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  1. hardcore_gamer

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    My point was that AI consumes way less resources than other stuff so lack of horsepower for AI calculations isn't the reason why no longer have lots of enemies on screen.
  2. hardcore_gamer

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    I tried to look for it but wasn't able to find it but I remember some years ago reading an article that said AI doesn't consume any considerable resources compared to other things like graphics, physics etc and that the only reason AI hasn't improved very much for decades is because devs don't care enough to make good AI. Consider for example that now ancient games like FEAR have better AI that most modern game. Granted, maybe if you had very complex AI then having thousands of them might be harder to calculate all at once. But even it would still be a joke compared to the other things. Any decent modern CPU would not have any problem calculating even complex AI enemies in a video game.
  3. hardcore_gamer

    Simple PBR Demo

    How are you organizing your PBR materials? There are actually 2 ways to do this. The first is by using auto-load folders and the second more complex method of using a GLdef lump. But like I said I haven't messed with PBR texturing for a while because I have been busy with other things and so I have kinda forgotten exactly how this works. Odds are you are going to have to wait for someone else to explain the details more since I have simply forgotten them :/
  4. hardcore_gamer

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    lmao when people think AI calculations consume any considerable power from the computer. It's a joke compared to other things like graphics/rendering.
  5. hardcore_gamer

    Simple PBR Demo

    Here is some code I had from my PBR test cube. I should point out though that this is a old file and that I barely even remember what this means since I haven't messed around with PBR for a while. Still perhaps it's useful for you: material texture "models/cube/cube.png" { normal "materials/cube/cube_n.png" metallic "materials/cube/cube_m.png" roughness "materials/cube/cube_r.png" ao "materials/cube/cube_a.png" // Note when creating textures: PBR Specular = inverted Roughness and vice versa //specular "materials/testcube/testcube_s.png" //glossiness 10 //specularlevel 10 } material texture "models/cube/cube.png" { brightmap "materials/cube/cube_bm.png" }
  6. hardcore_gamer

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    A few dozen vs hundreds or even thousands...
  7. hardcore_gamer

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    I agree with BChricton78. Rather than being fun to play, this remake just highlights how massive of a difference good lightning and texturing makes to a level/game. I know this isn't the fault of the makers of this mod since they were merely remaking the original Doom 64 levels, but these levels frankly aren't very great when stripped of the improved Doom 64 graphics. So much in fact that it makes me wonder how important level layouts even are compared to other aspects of the visual presentation such as texturing, lightning and rendering.
  8. hardcore_gamer

    Simple PBR Demo

    Yes it's possible though I have forgotten the exact method. I could dig it up (I made a test model recently) but I'm too lazy so someone else will have to show you how to. But it's possible to do.
  9. hardcore_gamer

    Doom builder acting weird

    I am using Gzdoom builder and suddenly when I try to move existing linedefs around by holding right mouse button it only gets moved a short distance and then the properties window opens. Don't know why this happens since I did not change anything as far as I am aware. Is this a bug? EDIT: Never mind it turned out my mouse is just old and not working as well anymore.
  10. hardcore_gamer

    How the Arch-Vile may work, even with temporary corpses

    Arc-vile will probably work like in Doom 3 by spawning enemies and throwing fire attacks at the player.
  11. hardcore_gamer

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    About the number of monsters... I don't see how it's even possible to have a huge number on screen at once with modern graphics. The only reason we saw this in the past is because sprites were still the norm back then. This could actually be argued to be one of the only advantages that the Doom engine has over modern engines.
  12. hardcore_gamer

    License for Slade 3 and Doom Builder 2 and GZ doom

    Sure, I was merely pointing out that the legality of trying to make your game work with all other Doom (Or Heretic, or Hexen etc) mods mods is fishy even if you don't include any graphical content from their games. Even something as simple as a script inside the game files saying "change zombieman to "insert your own games enemy" might be illegal since you would be referencing content from somebody else's game.
  13. hardcore_gamer

    License for Slade 3 and Doom Builder 2 and GZ doom

    I asked about this in the past and as far as I know it's possible assuming you use a certain version of Gzdoom as Gez pointed out. What I'm not sure about though is the legality of making the game in such a way as to insure it works more easily with custom content for other Doom engine games. Since they are the same engine obviously nothing is stopping anybody from loading the wads but without designing the game in the right way it's not like you could just load a Doom mod for your own doom engine game and except everything to work correctly. And making it a selling point might also anger somebody since you would be profiting of custom content might for their games rather than your own. FreeDoom hasn't had any problems but it's a free game anyway so perhaps it's merely because they don't care.
  14. Been practicing in Zbrush lately and felt bold enough to make an attempt at making a head. I'm a total noob at zbrush so as expected it wasn't very great lol. But still it wasn't AS terrible as I had feared it would be. At least it almost sort of looks like something, compared to the last horrible crap I made. I can only hope I will at some point get to a point where I can start making something that I will be happy with :/



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      Not sure how you see a penis in there. Unless you are talking about the nose, which isn't even penis shaped.

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      How is Blender better for sculpting than Zbrush?

  15. hardcore_gamer

    What possibly has happened to the Marine after the events of the game?

    There was never any decease that turned people into zombies. Hell just did this through evil magic, which the doctors could not explain/know about. Odds are the soulcube just removed those ill effects from the marine after he found it which is why he did not turn into a zombie. That or because the writers just did not bother worrying about it.