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  1. Jewellds

    Playing Freedoom maps with vanilla Doom assets?

    There's nothing wrong here. This is just how it's going to look without Freedoom's sprites. Doom's trees aren't as leafy as the ones in Freedoom.
  2. Jewellds

    Dreamed features in editors

    Do you mean like Autoalign in 3D mode, or something more advanced? I would like to be able to set a background image, like how you can set a view-port background in 3D modelling tools like Blender. That way you could bring a design made in another program into Doom Builder to use as a reference.
  3. Jewellds

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The mod's called La Tailor Girl.
  4. The name Cringe might be a problem as it's already taken by Mark Klem and Eric Sargent's wad CRINGE!.
  5. Jewellds

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Just loaded the 1.1 registered wad into 0.99, and the skull doors say "You need a (colour) skull to open this door". By 1.1 the separate messages are gone and they all say "key".
  6. Been enjoying this wad a lot. 1990s stuff like this is very much my jam! However, I have discovered a bug that makes it impossible to complete E1M4. The teleporter at the end of this narrow walkway doesn't work, making it impossible to grab the red key and trapping you in this room. My testing shows this is a regression introduced by 1.1, as the original release works fine.
  7. Jewellds

    what if the doom source code never was released

    I think we would still have modern engines to play Doom on, just of a different sort. Reverse engineering efforts were already beginning on Doom in the 1990s before the source code release. If a community is determined enough, and the Doom community *is* determined enough, quite complex games can be recreated by reverse engineering. Daggerfall Unity, for instance. Not having the code would have slowed the community down, but I'd be surprised if we hadn't got some modern form of Doom by now.
  8. Jewellds

    Quake Remastered

    Still not on GOG, but I did discover that I got Quake for free last year on Bethesda.net, and the remaster's there! Just a reminder for anyone who got the Quake giveaway last Quakecon, and hasn't bought the remaster yet. You might already have it without knowing!
  9. Jewellds

    Quake Remastered

    This actually made me buy Quake on GOG as it's quite cheap at the minute. I'd rather pay less and wait a bit for for a DRM-free copy than pay more and get it now on Steam. As long as they keep their end of the bargain we're good! The only reason I avoided getting a digital version of Quake until now was because of the missing soundtracks. I don't see the point in paying for a partial product, and then having to resort to piracy to get the music back. I only had the base game on CD until now so I'm excited to try the expansions for the first time!
  10. Jewellds

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It seems you're right. It's a bug with Zennode. When I rebuild with another node builder the monsters behave normally.
  11. Jewellds

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Today I learned, thanks to the WAD Hardest Fight, that if you make a map with only one sector monsters will chase you, but won't attack. The map has to be made in Doom format. Advanced formats like Boom and UDMF won't work. Surprisingly, this bug isn't fixed in modern source ports and even works in GZDoom.
  12. Jewellds

    Announcement to mappers: New lava-fall texture

    You're right that my new version of the map hasn't got in yet. I recently discovered that I was working from an older version of the map, because another mapper made changes since my last version. This includes using blood instead of lava, changes to the decoration and pickup placement, etc. So, now I'm working on reconciling this version with my version, and not knowing of any tools to help automate this, it's quite time consuming. >_<
  13. Jewellds

    Node builder

    The documentation says Freedoom uses Zennode.
  14. Jewellds

    Announcement to mappers: New lava-fall texture

    Nice work Blastfrog! I like it when Freedoom has textures that improve on Doom's while remaining compatible. I've been very slowly working on an update to Map10, and there are parts of that map where I originally wanted to use a lava fall texture so this is a welcome addition!
  15. Foreverhood is a good relaxing, story-based wad. It's more of an experimental art piece than a game. You won't actually fight anything but it has tons of atmosphere.