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  1. Is this possible to do in the core version of zbrush though? GoZ is not included in Core and I think you need that to make the textures or paint work show up in blender.
  2. Its still just a white model. Do I need to do something more than just export the obj model in zbrush and then load it in blender for textures to show up?
  3. Sculptris just feels to limited but you have a point about the interface. Anyways I am having a problem. When I import the obj model into blender all the textures are missing for some reason and it just appears as a white model. What do I need to do in order for the textures to show up in blender?
  4. I just shat out another model, and this time I used some actual textures (the previous monster was just colored) which I borrowed from Doom 3. I think I might actually animate this one in blender and turn it into a sprite.
  5. I would also like to point out Betruger's opening words when the player visits hell. "Welcome to my domain!". Since when is hell Betruger's domain?
  6. The Jaunt isn't very similar to Doom honestly except that both involve teleportation. One thing that kinda bothers me about these type of stories is that nobody ever seems to care/notice all of these horrible side effects. Like, when the research staff in Doom 3 discovered that the portal was leading to hell (it's confirmed in the PDAs you discover that they knew this) did nobody care? Why is it that once they discovered what was on the other side that they did not instantly destroy the portals?
  7. Is this a real monster somebody modded? Being able to replace the revenants in a map with melee only versions would actually be pretty neat.
  8. Born in 1991 and started playing in early 2000's. I guess that puts me between the first and the second gen?
  9. I decided to drop the money for ZbrushCore since its a lot cheaper than the full thing and yet still looks more advanced than Scultris (the program Revae used to create the creature above). I have learned most of the basics so far but still have plenty to learn it seems. I have completed my first model, though I'm afraid it looks like a piece of shit because I made it on the fly while watching the video tutorials and basically had no idea what I was doing:
  10. Do people actually hate the revenant this much?
  11. Sounds like a pretty cool idea actually. Could be fairly cool if done right >:)
  12. Why don't you want revenants?
  13. A sprite like that would look stupid in Doom because all the other art assets don't look like that. But remember that I am making an entire new game, where ALL of the assets would look like that. But whatever, I guess time will tell if this works or not. I will be happy to post something in this thread again once I have made something.
  14. Is this really the case though if you are using Zdoom and blender? Zdoom supports PNG images so it's not like you are limited in the same way as you would be if you were using vanilla Doom. And blender is so advanced I'm sure it can allow you to take care of pretty much everything in-editor.
  15. That's pretty cool actually. I like Doom 64's art style. Your game is looking sick brah! Anyway I'm not sure what is wrong with the sprite animation you posted. It looks cool to me. I have always thought 3D models looked terrible in Doom. Though maybe they can be useful for creating static objects that don't have to animate. Things like decoration objects, ammo boxes, medkits etc.