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  1. I have dropped the idea of using linedefs because I realized that if you lower the grid size to something like 0.25 you can make an extra sector inside the window that is so small nobody can see it and then just lower it's ceiling thus creating a skybox. it does the same thing as what I wanted to do basically.
  2. I already knew that was possible. I was merely curious if it's possible to use actual linedefs directly somehow. A part of the reason I ask is because I created a slanted wall and I sort of want to have a window inside of it, but it's not really possible to do this the old fashioned way.
  3. Is there some way to have linedefs render sky graphics instead of sectors? Like if you created a window and wanted the texture inside the window to be a sky?
  4. Yes there are random map creators for Doom. But personally I have never seen the point of them seeing as there are tens of thousands of doom wads floating around on the internet anyway.
  5. Gzdoom at least can be used to sell games legally yes. Don't know about Zandronum and would like to know about that as well honestly. As for my original point, I was merely pointing out that making a game is no joke. Please understand that there are hundreds, possibly thousands of projects that some wannabe game dev starts that they say is going to be "totally the best game eva!" only to lose interest once they realize how big of a undertaking it is. Or they simply lose interest. And this isn't even limited to just games. Just about everybody here myself included has started some kind of megawad project only to dump it once they lose interest in finishing it and would rather start creating something else instead. It's a huge part of the reason for why I don't even bother with multi-level wads anymore. I would rather just make one reasonably sized level and make it very good and then actually finish it. Granted that I am actually working on a game as well, but it's something that I regard as a long term project and I don't suffer from any delusions in regards to how long it could take to finish it or the challenges involved.
  6. Still doesn't change the fact that: 1. When there are a million other people competing against you for the same market it's extremely hard to stand out, and 90+% of the games will fail. 2. Because of the massive saturation of crap for that genre people will start having negative opinions about it, which means that no exitement is generated among gamers by default when they hear you are making a retro shooter/pixel platformer, because their instict is to assume it's crap like most of the rest. This is why I am calling retro shooters a bubble. Because the supply of them is going to massively outgrow the demand, until at some point the bubble bursts and most people will stop buying retro shooters except maybe a handful of the most good ones. lmao so you don't have a job and you say it doesn't matter because you are safe for years to come. So I take you can instantly get a job a month before the benefit runs out? This isn't a shortsighted plan at all! And you not giving a damn about if you will finish it or not really says it all doesn't it? If you don't care, then why should WE care? Making a game is a BIG undertaking that requires a lot of passion and dedication if it's suppose to have even a small chance of ever going anywhere. Which you clearly don't have, seeing as in your OP you said that you would never spend a lot of time on something without making money of it and then say later you don't even care if this get's finished.
  7. If you don't care about being taken seriously and just want to become a yet another asset flipper, then sure. When Dusk became successful I just knew it would only be a matter of time until threads like this started showing up and that we would have lots of people trying to copy it's sucess. I will be honest here mate. You will never finish this game assuming you take a shoot at this. Creating an entire game, even if it's just 2.5D like Doom, is a huuuuuuuuge amount of work. It's basically a full time job. This is not something you can just do in your free time unless you want to spend 6-10 years on it depending on the scale of the project. And even that assumes you are still spending many many hours a week on it. You mean a bubble forming, right? EDIT: The above quote is suppose to belong to mark but for some reason it's assigned to the OP :/
  8. Thanks guys, this is actually what I wanted to know!
  9. You can't just switch map formats like that. The thing/linedef/sector definitions are completely different between formats. If you change your format, the best idea is to simply start all over again completely from scratch. Trying to convert a Doom 2 map to UDMF is too much hassle to be worth it. Not to mention that your map won't be as good because portions of it were made in Doom 2 format without taking any advantage of UDMF's features.
  10. Isn't there a much more simple way to do this? I have forgotten the method but I could have sworn that merely adding something to the actor definitions inside their decorate file was enough to create custom categories.
  11. By default the stuff I create just appears inside the decorate section but after a while this causes things to become bloated there. Is there some way to create custom categories for my stuff to make it easier to find what I need?
  12. Ah, so there is no reason to not go crazy with the models? Nice!
  13. For the sake of keeping framerate smooth, which is the least harmful to performance: A fewer number of larger models with more polygons or a larger number of models with fewer? Or perhaps it doesn't even matter?
  14. Just read about how to make pk3 files on the zdoom wiki. It has most of the info you need.
  15. I am using Modo to make 3D models for Gzdoom builder (though I technically then use Misfit to convert the model to MD3 afterward) and it works, but there is one problem that is driving me insane. How do I make it so that scale of the models is the same as it is in Doom builder? I changed the units from cm to game units so that you can model using the traditional game measurement units (32, 64, 128 etc) and yet when I import the model into Doom builder it still doesn't neatly fit unto the grid even after I mess around with the scale value in the model def. Anybody here has any experience with making models created in 3D apps similar to Modo fit correctly unto the grid in Doom Builder? EDIT: Never mind this question. Literally all I had to do was change the game units to meter to 1 and it worked -_-