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  1. You absolute mad man. :D I love your work and dedication to this. <3
  2. I plan on getting this next when I'm able to get me another Steam card. I was gonna get Dying Light but it can wait (that and it costs more than Dusk :V).
  3. I'm playing through the Lost Episodes of Doom again with the following patch I found: I'm also playing through it with Xaser's NecroDoom RC2, Lud's CustomDoom 1.8.2., and Spaceman333's Slomo Bullet time Ultimate universal mod. Xaser's NecroDoom Lud's CustomDoom Spaceman333's Slomo Bullet time Ultimate universal mod
    This was a pretty fun megawad. I died a few times but I didn't really have any issues with it. I wasn't a real fan of the backtracking of many of the levels and after going through about the first five maps I could see certain mapping and set piece patterns repeated in later maps but those are just personal niggles. It didn't stop the fun I had. Four stars from me. <3
  4. For me, it's a mix of the Biblical description, what's found in the Divine Comedy, what's mentioned in Paradise Lost, with a small touch of Lovecraftian 'this thing/place that should never be seen/found/described' horror and some Quake 1 aesthetics. Also void spaces/abysses as those places give off a kind of 'ancient Hell' or 'worse than Hell' vibe. Barring those things, I also imagine Hell to be a place where the worst of the worst of anything exists with a twist of the grotesque, where everything is perverted in some way by evil. It's not just fire and brimstone. It could literally be anything. Don't like snow/ice? Have fun with this blinding snowstorm where the freezing snowstorm is made of human fat! Hate spiders? Have a giant arachnid where the body is an upside down head (i.e. an oversized Trite). Hate eating your vegetables? Now the vegetables eat you! Didn't like babysitting children when you were older? Now those same children are babysitting you, only you're stuck in a razor wire covered crib while they poke you with pins and needles. The horrors are infinite and just as soon as you get used to one horror, Hell finds a way to ratchet up your fears so it's a brand new horror all over again with an added twist you were hoping wouldn't be added. You never become dull or indifferent to what you're exposed to because Hell makes sure each thing you experience is fresh in its torment of your mind, body, and soul.
  5. You got me wanting to play the Dead Island games again and save up for Dying Light. I know people give Dead Island a lot of shit but I really enjoyed the games. ._. Other games that I play at the moment that aren't iD games: F.E.A.R. (the first one and their expansions, Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate; I didn't like 2 and 3 is barely better than 2 to me because it has Point Man again and because Bucket dies) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (mainly the Call of Chernobyl mod that takes all of the maps from the three games and cut content and mashes them into a giant sandbox; hella fun stuff and worth a try if you have Call of Pripyat) I don't play much or deviate from Doom and those games, to be honest. :I
  6. That's debatable but admittedly I was never impressed with Half-Life as a game or franchise so maybe it's just me that thinks even Half-Life wasn't that creative. :\
  7. I'm both disturbed and mesmerized by the video but I definitely love the beat to it.
    This was a fun, quick WAD to blast through. As usual, top notch stuff from pcorf. <3
    For a "final version" there's still plenty wrong with this. If you hold down the fire button with the chaingun selected and let the ammo counter run out you can fire forever until you let go of the fire button. The lack of widescreen resolution support is disappointing. Making the player actor larger than normal to where you have to duck to get under normal doorways is annoying. I hope the author will revisit this one day to address the issues I mentioned as well as what others have mentioned (aside from the mod being overpowered; I like power fantasy mods and this was going for that) because there is potential for this mod to be a damn good one. Until then, give this mod a pass. If you want something more polished and balanced while still letting you run around in a big stompy mech suit, try Xaser's NecroDoom.