megawad made up of 32+ megamaps.
  8. Frank Klepacki is a fucking beast. <3
  9. I really enjoyed Romero's movies, even Diary of the Dead. Rest in peace. :(
  10. Trailblazer is life. <3 Also D4T and D4D and Argent are pretty cool too. Also NecroDoom because Doom needs more big stompy mechsuits. Also Doomzone for more class-based stuff.
  11. I tried to get into it. I played through the entire thing from start to finish and it never really clicked with me. I think the more I played it, the more it reminded me of Hexen when I played through it and not in a good way. :\
  12. Having played through it (and Heretic) recently, I appreciate what it did in terms of exploration. That being said, it's not really my cup of tea (neither is Heretic after giving it another spin recently) and I spent more time being lost and frustrated than I would have liked.
  13. I'm glad I have at least a small understanding of Decorate.


    I may not be able to make a mod, but I at least know how to edit one enough to keep something I don't like from spawning.