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  1. hardcore_gamer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I concluded that the original wall texture used for the above room looks horrible because it tiles too much/is too small for a room of that size so I made a knew one that looks way better for something that large. Below is a close up of the new texture as well as a updated shot of the original room using the new wall texture. I probably won't post further updates from the room/level until it's closer to completion, though.
  2. hardcore_gamer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    VERY early sneak preview of an area I am working on. Work started on it only recently and it doesn't even have proper texturing yet. Still I like the look of where its going. Its suppose to be a supply area with an overhanging bridge. Will post update pics once area nears completion.
  3. My custom monsters appear to make this weird directional change when moving instead of just walking in a straight line towards the player. I am making a zombie that is suppose to shamble towards the player but he makes pointless directional changes along the way. I am using the "A_chase" action function during the see state. Is there some way to make the zombie just walk in a straight line instead?
  4. Obviously this will depend on the person and not everybody is going to have experience in every area (in fact most probably don't), but for me personally it's character modeling/sculpting. I am pretty ok at hardsurface stuff but organic modeling is extremely challenging. I find level design to be the least difficult to get good at. Coding is somewhere in-between.
  5. hardcore_gamer

    Doom with PBR materials

    Oh that makes sense! I wonder if it might be a good idea to create light models and then assign them dynamic lights and then just place those into the level rather than the traditional method of using light textures. I mean if you have to place dynamic lights manually anyway, it sounds like this would be faster as well as proving better result since the light would look like it's coming from the model itself rather than looking like it's hovering next to it.
  6. hardcore_gamer

    Doom with PBR materials

    How are you able to get light textures like the one used close to doors to emit a glow like that? When I used a brightmap for one of my models it merely lit up during dark areas but did not emit any glow at all.
  7. I am creating a custom weapon that uses a custom projectile, but the thing is that I want the player to be immune to the splash damage from it. I am using the "A_Explode" action function but on the zdoom page for it I don't see any option for making it ignore the player, but only for harming him (which the page says it does by default anyway). How can I make the splash damage inflict damage to monsters only?
  8. hardcore_gamer

    Community Chest 64

    First draft of the level is ready and features difficulty levels for normal and hard. There still might be some slight changes though so it might not be the final version. You can play the current version though. map01.zip EDIT: @Impboy4 your logic about the levels looking too plain don't really make sense. If you look at the tech base levels in the original Doom 64 they all look pretty square and brutalist in their design. This is intentional. You're comparing a sci-fi base to medieval castles in hell which doesn't make sense to me. It makes since that an otherwordly castle have things like random and chaotic geo, but for a man made construct it doesn't. Look at the automaps for the original Doom 64 levels and you will see that it's all pretty square/rectangle. That said some details have been added since the screenshots, but mostly in the form of slightly changed geo and a few computer monitors here and there.
  9. hardcore_gamer

    Community Chest 64

    A few more screens. The map is almost finished. It's not very long, but that's to be expected for a map01 introduction level.
  10. hardcore_gamer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Working on a 3D mod that takes full advantage of the new PBR features. So far it's in it's early stages but I have already pumped out some textures and a weapon model that currently has a simple firing animation. The wall texture on screen 2 is stretched so it won't actually look like that in-game (actually that whole area will be re-done to be honest, but at least it's a nice screen to show off for now.
  11. hardcore_gamer

    If Doom 3 were to be completely remade...

    Make it like Doom 64 with more modern mechanics and better story, basically. EDIT: Also, better gunplay. Doom 3's gunplay is terrible.
  12. hardcore_gamer

    Community Chest 64

    So what is the status of this thing right now? I can see Map01 is empty. If it's ok with others I would be fine with making another map for that slot since I am not really currently busy at this moment (plus I can't go to work for a few days because I got injured and have to stay at home for a while, could as well use it for Doom mapping lol. ) EDIT: I am claiming map01 if it's not already taken. EDIT: Screenshot of the starting area:
  13. hardcore_gamer

    Some Doom 3 mapping info

    Isn't DarkRadiant the standard for Doom 3 mapping now? The original Doom 3 level editor barely even works properly on modern machines/OS.
  14. Just came from the doctor. Things are worse than expected. Strained my neck and suffered a concussion. Will lose days of work because of this and won't be able to do much during the weekend :( Also threw up this morning and felt crappy in general. Curse slippery ice all the way to hell and back.

  15. Slipped on the ice today on the way to work and got what appears to be a concussion. Feel slightly dizzy and neck muscles are crap :/


    Not sure if if I can continue working on my Doom mods today like I intended to :(