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    I don't recall the past MAYhems being borderline bullshit in the difficulty department but this one definitely pushes it with some of its levels (I'm especially looking at you, map 31). I really wasn't a fan of the aesthetic change either though the intermission screens did get me to chuckle. Overall this was just a really mixed bag for me. I'm sure others will get more enjoyment out of it than I did though.
  1. Playing through the Doomworld 2017 Megaproject. Not a fan so far but I'm gonna push through it and play through all the maps so I can leave a review.
    Pizza Steve is...interesting, to say the least. It's a megaWAD full of slaughtermaps, many of which will have a monster count exceeding a thousand. The levels are huge and you're going to need all that room to run around the projectile spam. A recurring thing in many levels is meatwalls consisting of one enemy type. It's comical to splatter meatwalls consisting imps and zombies but less so when it comes to every other monster (especially Revenants and Barons). I'm at least grateful that there weren't any Arch-Vile meatwalls though you'll be facing those in greater number than any one player would like to see. Needless to say, it seems and feels like balance was an afterthought for this megaWAD. As a result of this lack of balance, it's a megaWAD that feels like it's more at home in a co-op setting though you can play it solo, provided you've got mad skills or do like I did and use an OP weapon mod like Russian Overkill, Guncaster, Trailblazer, or Doom Incarnate. Every level starts off as a cathartic blastfest but as you go through each level you may have to take a break from how huge the levels are and from the batshit insane firefights. You're definitely going to want to take breaks when you play through this. Would I recommend this to others? Eh, not really. I'm in the minority in that I love megaWADs like this (and I'll definitely come back to play this in the future) but even I found myself getting fatigued when playing through this and had to take breaks. If you're gonna play it, play it in either co-op or with your favorite OP weapon mod of choice (if you even use weapon mods, which if you don't, that's fine; you do you). Otherwise, you're not really missing anything by skipping this.
    This is top tier stuff right here. Tons of level variety and plenty of tense firefights. This is a keeper. <3
  2. I'm attempting Pizza Steve again with the Doom Incarnate mod. Dual wielding BFG's should make maneuvering the maps easier (save for a map bug in map 04 where you have to either noclip to hit a switch to lower the yellow key or just give yourself all of the keys; that's about as far as I got last time before I quit). EDIT: Map 04 of Pizza Steve isn't broke, I just didn't wallhump enough. :V Progression through this megaWAD is kind of obtuse.
  3. Playing jthfixv3.wad with High Noon Drifter, DoomRLA Monsters, LegenDoom Lite, and the Doom Ambiance Music Pack. Were it not for the fact that I have Infinite Basilissa Summon turned On, map 32 would have been impossible for me to beat with its 3000+ monster count and my FPS taking massive hits, heh.
  4. Considering you focused on just part of my and someone else's post to go on a tangent that looks (to me) like an attempt at shit-stirring, yes, you punked and joshed yourself.
  5. Just from the trailer alone this looks fucking awesome. :D <3
  6. For me it's GZDoom. I like the modding capabilities, the ease of use, the ease of setting it up to behave however I like, and its versatility. Before GZDoom though, I hopped around from port to port, trying just about everything from the list at least once and for a day or so. I think the first one I ever tried (other than Doom95) was Doom Legacy. From there, I jumped to Doomsday and played with that for a while before I hopped on board the Risen3D train before finally getting into ZDoom, which is where I've been ever since (along with its derivatives). I even played with ZDaemon, Odamex, and Skulltag/Zandronum a bit. Despite my own leaning towards GZDoom and the ZDoom family of ports, I'd encourage everyone to give each port a try to see what's right for them. I'm glad that there's such a diverse selection to choose from in order to play Doom.
  7. Uninstall these friends and install new ones.
  8. Started playing NeoDoom: Vaccinated Edition today with High Noon Drifter and DoomRLA Monsters for a little added flavor in enemy variety.
    This is a very fun, albeit tougher remix of the first eleven maps of Doom 2. The design is familiar enough to be recognizable while still doing its own thing. I just wish there was more than just these 11 levels because I would have liked to see what they would have done with the other levels. I'd still heartily recommend this. <3
  9. MAP19: Everything Dies (Hell Revealed) MAP31: I Dunno Torn (Scythe)
  10. I'm generally fine with most weapons in weapon mods. It's more features in them that bother me. With regards to weapons though, anything that involves indirect kills with a weapon. Stuff like grenade launchers, mine launchers, and ooze launchers/biosludge guns where there isn't immediate feedback between the pull of the trigger and impact. I almost always avoid these weapons like the plague unless I'm either out in the open or I'm out of ammo for everything else. Trailblazer manages to avoid this with its grenade launcher by having it take a while before gravity kicks in and pulls the grenade down. With regards to features, it's a tie between having way too many weapons and, by extension, having multiple versions of the same weapon slot that all do the same or similar things. A good way to off-set these based on other mods I've played is to have classes. Doomzone and Super Shuffle handle this very well with its classes. Another way to offset this is to have a weapon carry limit, which is something DoomRLA has and does well too.
  11. Prodoomer is actually THE mod I think of when it comes to mods that are innovative but are not fun to play. The level design in particular is what I remember it being not fun. Platforming in Doom is really a mixed bag and there's so much platforming in Prodoomer, especially over ultra-thin, precarious insta-death pits (Lava Moss and the Rooftop levels in particular can fuck right off). Also in previous versions the recoil made weapons a right pain in the ass to use. I don't mind recoil in weapon/gameplay mods if it's handled well (I feel like the mods I mentioned handled it well) but the recoil in past versions of Prodoomer were super jumpy, even for the pistol(s). What finally killed the mod for me was the "walljump" mechanic once you unlocked it. It was disorienting and confusing for me and the fact that it was needed to progress further just did me in. I swear I think Prodoomer gave me PTSD. I think it gave Mr. Icarus PTSD too if you've seen his videos that cover it.