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  1. Then there is also another thing. How many people actually replay a map anyway? Sure the big high profile mods like Hell Revealed and such get replayed by some probably, but with there being more Doom wads than one can realistically play through why even replay the same wad? I almost never do. I play each wad once and then I am done with it and on to the next.
  2. The problem that I have with having more than 1 difficulty level is that it can too easily mess up the experience. When there is one difficulty level only you can craft the experience into being exactly how you intended it to be, where as by having difficulty levels you have to force yourself to make some dumb changes just to make the map easier or harder. Take for example the final baron fight at the end of the Knee-deep in the dead. On HMP mode the pacing and mood is perfect, since you just walk towards this empty area and then all of a sudden the barons are revealed to you and you go "oh shit" and then have a boss fight with them. But on UV for the sake of making the map harder the arena is filled with a horde of specters that you have to kill first and it does nothing but mess up the pacing/gameplay of the baron fight. And on the other hand, there are also other times where removing monsters to make things less hard can result in some areas feeling underpopulated which also messes up the pacing as well. Take for example the lack of zombies in the armor room on E1M1 when not playing on UV. Replacing tough monsters with weaker monsters also isn't ideal because then you also alter the original gameplay experience away from what it was intended to be and also possibly unbalance the map in regards to the amount of ammo and health needed. And speaking of the lack of balance, allowing monsters to move faster and do more damage can seriously fuck up balance and it's easily the worst way to make games harder.
  3. I always assume players play on UV. I don't even play Doom on anything less and never have. I never liked it how there are fewer enemies on lower difficulties because it makes me feel like I am missing out.
  4. I just got my Rift today, and HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I had my doubts before and frankly I was worried I would regret my decision, but after being shown the demos that play after you have installed it and after having played a few levels of Doom and Brutal Doom 64, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have been completely blown away. VR hasn't just surpassed my expectations, it has DESTROYED THEM. Playing Brutal Doom 64 with the rift was the most immersive gaming experience I have ever had (the original Doom was ok in VR but it's just 10x better in Brutal Doom 64 thanks to the more realistic textures and lighting and effects). It's nothing short of amazing standing next to an actual full sized imp. Being surrounded by a horde of demons has never felt so real! And the best part is that the controls are actually good, or at least for Doom anyway (I am using an Xbox one controller for moving around and the rift to aim). Like seriously, just HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Anybody who calls VR a gimmick is a fucking retard. And this is coming from somebody who had massive doubts before trying it. Only real problem I have with it is that keeping the damn thing on for more than 30 min isn't that great, so you have to take breaks. I guess I must be one of the few lucky ones. I did feel a bit dizzy for the first 5-10 min but then I just got used to it and can now play Doom and Doom 64 without feeling too bad even when lots of stuff is happening. I can totally see how many might not be able to handle it though.
  5. Really? The videos of people playing Doom and Doom 3 seem to do it fine.
  6. I'm sorry for necroing this thread back but am I losing anything by getting a Vive instead of Oculus if I want to play the original Doom games? I can see they have support for Oculus but what about the Vive? The reason I ask is because my original plan was to buy the cheaper Oculus but once I realized it doesn't come with touch which has to be bought by itself at a high price it doesn't really seem that much cheaper at all.
  7. When I first saw the thread name I though it said Pizza wads. Damn you for getting my hopes up :(
  8. Basically I just have no idea how to use it :/
  9. My concern are the controls. The increased immersion isn't going to matter if the controls suck. This is also the biggest reason I am not sure yet if I should buy an OR or a Vive.
  10. I have almost no interest in VR for the most part, but I have seen some videos of people playing Doom and Doom 3 with OR and the Vive and it's looking pretty cool. To be honest I am legit considering buying VR just for Doom and Doom 3, but I only will if it actually works and plays properly. For those of you who already have VR, does Doom and Doom 3 play well in VR? Is it more immersive than playing normally and are the controls ok? And are you using OR or Vive?
  11. I don't know how to use this python thing the first app uses, and I get an Exception Access Violation error when using the second program.
  12. I remember some time ago somebody making a tool that took your wad and created and actual map/image of your map. I can't seem to find it. Anyone know what it's called or where it is?
  13. Don't agree with this. There are plenty of good wads that have thrown lots of monsters at the player inside a single room. I for one enjoy gunning down imp hordes.
  14. I found a way to resolve this. I used the sky2(mapinfo) sector special and also the skypicker/skyviewpoint things. Worked well enough.
  15. I am making a map that has both base and hell sections. Is there a way to have different sky boxes in each area? EDIT: By the way I am using Zdoom UDMF format.