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  1. YMB


    Reply hazy, try again.
  2. My maps are done, thanks again for all your work on this project!
  3. YMB

    Your favourite sound in Doom

    Counter-intuitively, I'd say it's actually the Arch-Vile SIGHT sound for me - nothing else in Doom gets more of an instant visceral reaction out of me than that.
  4. I feel like I took 40 benadryls myself trying to play this one... any chance you could put up a demo file of how you're meant to complete this? It's definitely an interesting map but I'm left a bit lost!
  5. I've remained silent on this issue until now, mostly because I didn't think it was my place to comment on it - and I'm not exactly the world's greatest or most respected mapper, so I also don't feel qualified to judge someone else's maps. Ultimately, I think the idea of @Frost-Core being owed map slots because they started the project is admirable, but probably not necessary. Let's be real here - it doesn't take that much effort to just come up with an idea for a community project, especially one that's just a slight modification of project parameters that have been used countless times before. I'm very grateful to Frost-Core for being willing to put a thread out there and inspire lots of people to create cool maps - but the level of absenteeism exhibited by F-C in the thread makes it very apparent that they did not understand (or care to learn) the role that a project leader is expected to accept. I won't ascribe any sinister motives to Frost-Core in this whole ordeal; I merely think they were an excited new member whose mind was overflowing with possible Doom ideas after finding a community of like-minded individuals - we've all been there at some point! However, I think the complete lack of contact with Frost-Core over the past 2 weeks, especially considering the original project deadline came and went during this AWOL period, means that F-C has effectively abandoned the project. Additionally, I think that almost everyone who submitted a map to this project, regardless of quality, at least responded to feedback and posted further revisions of their maps... as far as I can tell, F-C basically just wanted to consider the maps done after first posting. I'm not going to outright say "these maps aren't good enough to be a part of this project," because that opens a can of worms by which we could start arbitrarily determining what "deserves" to be in this project - not exactly a standard we want to set, as everyone has their own subjective idea of what constitutes an acceptable Doom map. Especially considering the highly restrictive line limits on this project, I'm fine with people producing maps that are a bit outside the realm of traditional "quality". I think the key difference is the complete lack of effort to improve or revise the maps, even after seeing countless constructive posts on how to tweak or improve the map. Every map making exercise should be considered an opportunity to improve your craft and learn something new. I think Frost-Core probably hit a wall after realizing the amount of effort that might be required to reach the "standards" of the rest of the maps that started to be contributed, and gave up - which is not a failure on their part, that was basically me for the first 15 years I was on this forum! Over the course of the thread, I think we've all inspired and pushed each other to make better maps, discussed the key design ideas of low-line-count mapping, pointed out places for improvement... this is the sense of collaboration that a community project is supposed to bring to its participants. Beyond offering some basic contributions and making the bare minimum effort to be considered the "leader," I don't think Frost-Core really had a full investment in the project as a living document and a collaborative effort meant to be greater than the sum of its parts. Additionally, @Arsinikk has picked up the slack to a degree that goes above and beyond what anyone could have reasonably expected... which by itself shows to me that they care more about this project than Frost-Core ever did, and I've considered them the leader for a while now, anyway! So, at the end of the day, what do we owe Frost-Core's "legacy" in this project? I don't know - something more than nothing (just out of a general sense of respect), but considering the abundance of creativity, enthusiasm, and productivity many participants have shown over the course of this project's lifespan, I think it's more than acceptable to replace their maps with two new contributions, and I don't think it would be that hard or take that long to find willing participants to offer up some replacements. After all, a real leader would want the project to be the best possible product it could be, even if that meant taking a back seat in some respects.
  6. Trifactory is better. Thanks! :)
  7. I'll take the MAP38 slot - the MAP03 music in this project sets a good tone for the level!
  8. I'm fine with swapping Triangle Factory into the MAP16 slot and moving Blue Orpheus to the mystery zone... I was totally unaware of the ability to include "bonus maps" in a vanilla wad, that's pretty cool. I don't mind if Blue Orpheus ends up not getting included anywhere if we don't do bonus maps - I think I'm happier overall with Triangle Factory at the end of the day.
  9. The secret is indeed lame, and only intended as a little hidden gift for people playing the wad straight through (although, as you mentioned, I'm not sure how many people actually play it that way). Thanks for your feedback! It doesn't matter to me if the map gets included or not, I consider making the map its own reward. :)
  10. Hello again... I've been so inspired by the parameters of this CP that I couldn't resist making another map. I don't expect this to take up someone else's existing slot, I prefer just to think of this as a thank you and tribute to everyone who's been putting in hard work and making great maps for this project! This project has broken through my mapper's block and left me inspired to keep mapping. :) This is the hardest (and largest) of my three contributions... I was initially inspired by the humorous (to me) idea of triangular crates to save a line, and it just went from there. MAPXX??? (MAP01): Triangle Factory - (uses D_DOOM from DOOM2 MAP05) https://jetsons.revenant1.net/bonus.wad
  11. Hi everyone, I've published a (very!) minor update to MAP16: Blue Orpheus: Rocket launcher in central room after blue door changed to plasma rifle A few objects moved around and a few enemies changed MIDI changed to D_BETWEE (from MAP04: The Focus) https://jetsons.revenant1.net/blorph.wad @Arsinikk - I believe this will represent the final version of this level. Thanks for all the work compiling this!
  12. My first playthrough was on HMP - I just tried it again on UV, and despite knowing what to expect somewhat, I got my ass kicked over and over. This doesn't mean it's too hard - I'm no Doom pro, so I'll let other people take it for a spin to decide how hard it really is. :) (Now I'm worried that my maps are too easy!)
  13. This was a fun open-combat map very much in the spirit of the city maps from Doom 2. Lots of room to run around and fight enemies from various angles, which is one of my favorite things to do in Doom! Enemies at different vertical levels and lots of sight lines make it dangerous to sit around for too long at the start, which is great. From a pistol start, berserk-punching pinkies is a fun way to kick things off. I did start to get tired of rocketing everything (which was the only viable option), but the player will have many more combat options as part of a full playthrough, so probably not a big deal. (Lost souls + rocket launcher = face explosions!) The Archvile encounter(s!) felt fair, because the player has plenty of room to maneuver and hide. I will admit that I skipped fighting the last 2 and arachnotron and ran to the exit, but I like to think that I could have taken them on if I wanted to... :) The soulsphere is placed well in terms of flow. I was worried I'd have to spend the last chunk of the map hiding and sniping, but that gave me the second wind I needed to push through. No obvious texturing errors that I could see, but I did notice that the starting sector is tagged as secret and therefore automatically picked up on level start - was that intentional? Overall, lots of fun, and impressive for 90 minutes! Great contribution. :)
  14. I am blown away by the time and effort you take into playing and analyzing such relatively small and quick maps! I'll be taking some time to think about and optimize thing placement tomorrow based on this feedback. Thank you so much for putting so much thought into this project, I had a huge smile on my face reading this post. :)