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  1. hardcore_gamer

    Some E3 Alpha (2002) custom maps

    The demo itself runs fine but I get massive graphical errors when trying to run the custom maps. Not sure why this happens but it's unplayable.
  2. Moving the servers to some other place else won't change anything, because the EU would just block them directly.
  3. hardcore_gamer


    Wait what? He's dead?
  4. hardcore_gamer


    How many wads are left fallowing that super stream? I still haven't seen my (short and shitty) wad yet.
  5. But if the EU starts blocking non-EU sites like Doomworld for not giving in to their demands I would still be able to access it right? I mean I know the major websites might start censoring but the smaller ones probably won't because they don't want to or can't afford to do so. My biggest fear is not being able to access various game mod sites like Doomworld, zdoom, zdoom wiki, the various tool websites I buy stuff from (modo, zbrush etc). Honestly the major corporate websites are mostly soulless crap anyway.
  6. Does anybody here know if this law will also effect for nations that aren't in the EU but are still in the EEA? I am talking about this (I live in Iceland): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Economic_Area
  7. People here to stop comparing this to when the US ended net neutrality because this is NOTHING like that. Ending net neutrality basically just removed regulation where as this is ADDING regulation that will destroy large portions of the internet. Apples and oranges.
  8. On the bright side, this will probably not be tolerated by the public. I mean I know people don't typically care about politics but that's also because they are spending all their time online in the first place. There is barely anybody under 30 who isn't glued to their phones or on the net. If the EU fucks up the internet it's going to massively alienate away huge amount of their youth support, whom they themselves are the current biggest supporters of the EU. Frankly this whole things seems like a desperate attempt to silence critics of the EU in response to the rise of populist movements across Europe. Odds are though that this will only backfire and give even more ammo to anti-EU movements.
  9. Another thing to consider is that the EU isn't democratically elected, so they actually have no reason to care anyway.
  10. hardcore_gamer


    Wow, it's like 6+ hours. I wasn't expecting a super stream.
  11. Look I don't want this to happen anymore than you do but there are some things that are just not possible to control. The ONLY thing that could save us is that the outrage this could create coupled with the other problems the EU currently faces causes it to collapse in the next 4-8 years thus removing this law. Otherwise, I just fail to see what we can really do other than just weep.
  12. That's not the only thing this will do. Indie game development will probably also die in Europe because of this. How will they create awareness of their games without forums, youtube, social media and with people not being able to post links? In fact, seeing as most of the tools used for game development (Modo, Zbrush, Autodesk maya, Houdini, Unreal etc) come from the USA, how will they even make games at all? And what about websites teaching how to code? All of this will be blocked... EDIT: And holy shit let's not forget about steam. What the fuck will happen to steam? Don't all steam store pages have links to some other places as well as forums? Just lmao if steam gets banned in europe and the shitstorm this would create. EDIT: Oh, and this will also mean wikipedia will get blocked as well.
  13. Yup. The days of the world wide bet are finished. The dawn of regional networks each with it's own separate rules, is here.
  14. The true motivation here is to merely destroy the internet's ability to threaten the people with power (big companies, politicians etc) via spread of free information. They don't expect this system to work, they are probably just hoping that most sites will simply decide to take the easy route by banning any commenting and uploading of content which would have that very effect. The link tax also serves the same purpose since it will make it impossible for small sites lacking large amount of advertising to grow via word of mouth thus basically killing them. This really has nothing to do with copyright, they just want to kill off the free flow of information because they are starting to realize how big of a threat this is to them.
  15. I created a thread about this a couple of weeks ago and it got locked for being "alarmist". I also think one of the mods said in somebody's blog that this would never pass. Still think I was being alarmist? I assume Doomworld won't fallow these laws since it won't want to censor itself or because it simply can't afford the means to do so. I guess then that all doomers living in the EU will soon enough find themselves unable to visit this site after the EU has blocked it for now fallowing these new laws. Ditto for every other Doom site or even just the doom wiki and zdoom wiki. Even Moddb will probably be closed to Europeans so those living in the EU will have no way at all to make or play Doom mods. It was nice knowing ya all.