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  1. the iron hitman


    If I'm understanding your post correctly, upon hitting a switch; the lift sector floor is raised beyond the height of the floor of the upper sector? If so, I've wrote a script which may serve as an example (based on the assumption that the above is correct). Below is an format example of how this could be approached: //Include the zcommon.acs library #include "zcommon.acs" //Perform check to determine if the floor is raised or not function void raiseCheck(bool raised) { if(raised) { Floor_LowerToLowest(1, 32); } else { Floor_RaiseToHighest(1, 32); } } //Invoked by the higher switch to lower the floor script 1 (void) { raiseCheck(TRUE); } //Invoked by the lower switch to raise the floor script 2 (void) { raiseCheck(FALSE); } To elaborate a little further, let's break it down in a more detailed manner: - The raisedCheck function takes a boolean parameter. When called, it performs a check to determine what the value of raised is equal to. If it is true, then lower the platform to the lowest for. - Booleans only hold true/false values, so we can then call this function via script 1 and 2 and pass either of those values (although the ACS documentation regarding data types states the language treats these values as 1 and 0 respectively since integers are technically the only supported data type, but I digress...) - If required, further parameters can be passed into the function which would represent the values of tag and speed (1 and 32 for the in-built Floor_LowerToLowest function call.) However, there's a caveat to this approach depending on the switch implementation - if the sectors in question are nearby neighbours (meaning linked by a sidedef) of the sector floor that is being raised, the higher of the 2 switches must have the same floor height as the highest joining sector floor. You could apply a slight remedy by using Floor_RaiseByValue and Floor_LowerByValue, as shown below: #include "zcommon.acs" //Takes an extra parameter as we would need to specify the height for the function call in scripts 1 and 2 function void raiseCheck(bool raised, int tag, int speed, int height) { if(raised) { Floor_LowerByValue(tag, speed, height); } else { Floor_RaiseByValue(tag, speed, height); } } //Height in both of these scripts is 64, since the joining lowest and highest sectors are separated by 64 units in height script 1 (void) { raiseCheck(TRUE, 1, 32, 64); } script 2 (void) { raiseCheck(FALSE, 1, 32, 64); } You will need to calculate the distance in height between the floor sector that is being raised and the sector which it is being raised to, since the function call above takes an extra parameter (height) or else the lift could raise short of the intended distance. In the example above, the lift sector floor has a height of 0 and the floor above has a height of 64; so the height parameter is passed as 64 into the function call within script 1 and 2. There's a problem with this as well though. Since Doomguy can activate switches provided he is near enough either switch (regardless of the distance above or below his field of view), the floor could be raised or lowered beyond their purposes. You could build a sector inside the switch sector with its ceiling equal to the floor height and close/raise the ceiling whether the lift has been raised or not. Or even create a door sector and then open/close the doors based on if the floor is raised or not, as shown below: #include "zcommon.acs" function void raiseCheck(bool raised, int tag, int speed, int height) { if(raised) { Floor_LowerByValue(tag, speed, height); } else { Floor_RaiseByValue(tag, speed, height); } } //Closes the door for the higher switch and opens the door for the lower switch script 1 (void) { Door_Close(3, 64, 0); Door_Open(2, 64, 0); raiseCheck(TRUE, 1, 32, 64); } /Closes the door for the lower switch and opens the door for the higher switch script 2 (void) { Door_Close(2, 64, 0); Door_Open(3, 64, 0); raiseCheck(FALSE, 1, 32, 64); } Anyway, I've attached the demo wads I made for this so that you can take a look. Note that there are probably better ways of doing this than those listed above, however these are just examples. Feel free to play around with these scripts if you wish. Hope this helps! Examples.zip
  2. the iron hitman

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Titled - Noble Savage.
  3. the iron hitman

    Which PC/ Laptop do you use? (Specs included, please)

    Custom build desktop PC, specs below: CPU: Intel Core I5 6600K @ 3.50 GHZ RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB 4x4GB DDR4 Motherboard: MSI Z170A KRAIT Gaming 3x GPU: ASUS Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB HDD: 1TB 7200 RPM SSD: 250GB Display: 1920x1080 Samsung TV
  4. the iron hitman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    After a lengthy hiatus from Doom, here's some screenshots from a map I was working on a long time ago which is being revived (needs more light)
  5. the iron hitman

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've never played Doom...ever...honest...
  6. the iron hitman


    Random urges to kidnap people and lock them away forever in my sex/torture chamber. On a serious note, smoking and nail-biting are about the only genuine habits I have these days...wouldn't recommend starting either.
  7. the iron hitman

    [WIP] Random Map

    Thread bump. Progress is being made on this map, slowly but surely and I really need some testers...anyone interested? If so, PM me for the map link and tell me what you think (even if you think its absolutely horrific). Note: This is intended to be a level which is slightly linear, but doesn't leave players running around switch hunting or getting lost and wanting to rip their eyeballs out looking for that mystery switch. This map is nowhere near completion yet, so some areas you may find are incomplete, but point out any bugs/good and bad things that you may find.
  8. the iron hitman

    Annoying Doom Builder quirk

    Set the texture to "-", this defines it as being blank.
  9. the iron hitman

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Revised version of the bridge in my new map (random WIP, no name yet as I'm not very creative):
  10. the iron hitman

    [WIP] Random Map

    Yeah, I'm undecided how I should leave the outdoor area (since I'm trying to merge 2 texture WAD's together with XWE which contains a dark and a light sky, but only 1 of them seems to show up when I'm using Doombuilder). Anyway, thought I'd add an update and post some extra screenshots for now. Any feedback is appreciated...be brutal if you must. Some corridor: Another dark corridor: These rooms aren't quite finished yet, but I'm slowly adding stuff to them (kinda struggling to detail rooms without getting repetitive and boring). Hope you like the screenies guys, any feedback is great!
  11. the iron hitman

    [WIP] Random Map

    Thanks jerrysheepy! Although I did change the window shape to square as it made the SLADWALL texture look weird. Glad you liked the LITE/SARTAN combo though!
  12. the iron hitman

    [WIP] Random Map

    Hey thanks for the feedback Marnetmar! I've changed the windows in screenshot 2 and made the room in the 3rd screenshot a little less "blocky", as well as that out-of-place texture in the 4th screenie. However, I kinda liked the LITE/silver SARTAN combo because it seemed different, any suggestions on what to put in its place? Gotta admit, texturing is not one of my strong points.
  13. the iron hitman

    [WIP] Random Map

    Hello everyone, its been a while since the last time I worked on anything Doom related...slight hiatus so to speak. Anywho, just thought I'd post some screenies of this random map I've been working on these past 2 weeks: The base: Pretty dangerous place for a bridge: Some techy based room: Crates...slightly empty: Looking to ACTUALLY get this finished for once, since I have the tendency to start maps and scrap them due to not being happy with how they look/play. This will be a GZDoom based map, get to play with 3D flooring and stuff. At the moment I've got a slight mappers block...anyone got any ideas on what they'd like to see from this map? (e.g. ideas for detail, puzzles etc). Any feedback is appreciated :) EDIT: P.S. Yes I did type "kill monsters" into the console, for screenshot purposes of course!
  14. the iron hitman

    New Eternity wad (Currently unnamed)

    Thank you! I'll try this out and let you know if something goes wrong (which is a 95% chance of happening). I'm actually looking forward to the next Eternity update and the new features it will contain! :) Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated!
  15. the iron hitman

    New Eternity wad (Currently unnamed)

    Thank you very much for your feedback Essel. I have taken these into account and will be implemented ASAP. I have a question. Is it possible to make Elevators travel from lower to upper (and vice versa) as if the player was going through the portal? If it's possible, how may it be achieved?] Thanks in advance, your help has been extremely appreciated :)