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  1. Nems

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Doing better than I was a few years ago around this time but I'm still alive and kicking. Sometimes with screaming. :P Been digging these screenshots of the updates. Definitely eager to give this a spin when it's available. :D
  2. Nems

    2022ADO ... Released! (now on idgames)

    Just as I finished public beta 1 last night there's now a public beta 2. Welp. :P In any event, I absolutely enjoyed my time with 2022ADO. Damn solid megawad. Gameplay was absolutely top notch stuff and the secrets were really well done. I wasn't able to find the secret exit to E2M9 so I ended up "changemap"ing to it. :P I was able to find the secret exits to the other maps though (except the EXM10 maps, I didn't even try to find those yet :P). Looking forward to future updates and the eventual final release of this megawad. <3
  3. Nems

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Oh man I'm happy to see this getting a remaster. :D This is one of my favorite megawads (even though I had to download a fixed version floating around to keep from getting stuck on map 02 :P). Hope you've been doing well, Doom_Dude. :) I miss the old New Doom days.
  4. Nems

    2022ADO ... Released! (now on idgames)

    :D Funny enough I just started a playthrough of 2002ADO 10th Anniversary with Soldier Z and DRLA Monsters. :P I'll definitely have to download this and give it a spin once I finish my current playthrough. :)
  5. Nems

    What makes you decide to play or skip a WAD?

    As I've gotten older and have less time to devote to Doom thanks to my job, my own tastes in what I play have changed. These are some of the things I look for: -Number of maps: I love lengthy Doom adventures so I'm always looking for megawads. As long as a mapset has at least 6 maps in it, I'm willing to give it a shot (though there are some map(set)s with less maps that are impressive enough for me to make an exception). -Mod compatibility: I consider myself a gameplay mod enthusiast so anything that lets me plug in mods is very much welcomed. As such, I'm really fickle about how Dehacked is used. If it's used for map names, that's fine. If it's used to replace the SS Nazi, Keen, or unused assets to implement new monsters (like the dead Lost Soul), I can deal with that. If the Dehacked actually touches the monsters in any way and/or modifies the weapons, I'll most likely skip it. There are exceptions to this, of course (like Avactor. I love what it does with the monsters, I can use weapon mods with it, there are some monster mods I can use with it - namely LegenDoom Lite and Corruption Cards, and the level design is top notch so it gets a pass). -Continuous playthroughs: I like to be able to carry my arsenal and inventory throughout my entire playthrough of a mapset, only losing it and starting over if I die. If I come across a death exit, I won't hesitate to get around it by invoking IDDQD or using mods that let me get through it unscathed. If a mapset uses ResetInventory, I'll quit and move onto something else that doesn't use it. I don't like the idea of punishing the player for doing well but I realize this is probably a "me" thing. -Id-like flow: By this I mean killing barons lowers stuff in e1m8, killing arachnatrons and mancubi does the things in map 07, map 15 has a secret exit to map 31 which has a super secret exit to map 32, etc. Essentially anything that plays and flows like an IWAD. Anything that deviates from that flow tends to sour the wad for me. For example, I'm not a big fan of the episode structure used in Doom 2 by Valiant and Eviternity. I'm also not a big fan of map 07 slots doing something beyond killing mancubi and arachnatrons. Examples of this are Valiant's map 07 where you have to keep the Mancubus alive, Interception 2's map 07 where you have to repeatedly kill a Mancubus to lower multiple walls to exit, Slaughtermax's map 07 arachnatron shenanigans, Skulltiverse's map 07 where you have to keep an Arachnatron alive, and the entirety of Dark Scythe (I still don't know why/how monster mods break Boom maps that utilize tag 666/667 outside of map 07 but oh well). Finally, I'm not really a fan of secret exits being in levels other than their intended one. Lunar Catastrophe's secret exits not being on their usually expected levels is an example of this. Admittedly I'm not really a fan of puzzle maps either and I'm picky about slaughter maps and hot starts. I don't mind slaughter maps and hot starts so long as the player has the gear to deal with it. Therefore, I prefer them to show up in later levels of multilevel WADs. Pistol starting a sizable mob - especially if they start alerted to my presence - is a real motivation deflater. I know I have strange tastes when it comes to WADs. :V
  6. Hi it's you WhoDaMan?

    1. Nems


      Nope. :V

    2. Omxgamer127


      who WhoDaMan? i need to talk with him

  7. So it looks like WAD Discussion is where I'd go if I wanna write reviews for the stuff I've played.


    I'll do that whenever I don't feel drained from work. :')

  8. Welp, the wad I was going to write a review on isn't showing up in a search on the download beta even though it's available on the old idgames database.


    Guess I'll have to find something else to review. \ :V /

  9. I should really get back to writing reviews and stuff.


    I think I'll do that after I finish this one wad I'm playing through currently.

    1. Nems


      Christ I looked back at some of my older reviews and I really wish I could delete some of them.


      Ah well. I guess one day I'll go back and replay them so I can edit my review of them.

  10. "...the underlying premise is that all members are people worthy of basic dignity..."


    Cool that you think this, Linguica. Maybe remove do-it.wad from the archives while you're at it to reflect this? Or put up a updated disclaimer that you don't condone the shit depicted in the wad anymore if you want to preserve archive integrity while still promoting this whole basic dignity thing?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nems


      To be honest it was a bit of both and I apologize for at least half of it being a drive by gotcha. I would like to have an actual discussion though. I'll shoot you a private message.

    3. Linguica


      If it was half a drive by, then don't bother PMing me for a heart to heart, thanks.

    4. Nems


      Should have been quicker. Delete it or something, I don't care. Guess I was right about you after all.

  11. Nems

    What are you listening to?

    I blame thank @Ex Oblivione for getting me into this artist. This is some good shit to play classic Doom to. <3
  12. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    I spoiled myself by looking inside the Quake Stuff Ultra Reloaded pk3 with SLADE to see what monsters are in there and it pretty much ruined my playthrough of Alien Vendetta. :x Ah well. Now I'm gonna play through Abyssal Speedmapping Session 39 with LegenDoom 2.4, then Gardevoir's Ultimate Doom II with MetaDoom and Champions.