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  1. Jewellds

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

    Nirvana's one of my favourites, despite all the hate it gets. I load it up every now and then if I want a short blast of Doom.
  2. What is this? JewellVoice is a Doom modification that replaces every sound effect with my voice. Similar WADs have been done before, but I took it a step further by creating a SoundFont that makes every instrument my voice as well! Why? Because... April Fools. It still counts if it's the evening where I live. Right? RIGHT? How long did this take? A month, give or take. Most of that was spent on creating the soundfont. Download: The project comes with two files - a vanilla compatible WAD file, and a SF2 soundfont that needs to be loaded through a software synthesiser such as SynthFont. They have been packaged separately due to the soundfont's large filesize, or for those that only want the sound wad. Google Drive - WAD SF2 Dropbox - WAD SF2 Instructions: For best results, I'd advise a sourceport that has FluidSynth built in, such as GZDoom or Prboom-Plus. Detailed instructions in the spoiler:
  3. Jewellds

    Make a sentence with a "Doom" word

    Cute Revenant is stealing people's yachts UNDERHALLS
  4. Jewellds

    Release Clean Up

    Hm, that's weird. I just tested the same map on the same sourceport (C1M6 on Glboom 2.5.0) and the water effect rendered fine for me. Maybe there's something weird with the settings. Does this still happen with a fresh cfg file? Edit: Given we're supposed to be getting rid of vanilla rendering hacks, and its not contributing much to the map, the effect should probably go. I'm just curious why it looks so messed up for Litrivin.
  5. Jewellds

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I gave this a go myself, and got the 1.6 beta working with a modified Doom2.wad. Just to confirm, I SSG'd the shootable switch on MAP08 and it crashed with "P_StartButton: no button slots left!"
  6. Jewellds

    Criticism of Freedoom soundtrack

    No, neither of those tracks sound like anything from Doom to me. The one labeled "former map13" is already in use as C1M3.
  7. Jewellds

    Release Clean Up

    Sadly that's impossible, especially when you get to a lot of zdoom stuff. Many gameplay mods will add and replace frames of animation on the monsters, which will look really ugly when played with Freedoom, with the enemies flickering between the originals and their Freedoom counterparts. One mod, Make Doom Great Again, which is a simple sky replacement, doesn't work at all because the author explicitly mentions Doom/Doom2/Plutonia etc, but doesn't mention Freedoom. Basically, when it comes to zdoom mods - they may work, but there's no guarantee unless the developer has tested their mod with Freedoom.
  8. Jewellds

    Plutonia Textures

    These are already on repo. That was quick! I opened an issue on Github regarding an alignment issue on A-BROWN4, which I discovered while testing.
  9. Jewellds

    Plutonia Textures

    I had a go at making some replacements. All of these are my own, except for mould which is a recolour of the existing Freedoom texture - which looked okay but I felt was too bright. These textures are heavily edited from various nature photos, which I took myself. In the spoiler, some screenshots of Plutonia MAP25 for comparison. Top: the current version of Freedoom. Middle: my replacement textures. Bottom: the original plutonia.wad. Test wad for anyone who wants it: http://sta.sh/01hlhvdtghx6
  10. Jewellds

    Uniform Exits

    I like the general idea, but it may be sensible to show some caution, and make sure that the new exit style works for each map. To give an example - Map 10, which I co-authored, has a walk-over exit which is accessed by draining away a river of lava. The exit room is deliberately designed to look demonic and I feel a technological exit would look out of place. I don't just say this to defend my map, as I understand that this is an open source project and anyone is free to build upon my work. Heck, my work on map10 builds on what Xerent started. But, I do think it does make sense to consider what works best for each map.
  11. Jewellds

    Savegame buffer overruns

    Not really. I was able to take MAP10, which is probably one of the most detailed maps in the game, and make it run in vanilla without too many compromises. If you have the Visplane Explorer plugin for Doom Builder and ChocoRenderLimits for testing, it's not too difficult to make most maps work. IIRC I did the conversion in two evenings. I agree that dealing with the Savegame buffer would be excessive. We have tools for testing for Visplane and Seg overflows, yet progress is slow. Savegame buffer overflow is hard to test for, and that would only reduce motivation to get the conversion done.
  12. Jewellds

    Things about Doom you just found out

    MAP25: Bloodfalls has a secret room that is completely empty in UV. It contains a BFG that is only flagged for skills 1-3. Edit: Fixed the map number. This is why I shouldn't post while tired.
  13. Jewellds

    Help on uploading MIDI soundtracks on YT [SOLVED]

    I normally use Synthfont for recording midi. Synthfont allows you to playback and record midis with Soundfont files. IMO, this is cleaner than actually recording the midis, and has the advantage of being able to sound like whatever you want. Don't bother with Synthfont 2, as you have to pay for it. Synthfont 1 is freeware. You'll also need a soundfont. You most likely want something like this Roland Sound Canvas soundfont, but any .sf2 file will do. Feel free to experiment.
  14. Jewellds

    Marine still walk when stopped

    I think what Sallan is talking about is how the Doomguy's walk animation plays at a constant speed, rather than playing faster/slower depending on his movement speed. You can slow almost to a halt before the animation will stop playing, which at very slow speeds can make it look like he's running on the spot/moonwalking. This is very noticable if you use the chasecam in ZDoom. I was actually considering making a post about this on "Things that bother you about Doom" but never got around to it. I wonder if any source ports ever attempted to fix this?
  15. Jewellds

    Potential new Freedoom logo

    Yeah, I noticed that actually. The graphic I posted before is actually in the Doom palette, and that screenshot was taken in Crispy Doom. So, I don't know how the one on repo got degraded. I'd have a go myself but the Linux box I usually use Git on is broken at the minute, and I haven't had too much luck getting Windows and Git to talk in the past. Maybe I'll spend a day on it when I can.