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  1. Chaindude

    Your favourite music (except IWAD music)

    IWADs: *TNT (Always thought it had a clear advantage over Plutonia music-wise...maps are a different story :)) - MAP01 and MAP02 are my all-time favorites PWADS: *Scythe2 - Almost everything, but I particularly like MAP01, MAP25, MAP28, and MAP30's songs. *Speed Of Doom - Stewboy's "Stars" (MAP31) and Jimmy's "Baron's Province" (MAP30) are my personal favorites. *Crucified Dreams - MAP01 and MAP02's songs *Plutonia 2 - Jimmy's Cataclysmic Impact (MAP30) *The entire soundtrack for my upcoming project, "Smart CTF," by both Jimmy and Stewboy :)
  2. Chaindude

    Speed of Doom

    Works for me! :-D
  3. Chaindude

    Speed of Doom

    Personally I don't mind the instant monster platforms raising and making the clanking sound. Yeah yeah, it could come off as being "unrealistic" or "silly" but it works for the intended purpose--to catch you off-guard and stop you in your tracks. A nice compromise could be what was done in Scythe2 and ScytheX, where the platforms aren't instant but rather a quick-yet-gradual raise. The effect looks nice for liquids (lava, water, nukage) and in the solid floors (see ScytheX), the platforms end up becoming a part of the detailing in that particular room. The only downside is that this can be still "too slow" for skilled players compared to the instant popups.
  4. Chaindude

    Mortal Kombat && ULTIMATE MK 3

    Awesome job Doomero, keep this up! :)
  5. T.V. I received your map by accident when you were e-mailing me the resource pack to use on my "other" project. I took time to test the map out and I loved it! I sent you a breakdown of my feedback via e-mail :-)
  6. Chaindude

    32 in 24

    http://doomedearth.info/chaindude/ChainSpeed1.wad Name: Go Commando Music: No Build Time: I got sidetracked playing CTF and other shit so I don't know...maybe 45 mins. Description: Control-style map with one major weapon and powerup. Best suited for 4-way FFA.
  7. I don't host that server, so you'd need to talk to whoever does.
  8. All feedback is appreciated, although Rott pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as what Heretic DM really is. There is a reason why I included short gameplay videos/demos of the skills that can be performed in the maps. If you think about the concept of "deathmatch," particularly 1-on-1, things like skill, balance, and flow are the important factors. The one or two small "secrets" present in the maps have their own degree of risk and difficulty. If you've ever played Heretic 1-on-1 (or Doom altdeath [respawning items] for that matter), you'd understand that stalling a game by sitting in the secret rooms only means the opponent can potentially gain an advantage because of health, weapons, and artifacts that he takes away from the stalling player's hands. Basically, everything can be countered--not including advantageous weapons, map spots, items, or artifacts is akin to saying "don't include BFG in your DooM maps!" Of course, we know the kind of people who have that mentality. Testing on a broken port such as Skulltag (for Heretic purposes) doesn't allow for any objective or educated observation. I mean, the weapons don't even play the sounds, the artifacts are unusable, and unless you have "always switch weapons on pickup," you start off with a Tome of Power-enhanced weapon at every manual switch. At any rate, the project is out there for people to enjoy, and to try and experience something they're not familiar with or educated about.
  9. I posted this on the ZDaemon forums a month ago, since this project is intended for multiplayer Heretic. However, a few friends suggested Doomworld is a good place to share and discuss projects (whether single player or DM) for our beloved DooM engine-based games. Parthoris DM (working title) is a 1-versus-1 map pack for Heretic. With Parthoris, we seek to bring out the gameplay characteristics that made Heretic awesome, which most of the base maps did not allow for due to size or clear imbalance in the items and artifacts (as far as DM goes). The current lineup of mappers for this project is strong and is poised to set the standard for 1-on-1 Heretic DM: Chaindude (project lead/organizer) Hobomaster22 deathz0r RottKing Nestea Geit-vd-plas Zap610 (map not available yet) The project will operate under the following guidelines, which are intended to make for an action-packed and competitive WAD while maintaining the classic Heretic feel: -Maps will be altdeath-friendly and expected to perform well in a 30 fraglimit environment. -There will be no areas accessible through the jump *key.* -Valador's Ring of Invulnerability (and perhaps the Shadowsphere cloaking device) will not be present in these maps. -The maps will make good use of open arenas (though not huge), as many of the Heretic weapons are projectile-based. -The project's format will not be Boom or ZDoom, but Heretic "EXE." -New music/textures. -Although the project is has 1-on-1 play in mind, it can accommodate 4-player FFA smoothly. Parthoris DM test build 1c is now available! Get it here: http://doomedearth.info/chaindude The detail work will be done in the later stages of the project, if needed. Right now it's all about the gameplay :). Speaking of which, here are video clips of the maps thus far, enjoy! E1M1 by Chaindude E1M2 by RottKing E1M3 by Chaindude E1M4 by Hobomaster22 E1M5 by deathz0r E1M6 by Geit-vd-Plas E1M7 by Nestea
  10. Chaindude

    Final Attempt to Get Heretic/Hexen GPL'd

    As an "oldschool" Heretic/Hexen DM player (and current mapper), I couldn't help but not look at this thread. The level of diligence and dedication is something to commend you guys on, and hope this initiative fulfills its goal :). -Chain
  11. Chaindude

    ZDaemon or Skulltag?

    I suppose the fact I like and am open to newer things means I'm not "oldschool." That's fine :) I am not the only one open to change, and I guess those that are with me can also be called "old timers." People are too sensitive about the OS/NS crap. You are talking about ports, so it's not doom2.exe anyway. There are things in the works that try as best they can to revisit EXE, but all I see is bitching and no support. Showing the latter is what will get things done. While on Zdaemon, I only play in OS servers, as the newschool stuff is just horrid IMO (flags, ns code and such).
  12. Chaindude

    ZDaemon or Skulltag?

    ST has transformed into its own game. I doubt it ever claimed to be "100% DOOM2.EXE" or "THE CHOICE OF PROS WHO PLAY 2 MAPS." I prefer ST pretty much for the same reasons ThOr mentioned, and this is coming from an OS guy. Zdaemon? Sure, it's fine if I want to play great players on a _very_ limited set of maps, but that gets old after a couple matches. Plus, every time I sign on to ZD, I am forced into the annoying IRC channel, where people spam faces and make the most retarded of conversations/topics (yes, even the admins/mods). It is hardly Doom-related, and if it is, it's typically flaming, making fun of others, or the mods trying to show off their "XXXL Penis size" status. Get a life. Luckily, it came with that "close chat window" button, but that would defeat the purpose of the IRC bundle--they should figure out another way to contact friends for the purpose of match-making, then I may start going there more often. Just mute the lobby or something perhaps? Whoever said you can't have a competitive game of ST? The NS code of ST makes for incredible, fast-paced matches in a good VARIETY of wads/maps. Call it Quake, call it whatever the hell you want, but to each their own.
  13. Chaindude

    ZDaemon or Skulltag?

    I don't question the fact that people will sometimes boast (rather stupidly) in such manners like: "Ha, I beat an EXE player the other day" or say things like "Owned." Everyone has their convictions on how things would work out under particular settings/style of play, and surely in this area you are correct. The context of my phrase was to point out the fact that among the troll demographic (oldschoolers as well as newschoolers, in the same amounts but different flavors), you will see a lot of these attitudes trickle down into other aspects of DooM such as forums and IRC channels. Then there is the presence of these attitudes in the so-called "politics": that one engine is best for NS while the other is OS; one has better players, one doesn't; one is closer to the real deal, the other not, etcetera. The Rome phrase was a continuation of this theme that people complain too much when things aren't comfortably set in their favor (whether it's support for a particular opinion within the community or the server settings in-game). Perhaps things are too simple for me--if I accept a game with someone in a port, then I should be able to swallow the possibility of losing or not playing under my strongest style (ns/os). I've played DooM since the early-mid 90s and understand the rigors of Oldschool, yet I see people from my same "generation" constantly think of themselves as good players while talking crap and making excuses when they lose (a game or argument in forums/irc).
  14. Chaindude

    ZDaemon or Skulltag?

    Heh, I know Raz--that was just to emphasize how the complaining aspect gets in the way of a little menu surfing.
  15. Chaindude

    ZDaemon or Skulltag?

    There seem to be different types of people in the current Doom community: -Noobs: Enough said. Bitch about everything, ranging from "Stupid unprotected respawn!" to "You are a BFG noob, let's do SSG only." -Dedicated Players: "PLAYERX, game?"...after a good game..."GG." Does not get involved in silly politics or forum drama/trolling. -Purists/Oldschoolers -Stupid purists: After they get raped on a port (whether ST or ZD), they go "I want to see you in EXE...see how you'd do" or "uhhh! I hate the concept of ping zomg!" I can go on forever about the different types of people, but the idea is simple: In any melting-pot (aka diverse) type of community or society, you are bound to have conflict and disagreement. It seems that the playing aspect in all ports have taken a backseat to allow for more forum/IRC action. So, in essence, the current incarnations of DooM are more about keyboard warriors hiding behind screen names than a good round of FFA or 1-on-1. One cannot do much about the "noobs," but what about the supposedly experienced players, oldschoolers, or purists when they start acting retarded? If it's not one thing, it's the other: "Ew, I hate the uncapped FPS in ST" or "ZD's blood brightness is bs!" Granted, things about the engines that you expect to be functional or non-buggy (like AlexMax mentioned) should be discussed, but even in that particular discussion, developers go apeshit because someone is judging their port--there again is the fact that the place is not idiot-free. I have seen more examples of the previous statement in ZD more than in ST. I guess the thing that strikes me as funny is how people like to boast their DooM status (whether as developer, player, legend, etc)yet at the moment of truth, DooM is thrown out the window in favor of *drumroll* so-called politics. That said, I prefer ST. "When in Rome, do as the Romans" <-- This is for you people (noone in particular) who bitch excessively about ports. If you play on a port, expect things to be different. Otherwise, install win98 and Kahn--end of story.