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  1. I can swear to god that I remember reading somewhere that Doom 2 required a more powerful computer. Perhaps Doom 2 requires a more powerful computer to run smoothly but still technically runs on the same hardware as the original?
  2. This. He made a lot of good maps. People just hate on him because some also happened to be bad.
  3. The Doom engine may be easier to use but that doesn't really have anything to do with my original point. My original point was that what a lot of people are now calling "classic" visuals or "retro" visuals are actually just bland and boring. Let's be honest here for a moment, the original Doom levels aren't as great as many people make them out to be. Knee deep in the dead is (mostly) good but there are tons of levels in the original Doom and Doom 2 that frankly just haven't aged very well. Some of the maps like "Spirit world" look straight up horrible. It's not my fault if you are too thin skinned to handle different views than your own. All I said is that I think retro visuals are just an excuse for lazy design, and I am standing by that view.
  4. Personal attacks do not an argument make. If you disagree with my opinion on retro style visuals then you are free to do so. I won't tell you what you are or aren't allowed to believe. But attacking somebody's character isn't in good taste. Actually, I have noticed that this has become a trend among many defenders of "retro" visuals, both within in the indie community (I remember reading a post from some guy at reddit who said he was banned from one the gaming reddits because he said most indie games were shit) and also even in the Doom mapping community as your own post proves.
  5. Don't really agree with this. To be honest the more and more time I spend making levels using more advanced tech be it brush based (BSP) level editing or even just advanced Doom editing formats such as UDMF/Gzdoom it becomes more obvious to me just how limited/lame vanilla style mapping is. Everybody talks about "gameplay vs visuals" but this is fucking retarded. 99% of Doom wads have very similar gameplay and layouts. Interesting visual design is the only thing that can make your level stand out next to the 50 billion other generic levels. If it wasn't for gameplay mods I would probably have stopped playing Doom at this point. Also, mapping for Doom isn't as different from mapping for 3D games as people make it out to be. The original levels did not have large amounts of complex areas because the devs could not make them, but cause of hardware limitations. This is why Doom 2 has higher system requirments than Doom 1. Now those limits are gone so there is no longer any reason to use "classic" style mapping which just like the term "retro graphics" in gaming is just an excuse to make shitty looking levels.
  6. Shit, I just noticed that this thread is actually in the EE section. I thought it was in Doom general. Hope I'm not in trouble :/
  7. I'm not reallu sure why it matters that Doom 64 is based on the same engine. Isn't this like saying that CoD is the same game as Quake 3 because it's technically Id tech 3?
  8. So anybody knows when this is going to happen? Joel has mentioned that there will be a contest but I haven't found any info about it. There is only a month and a half until the year is over so if anybody knows if I am missing something it would be nice if it were pointed out.
  9. Would such a forum only allow Doom 64 EX content or just anything related to Doom 64, such as expansions for Brutal Doom 64 which itself is technically a mod for Doom 2?
  10. Doom 2 has so many terrible maps. Sure not every level in Doom 1 was a classic but there are very few maps in it that I would consider basically bad. But Doom 2 has plenty of such maps. Refueling base is terrible, which might not be too shocking considering that it's basically a rejected Doom 1 map. Barrel's of fun is also very bad. Pretty much all the maps with the large open spaces are terrible. There is a reason 90% of the time I say to myself "OK, now I am going to replay Doom 2!" I give up about half way through because I get so bored with the lame maps.
  11. This. Knee-deep in the dead is honestly the only good episode in the original Doom. Most of the levels from Shores of Hell and Inferno are either merely ok or just not that enjoyable. Doom 2 is even worse where something like half the levels suck.
  12. How come I have never heard of this game:???



  13. Thanks I figured it out!
  14. How can I play a specific level from the game? Do I use the console to start it? And if so what are the console commands for the levels?
  15. The level isn't playable from start to finish. After the end of each section I had to quit the game and move the player start to another location to show of each part. Weapon and item balancing is also not done at all. It's not playable in it's current state. I just wanted to show off what I had made.