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  1. Holy Hell Map03 UV-Max, 27:00 hh03-2700.zip
  2. Holy Hell Map02 UV-Max, 25:10 hh02-2510.zip
  3. Holy Hell Map 01 UV-Max, 47:25 Also known as "let's derust a bit". Not even sure it's a valid max, but seems to be, when comparing the final stats to other demos. hh01-4725.zip
  4. abyrvalg

    Dark tartarus demos

    No, you're not! I was simply trying to list the most common ways of breaking the playback that came to my mind asdlkjhasjkldfhja.
  5. abyrvalg

    Dark tartarus demos

    All demos sync fine so far. Are you guys trying to play them back through console, or pausing/alt-tabbing while watching or something? No idea how else to make it desync consistently. Also, can't help but express how glad i am to see this wad finally get some proper treatment, about freaking time! Hyped for more demos!!1
  6. abyrvalg

    Doom 2 - Holy Hell Revealed

    so where to download this beast?
  7. abyrvalg

    untitled 2 - a slaughter map

    Or, if you prefer something that is actually entertaining, you can proceed to watch this vod instead :^) Features savestate abuse due to bullshit bad luck moments (e.g an archvile running past mancs and then falling down into lava), fun strats for every room, and lots of long and hard grindy parts. Long and hard!
  8. To me this feels exactly like pause buffering from OOT, with one exception though - pause in doom does not get accounted for in the final timing if you're doing a single segment run. But, for example, in RTA runs i'd say it would make sense to allow this sort of stuff.
  9. abyrvalg

    Built-in tricks rant!

    I suppose Memfis would hate watching speedruns of modern games like Skyrim, Amnesia, Soma or, say, DXHR, where they spend months figuring out the best items, fps values, timings and angles to use in order to clip through walls and out of bounds. And it ends up being the same crap as glides :D Namely, a luckbased, yet partially controllable fiddly weird trick that is annoying to perform in a run. More on topic - the only thing i kind of dislike is when mapmakers make lazy shortcuts that are too obvious and generic. For example, a 32-unit hole leading straight to the exit or to a key. It doesn't bother me much at all though, but it's not very interesting to discover such stuff. Which leads me to the next point: i really like to invent routes rather than discover them. The difference is subtle and most of the time exists only in my brain. If i successfully manage to trick myself into believing that i've found something that was unintended, it feels amazing. In all of your examples this feeling gets ruined by a creator saying "Hey! I left you a linedef right here, enjoy" instead of being subtle :p So maybe we're in the same boat here. From this perspective, Valiant is amazing, i really loved va27-127.lmp for example, the route looked quite out-of-the-box'y. But sadly, wads of such quality take too long to make, which is why i nowadays play with modern ports instead, and record shitty first finish runs like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQxyVuF076U since it gives more freedom and allows to break maps in the ways they were not designed for. Quite refreshing. But probably incredibly boring for the majority of community.
  10. abyrvalg

    my new map - hard and long!

    random incoherent post asjhldjasklfhjla: I'd say there's definitely enough ammo for everything and the traps aren't very difficult in the first half of the map, especially if you know what's coming. Wouldn't call it easy either though. Have no idea about 2nd half though. Died in the room with 5k chainers, which seems quite undoable when you're playing blind, especially since it ruins your fps so much. Despite my pc being relatively good, it was a pathetic slideshow. But for some reason, no one lagged out and the server we played on survived. Monstercount tricked me into expecting it to be a slaughtermap, but in fact it appeared to be a huge puzzle map, it's like eternall.wad on crack! Almost every step you make involves finding some cryptic, barely visible button, and it would've taken us way longer than 1h 20min to get to the chainers room (you know the one) had i not used Doom Builder while playing. Surprisingly, we encountered only one area that seemed to break in coop, and only two inescapable pits (unless jumping and crouching is required, but i believe they're not). All in all, i weirdly enjoyed the experience, - it's fun hunting for the next hidden button and exploring this hard and long beast deeper and deeper. I don't think this map is for everyone though, nor i think it has high replayability value, but it's nice and fun if you like it hard and long.
  11. abyrvalg

    Hardest and/or most difficult map and/orWAD?

    Heh this thread is a complete trainwreck, just like any of the previous threads where the same question was asked. As you can clearly see, there's absolutely no consensus, even among very skilled players who have actually beaten most of the mentioned titles. I would just recommend not dismissing any of the wads, and check them out by yourself and form your own opinion. As of more chillax demos, Ancalagon has some on his youtube channel, and i've recently made a few crappy maxes. Link to my youtube can be found in teh profile. I'd say okuplok's untitled2 holds the cake for being theoretically possible, playtested and balanced (EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE FUCKING ROOM - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd8e6zS5Zuo), yet completely undoable in practice. Even with itemrespawn and 3 lives it took us with WaTaKiD several months to "almost beat" the entire thing. And strats used offline are mostly completely different and much more difficult to pull off, with only a few exceptions. You should check the freshly released Sunlust out then, since it was made by the same author in collaboration with another great mapper. Ribbiks includes sources of his music in readme files btw, which is convenient.
  12. heeyyyyy, here's for some controversy material! Back in 2012 the now-banned Hock worked on a PRCP built run, and has actually almost finished it. Up to this day, the movie stayed in that same unfinished state, so i decided it's time to unearth it and just show it to everyone rather than letting it get lost forever. The last time i talked with Hock, he was willing to publish it after building map29+map30, but that was couple of years ago, so i guess he won't object to me uploading it. Besides, i have been heavily involved in the project (mostly in the routefinding/criticizm department), and the lmp contains my own input as well (albeit only a tiny fraction of the movie was actually made by my hand), so i have at least some say in this question. It's over than 2minutes faster than odysseyofnoises' non-built TAS, and imo contains some neat tricks and ideas, but lacks the final two maps. There are few easily improvable maps, but the overall quality is in my opinion quite above average. So, enjoy this dusty gem. Oh, and i haven't checked for turbo tics, but i believe there shouldn't be any. 28prcptas.zip
  13. Always a pleasure to see new Akse's works, this one was not a disappointment either. Everything, especially the 3rd episode, looks greatly and carefully planned and executed :> And, dwelling into an offtopic area: do you guys only play in the zdaemon lands? I've dropped off that source port couple years ago in favor of zandro, but would like to play with you every now and then if that's possible to arrange, eheh.
  14. Y'all guys have learned to read between the lines it seems xD
  15. abyrvalg

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    You can just use saves at AGDQ, imo the only concern should be consistency (in order to avoid loading every 15seconds in hard spots), there's no real need to practice pistol starts unless you feel like adding a self-imposed challenge. And yeah, i support this choice too, would be awesome to see you performing there, i'll definitely donate if that happens.